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Custom companions based in Cyrodiil, Shivering Isles and Morroblivion using a common companion framework with extensive functionality. Each companion is unique and comes with its own ESP - mix and match as you like.

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Lena's Companions is a companion framework using common scripting and AI for custom companions. It is completely self-contained and does not clash with any other companion system. This system consists of a master file with common scripting and AI, a resources BSA file, voice files for the common dialogue and a common INI file. As such, the master package does not contain any companions and does not do anything if installed alone.

Companions come in their own ESPs and can vary greatly in their abilities, quests, items, and location. Please read their summaries below. This system is also used in some of my other mods - the master package remains the same everywhere. Common functionality is available in the master file, but not every companion uses all aspects of it. Companions' version numbers correspond to the lowest version of the master package that each individual companion file can be used with. Higher versions of the master package remain compatible with the lower version of a companion module.

This mod requires OBSE. Developed with version 22.7.

All companions level with the player and are essential - they don't die but can be knocked out instead.

Companions will use any scrolls, potions or poisons given to them - this is a standard Oblivion functionality. However, they will not use potions or spells to restore damaged attributes, hence the need for healing during sleep. As all NPCs, companions are immune to diseases, but they can drown if they can't cast a water breathing spell. Experiment with different potions - whether they will use them, is governed by the game engine and can vary from companion to companion. This goes for alcohol and skooma too!

Some companions also come with a "player" file - a mod that allows you to play as the companion character, with the same gear and class. Player files do not require Companions master package because they are not companions! Hehe.

It is not intended to have a player and a companion ESP for the same character active at the same time - it is not only weird, but may lead to conflicts. Use together at your own risk!

Note for Morroblivion: at the moment there is a bug that makes all citizens of Morrowind love each other with disposition 100. This means that any companions from Morrowind will have a higher disposition towards other citizens of Morrowind than towards the player, so they won't fight bandits or smugglers but will turn on you instead. This is a confirmed bug and will be fixed in Morroblivion in the future, but until then download the tiny Morroblivion Companion Fix from the Files section.

Known bugs
Please check the Comments section - I keep a list of known bugs in a sticky at the top.

Main features

Hauk Serck-Hanssen - an Imperial Battlemage, Imperial City

Garrus Darelliun - a knight, Captain of the City Guard in Cheydinhal

Solea Nuccusius - an Imperial Battlemage, Fort Moonmoth, Morroblivion

Coming soon