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Dan Ruta - xVASynth

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Add the infamous Oblivion line to Skyrim, using the vanilla Skyrim guard voice. This is a demo project for SKVASynth, an AI tool for voice acting synthesis using in-game voices.

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People who have played Oblivion may have been haunted by the very infamous “Stop right there criminal scum” lines uttered by the seemingly psychic guards. Well, with xVASynth the nightmare can continue, in Skyrim!

The mod covers audio lines spoken by all voices used in the vanilla game:
  • FemaleNord
  • MaleCommander
  • MaleGuard
  • MaleNord
  • MaleNordCommander
  • MaleSoldier
  • MaleYoungEager

Video demos:


This is a showcase mod for what is possible with the xVASynth tool (SKVASynth for skyrim), concurrently released here on the Nexus.

Watch a trailer/overview of the tool here: