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A mod that aims to enhance Serana as a character and her relationship with the player character. The intent is to stay as faithful to Bethesda's original rendition as possible while exploring new avenues of conversation and a gradually evolving relationship, either platonic or romantic which is based on how the player character interacts with her.

Permissions and credits
I've made available an SRR discord server so feel free to pop over there. I'll leave the invite link below:


V1.3.1 is out now. This version contains:

  • Reworked the older lines to improve sound quality.
  • Serana now recognises if you are diseased and offers a cure. A specific conversation handles Sanguinare Vampiris so she'll notice your vampirism but you have to ask for a cure (in case you contracted it on purpose to become a vampire)
  • The beginnings of a gift system (currently only handles the new night attire you can purchase from Radiant Raiment or craft yourself at the tanning rack (no more having to sleep in armor if she's living with you and dismissed to use one of her daily routine sleep packages)
  • Her horse now has saddlebags storage. Just talk to her when the horse is nearby to access saddle bag storage.

Serana Relationship Revamped aims to create an expanded, more fleshed out character for Serana while staying true to Bethesda's characterization.


This mod uses the xVAsynth voice ai software to add to Serana's dialogue pool as well as using dialogue splicing where possible. The AI lines will never be used outside of Skyrim and videos showcasing the mod's features and the AI will never be made to say anything inflammatory or NSFW, sticking purely to in-game content. This mod will forever be Safe For Work.

Here I'll list the features included from the first release and add to it with each update, leaving the paragraph above for the freshly added stuff.

  • Dawnguard quest related dialogue for both Dawnguard and Volkihar side.
  • Opportunities to interact with Serana concerning various Dawnguard storybeats, revealing details about her character and how she feels towards the player character.
  • Locational awareness - Serana will know if you're plundering a bandit camp or delving to the depths of a Falmer infested cave.
  • Player Awareness - Serana will sometimes comment on what armor you're wearing, what weapon you're carrying or if you're walking backwards off a cliff. Be warned though as I will not be held responsible for you falling off the Throat of the World while testing this out. Bring some health potions for Arkay's sake.
  • Sparring - You and Serana can now have a friendly sparring match. Luck favours the prepared after all.
  • Other Dawnguard members now have dialogue for Serana when she's hanging out with you, either showing their distaste or perhaps coming to recognise that having a vampire on your side might not be so bad after all.
  • Some NPCs (currently tavern owners, some merchants and guards) have dialogue with Serana. It's not just your vampirism getting noticed now. 
  • Dawnguard Side Quest Dialogue (Serana now reacts to Sorine, Gunmar, Isran and Florentius' quests for the player as well as her having dialogue concerning Ruunvald and the events going on in there)
  • Some more conversations between the Dawnguard members and Serana and conversations between the Dawnguard members about Serana
  • Volkihar main questline dialogue and awareness - Now you can play as your suitably villainous selves. Or maybe you just want to put one over on grumpy old Isran. The sun will be yours to command.
  • Volkihar side quest awareness - Serana now has opinions concerning the cullings and the vampiric artifacts you are sent to find.
  • Lost to the Ages content - Serana now takes an interest in that odd rumbling outside Arkngthamz and the events going on inside.
  • Some new greetings that reflect her current disposition towards the player and the location they are currently in.
  • The sparring dialogue trigger has been moved from just in front of the entrance to Fort Dawnguard to Volkihar island as this is a place you'll need to visit regardless of alignment and as there are no loading doors nearby this should hopefully solve Serana getting left behind.
  • Conversations between Serana and adopted children (currently just urchins and Honorhall Orphans)
  • Ability to ask Serana to move in with you post DG and so long disposition is high enough
  • Daily routines for Serana when she is living with you and currently dismissed.
  • Map marker for Serana to allow the player to keep track of her.
  • Comments on player houses and hearthfire land/extensions.
  • A new post DG quest. Something stirs in the forest.
  • Do you get to the Cloud District very often? ;)

For best results, start this mod from the point where you first meet Serana in order to see as much of the new dialogue as possible. Oh, and make sure she sticks close by you. As you know, Skyrim NPCs do have a tendency to wander off and this wandering vampiress is no exception.

  • More comments on player status such as diseases, etc.
  • Dragonborn DLC dialogue and Solstheim awareness
  • Main Quest Dialogue
  • More hellos and moments of idle chit chat on various topics
  • Lore friendly Serana romance questlinem
  • Daedric quest awareness
  • Interaction with more NPCs (Nazeem, you better run)
  • Guild questline awareness (Companions, College of Winterhold, etc)
  • Patches for popular new lands mods/other mods by request where possible so you and Serana can go sightseeing
  • Kick Molag in the Bals
  • A few other quality of life features

  • Nether Follower Framework - Compatible but don't add Serana into the management side of the framework as it'll break her vampire brain (sparring and other scripted features won't work)
  • AFT - Same as above.
  • USSEP - Patch available (kindly provided by TheOrcInHeels)
  • Improved Traps - Patch available (kindly provided by Santheos)
  • Immersive Fort Dawnguard - Patch available (kindly provided by jknjb)
  • SDE - Incompatible - patch planned
  • SDA v1 and beyond - Compatible
  • Dawnguard - Alternate Start Route (Skip Fort Dawnguard for Vampires) - Incompatible - patch planned
  • Amorous Adventures - incompatible - no patch planned
  • RDO - compatible
  • SFF (Serana Follower Framework) - Incompatible, no patch planned

If you find any bugs, first test them out on a profile where only this mod and the bare essentials are active to eliminate the possibility that it might be down to another mod interfering with this one. As yet I do not know precisely how well it will fair compatibility-wise. I'd like to think given its nature as a dialogue mod, it should fair well.

If you feel there's something that could be done better feel free to share your thoughts in the forum. I'll be creating (may have created by the time you read this) a forum specifically for such critique.

A big thank you to DanRuta for making this mod possible thanks to their excellent xVAsynth software.

Thank you to WhiteWolf424242 and jknjb for their help in sorting out scripting curfuffles and helping me navigate the daunting world of script.

And thank you to Target1213 for their encouragement and request for mod status updates ;) ie, keeping me motivated.