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Allows the player to show their appreciation to their followers, spouse and adopted kids by dialogue and a hug animation. Voiced with vanilla assets.

Permissions and credits
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This is a small mod that adds dialogues to followers and spouses to allow the player to express appreciation for their presence. The dialogues are followed by an optional hug animation.
Hugging will also give the followers and the player some optional gameplay boons. This can of course be turned off so that it's just aesthetics.

Demonstration video of 1.0.0:

The condition for followers is just that, well, they have to be your follower. You roleplay it however you want, you hug them from whatever point in the game you want, from whenever you see fit. Any NPC with a "lover (4)" relationship rank is considered as a spouse/lover for the mod, and the spouse dialogues will apply.

What NPC's are supported?
The mod will work for any follower and spouse, and since 1.1, any adopted child. If the NPC has a vanilla voicetype, their response will be voiced. This includes NPC's that are not normally followers or spouses! So if you use other mods, that turn a certain vanilla NPC into a follower or makes them marryable, this mod has got you covered! - They will have voiced responses for you. This includes but is not limited to for example: Karliah, Vex, Valerica, Astrid.
So what if an NPC has cutom voicetype?
  • Popular followers get native support. Their current list includes Inigo, Sofia and Auri.
  • Others will respond with a silent smile, or their default goodbye dialogue.

What does the MCM do?
The mod is fully configurable in the MCM. You can enable/disable the hugging animation, set hand positions (who hugs who), set whether to automatically exit the dialogue after the hug, set your preferences for allowing NPC's of the same gender as the player, and so on.

  • Requires all 3 official DLC's!
  • Optional: Dynamic Animation Replacer Required by certain animations. If you don't have it, you can only use the vanilla animations.
  • Optional: SkyUI. Necessary for the MCM to show up. If you don't have it, the mod will use its default settings.
  • Optional: Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch. Seriously, there's no reason why you shouldn't have USLEEP, and it contains a very important mesh fix that prevents a buggy hug animation for this mod.

Complementary mods:
  • For 1st person view players: Enhanced Camera. Without it, the player's right hand is not visible in the 1st person animation, and for some specific NPC's, face clipping may occur during the animation. This mod fixes both of these, making the 1st person animation look infinitely better. (it's used on the screenshots and in the demo video too).

Can be installed both on a new game or on saved games at any point.
  • Recommended: as always, with your favorite mod manager.
  • Manual: only at your own responsibility. Extract the contents of the archive to Skyrim/Data.

Do not uninstall mods with scripts from your saved games.
It can't be stressed enough that removing a mod with scripts from your active mid-playthrough save is not safe. There is no guarantee that it won't break your saved game beyond repair, and there will be no support for your issues if you go against this warning.
Note: The MCM still has debug tools to uninstall/reinstall the mod: these options are left over from earlier versions where it was more or less possible. They were preserved as debug tools for testing, but should no longer be used for removing the mod. The naming convention is poor and outdated,  therefore the option will either be removed/relocated/or most likely renamed in the next version.

It doesn't modify anything in its masters, it only adds things, so it should theoretically be compatible with everything.
There's a very tiny fraction of followers who are not recognized properly by the mod. The list of currently known such NPC's:
  • None in Skyrim LE, yay!

Optional Patches:
1) Pet the Dog Animations: allows you to use JaySerpa's dog-petting animation.
How to use:
a) Download and install the Pet the Dog or the Immersive Interactions mod. You only actually need the contents of its meshes/ folder for this to work, you can disable the esp if you don't want the mod itself.
b) Download the patch from my optional files. It has a guided FOMOD installer, just select which mod is it you want to patch and load the  animation from.
c) In the in-game MCM of my mod, under Follower Settings for Animal Animations select the "Pet the Dog by JaySerpa" option.
That's it, you're good to go.

Known Issues and Troubleshooting:
  • Quick NPC Faceclipping during 1st person animation: Using Enhanced Camera will fix it.
  • If there is an object between you and the NPC (a bench, a stool, a pot, a wall...), the animation might be skipped. Move in closer and try again.
  • When creating dialogues for NPC's that aren't followers/spouses in the vanilla games, I only did the ones that I know that have mods for them. If you find an NPC I missed, let me know.
  • There is a very tiny fraction of followers who are not recognized properly the mod. If you notice a follower not receiving the mod's dialogues, don't hesitate to let me know.

To-do list:
  • Investigate Frostfall support
  • Improve the gameplay boon with more customizing option
  • Investigate horse support
  • Finish some missing voices

SSE Port:
Glad You're Here SSE, right there.

  • SkyUI for the MCM
  • LazyVoiceFinder for vanilla voice assets
  • Smartbluecat for the Inigo content
  • JohnJarvis for the Sofia content
  • Waribiki for the permission to use Auri assets
  • dylbill, IsharaMeradin, and the other cool people on the forums for the tons of help
  • Bethesda for Skyrim and the hug animation

Personal comments from the author that in fact nobody
really cares about, but it's still there:

This mod was originally made with only Serana in mind, because I always felt that I'm lacking a way of expressing anything towards her, especially after the dialogue where she asks if you have friends, and then says you just made another. After that, this topic is NEVER revisited in the vanilla game. I accepted that she's not marriageable, but even this...? No.
I then extended the mod to all followers and spouses because why not, and added the vanilla hugging animation provided by Bethesda. This is the first time I made an MCM, and its features are so much of an overkill because I simply used this mod to practice things on it. The direct SKSE requirement of such a simple mod is also caused by this, because the toggleable goodbye/non-goodbye dialogues require an SKSE function call. If you're serious about modding Skyrim, you'll have SKSE anyway, so I don't think this is a problem. But if there's an incredibly huge demand for making a non-SKSE reliant version... then fine, I think I can make it some time.
The SKSE requirement became even more important over time, 1.2 now uses a lot of SKSE stuff. A non-SKSE version is not happening. Get SKSE.

Oh and yes - you can even hug Cicero with this mod. He'll like it a lot.