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The sequel to Nuka-World Reborn - Viva Nuka-World is set after the events of Nuka-World Reborn, offering a more rigid quest design, more detailed dialogue scenes, configuration options and more...

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You need the latest version of Fallout 4 to play this mod, as this mod was saved in the latest Creation Kit.


Viva Nuka-World (VNW) is a sequel to Nuka-World Reborn (NWR). But that's like saying a phoenix is a bird.

It not only adds whole new questlines, new companions and new locations - it fundamentally changes how you can play NWR and the base DLC as well.

What does this mod have?

5 new companions

1). Nicole - potential new leader of the Institute Exiles.
2). Lazy Susan - former Trader who is tired of the politics. She joined the Raiders but doesn't want to do Raider things, nicking her the name "Lazy Susan".
3). Erica - banished from the Institute/Institute Exiles and yearns for adventure.
4). Francesca - leader of the Traders with dark secrets. She only becomes a companion if you side with her during the Traders questline.
5). Henry - one of the rebels who plans to take Francesca down. He only becomes a companion if you side with him during the Traders questline.

They can only be romanced upon certain conditions.

Nicole - Finished Loose Ends and sided with her during the Exiles questline.
Lazy Susan - Finished the Raiders questline, had Francesca killed and didn't blow up the Traders HQ.
Erica - Joined the Institute Exiles (or the Institute if you removed the Exiles from the lore) and helped her with her two quests.
Francesca - She only becomes a companion if you side with her during the Traders questline.
Henry - He only becomes a companion if you side with him during the Traders questline.

More RPG options

-Option to skip the base DLC and NWR and play as a Trader from the very beginning.
-The ability to download Bradberton's consciousness into a synth, so you can have both rewards during Cappy in a Haystack.
-Clean up the parks, which is done for you during the Traders questline. Have them full of tourists and vendors.

A whole new settlement

A vault called Tairfield. It has a doctor, food vendor and a player room.

Lore configuration options

Don't believe the Nuka-World Brotherhood and/or the Institute Exiles should exist?

You have a one-time only option to remove these factions from the lore and both NWR and VNW will adapt to them being absent.

A design that adapts to your playstyle

If you play in a linear manner, you'll still get all of the necessary story and an expected outcome.

It also rewards you more if you are inquisitive and like to explore every single detail, with a new companion, more rewards, more lore and more XP.


You will need:

1). The Nuka-World DLC
2). Version 1.31 or higher of Nuka-World Reborn
3). Extended Dialogue Interface or Full Dialogue Interface

Starting the Mod

When you first go to Nuka-World, you can choose to remove the NW Brotherhood and Institute Exiles from your game. If you choose to remove them, both NWR and VNW will adapt to the factions being absent.

Next, you can go through the monorail sequence with an added choice of going to Tairfield instead of Nuka-World.

Choosing Nuka-World requires you to finish both the base DLC and NWR for VNW to start.

Choosing Tairfield allows you to skip both the base DLC and NWR and proceed to the VNW Traders questline.

Alternatively, if you finished NWR and you did not destroy all factions, entering Cappy's Cafe (for the Raiders questline) and the Fizztop Grille (for the Traders and Exiles questlines) will start the questline(s) according to the below conditions:

Traders Questline - Only offered if you didn't kill Lucy by your own hand and didn't side with Greg during NWR.

Institute Exiles questline - Only offered if you joined the Exiles, did not destroy them or remove them from the lore.

Raiders questline - Only offered if you didn't kill Greg (by your own hand or otherwise) and didn't side with Lucy.

There are a total of 30 quests that you can do, though due to choice and consequence, you will not be able to do them all in a single playthrough.

Possible FAQs

Q). I found NWR to not be structured. Can I alleviate it, somehow?
A). Yes, you can make the NWR Traders questline a lot more structured by choosing to remove the Institute Exiles from the lore. You will be able to play as a Trader just fine in a typical A-B fashion, if that's what you want. VNW is already streamlined out of the box.

