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A plugin to create .lip and (optionally) .fuz files automatically from audio lines generated with xVASynth, in either normal mode or batch mode, with or without multi-threading. DOES NOT NEED THE CK. Works for Skyrim, Fallout 4, Fallout 3, and Fallout New Vegas.

Permissions and credits
This is a plugin for xVASynth v2.0+ that runs all the .lip and .fuz creation stuff automatically. No Creation Kit use is needed.

By: Dan and ionite


1. As with other plugins for xVASynth, place the contents of the .zip file into the <xVASynth.exe location>/resources/app/plugins folder. You should end up with the lip_fuz folder inside the plugins folder.
2. Download the FaceFXWrapper.exe file from Nukem over here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/20061
3. Copy the FaceFXWrapper.exe to the <xVASynth.exe location>/resources/app/plugins/lip_fuz location, alongside the other files
4. Next, open the xVASynth app and open the plugins menu.
5. Activate the plugin.


Once the plugin is ticked on, any time you generate some audio with the app, it will also create the .lip and .fuz files alongside the .wav file.

Note:  Your batch files should not be changed, they should still be .wav files. This plugin will take care of the .lip and .fuz conversion externally.
Note:  The .lip generation doesn't work for audio files shorter than 0.5 seconds

Remember to set the sample rate to 44100Hz in the ffmpeg settings for Skyrim, and Audio bit depth to pcm_s16le.

The plugin adds some new settings to the settings menu in the main xVASynth app:

Let's go through each of these:

  • Game 
This is where you define the format of .lip file you need. The two options are Fallout 4, and then everything else (as the format changed with Fallout 4)

  • Delete lip files
Tick this on if you'd like the plugin to automatically delete the .lip files after it's done (for when you also make .fuz files)

  • Delete wav files
Tick this on to delete the generated .wav files. If you only need the .lip and/or .fuz files

  • Use multiprocessing
This is for batch mode. Goes well hand-in-hand with multi-processing for the ffmpeg (and fast mode, if you're careful). This is in addition to the app output multi-processing. The app MP is for kicking off the ffmpeg stuff. This is to then process the output wav files. Be careful with this, especially when using Fast Mode in the app (which further parallelizes all these calls) as each process takes up a good amount of RAM. I added a hardcoded limit of 1000 or so processes after which they are serialized, but if you start running out of RAM, try lowering the number of processes in the Num processes setting

  • Make fuz files
You can turn off .fuz file creation if you don't need them. Fuz creation is what takes the longest amount of time.

  • Run fuz at finish (REMOVED)

  • Skip existing
Similar to the Skip existing setting for batch mode, it just skips doing un-necessary work, if the output already exists.

  • Num processes
Tune this for your system, keeping in mind the RAM issue I mentioned earlier. Play around with it, as it's not always the highest value that gets you the best speed, if you're tuning for the best throughput. 


If you run into any issues, or want to chat about this, head over to the #plugins channel in the xVASynth discord server: https://discord.gg/nv7c6E2TzV


- Added exception for delete wav option when using the app's main screen, to prevent missing audio in playback looking like a bug
- Fixed option to Make fuz not being respected, when turned off

- A couple of bug fixes

- Fixed some settings not being used/detected correctly
- Removed "Run fuz at finish" setting
- Added startup prompt to optionally automatically set the audio settings to the required values
- Added a startup check to verify that the FaceFXWrapper.exe dependency is installed, and if not, to prompt the user to install it


Nukem for FaceFXWrapper
Agnahim for the .fuz script