Q). Do I need to play NWR to play the VNW Traders questline?
A). No, you don't. Choose the Tairfield option in the Transit Center and you can play the questline straight away. VNW's Traders questline is independent from the NWR one.

Q). Do I need to play NWR to play the VNW Raiders questline?
A). No, you don't. If you remove the Exiles from the lore, there will be a "failsafe" quest where you can ambush a Traders caravan and start the VNW Raiders questline straight away.

Q). Do I need to play NWR to play the VNW Exiles questline?
A). Yes, you do.

Q). Will I have any content if I destroyed all factions in NWR?
A). You will have some side quests to do, in this case, but all main questlines will be closed off to you.

Q). What quests do I miss out on if I use the lore configuration options?
A). If you remove the Brotherhood, you won't be able to do Fair Trade Part IV or the Brotherhood questline.
If you remove the Institute Exiles, you won't be able to do Fair Trade Part III to IV inclusive, Claire's quest My Dear Old Friend Amanda, the side quest Attacking The Exiles and the Institute Exiles questline.

Q). If I skip the base DLC, does this mean I skip all base DLC and NWR quests or just the main questlines?
A). In this case, you would skip the whole base DLC raiders questline and the NWR Traders and Exiles questlines. There is a short window of opportunity in the VNW Traders questline which will allow you to do the parks' side quests before the point of no return, but there's a warning message beforehand. The Brotherhood questline would still be available, as long as you didn't remove them from the lore.

Q). Will I have Gage as a companion if I do the skip?
A). Yes. Just go and talk to him in the Pack's lair and he can join you straight away. His dialogue adapts to you not ever being Overboss or fighting Colter - but he will still assume that you are a raider and will still call you "boss".

Q). FDI or XDI?
A). Truth be told, VNW was built with XDI in mind and a lot of things needed to be reworked for it to work smoothly in FDI. But on the other hand, XDI is incompatible with mods like Maxwell's World. The major differences in the FDI version are:

-If there are more than 4 options, you need to navigate using "[More Options]" and "[Previous Options]" proxy topics, 2-3 times, so you can access all of the options.
-If there are less than 4 options, you will see blank lines which do nothing if you click on them.
-Lines which are conditioned and do not have an opposite state, will show "[Condition not met]" if you do not meet the condition for the regular line. The character will simply say "..." and get you back to the current scene if you click on it.


Stahpk, for giving me inspiration and ideas for some plot points in this mod. The AlChestBreach community for giving me constructive criticism to further improve my mods.
Caitlin Buckley, for voicing Francesca and Erica.
AdAstra, for voicing Nicole, Nicola and Sharon.
Callum Rose, for voicing Tanya and Rachel.
Dave Glenney, for voicing Tyler and Henry.
JammyBiscuit85, for voicing the male Vault residents and security guards.
crabcakes125, for voicing Bob, the chems dealer and Nathan.
Alex Kelley, for voicing the waiter.
BMVoices, for voicing Tyrone.
RoseDubz, for voicing Lazy Susan.
Itsazoefish, for voicing Masha and the Vault resident females.
Wyatt Henry, for voicing Mike.
Malcontent, for voicing Jack.
milligna, for voicing the Giddyup Buttercup and Jason.
Lisa Pankowski, for voicing the female Vault security guards.

Renovated Furniture from here (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/9463). File's original credits:
FRIFFY for the original .esp, relaxed animation switch, and work to the meshes, she also supplied some extra recolors!
Amaeli for ske/auto doors patches and FOMOD installer for version 5.0
So-ghislaine, sweetsoulsister, jammurch, SunnyFunLane on DA, textures.com, melstampz on flickr and NASA commons for textures
SubtlePatterns for well, subtle patterns
B.A.E. by jonwd7
FO4EDIT by zilav and the EDIT team
Dinozaurz for permission to add in her snap points!

Ponytail Hairstyles for Erica's hair, by azarkiowa.

This mod was made with the support of the Creator's Network, a community that supports creative productions. If you are a mod author in need of personnel or someone looking to help out on a mod being developed, join us at https://discord.gg/A666hFmDmf