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February 2023 mod of the month and sequel to October 2019 mod of the month!! 50 quests, hours of game play, a new ending to the vanilla game, full fledged companion, dozens of voiced NPCs, new armors, locations, patrols, workshop, workshop items, weapons, A brutal story on what it takes to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

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The Fens Sheriff's Department (FSD) is a DLC sized quest mod and sequel to the 2019 Nexusmods mod of the month, "The Bleachers: A Diamond City Story". The story starts right where the prequel left off and is driven by events that happen both during the prequel and before it. Like The Bleachers, the player is no longer the center of attention. You will not be made General on day one or given stewardship of a multigenerational subterranean scientific ethical disaster on day 4. This is not the player's story, this is the player's friends' story.

This mod seeks to add more dimension to the citizens of Diamond City without interrupting their normal goings-on and their vanilla residents. That required new NPCs, which required new places for them to live... So, the bleacher seats of Diamond City are now occupied from center field to right field, by two residential districts, a commercial district, two restaurants, and The Fens Sheriff's Department, populated by 15 uniquely named and voiced NPCs.

What is the Fens Sheriff's Department organization?
Instead of Diamond City Security nervously patrolling outside the wall, they have been replaced with the Fens Sheriff's Department, a diverse organization, battle hardened and with the military experience you'd come to expect from a paramilitary group whose job description is 'regular urban gun fights'. They patrol in potent groups now, pushing further out into the Fens as they defeat the enemies populating the area. They have no illusions about what it takes to survive in this world - they are ruthless to their enemies and fiercely loyal to one another. Along with that attitude and skill, came the opportunity for this organization to give Diamond City a chance to 'win the faction wars' so-to-speak.

The new ending to the game: The FSD is not particularly concerned with the trial and tribulations of the Sole Survivor - they have much bigger things to worry about. They, and Diamond City, are in an existential fight against The Institute, and the extinction of human life in The Commonwealth, and eventually everywhere as far as they're concerned, is at stake. Their primary concern is Diamond City's security. In line with these priorities, the FSD will, one way or another, remove any vanilla faction hostile to Diamond City's interests.

The new story lines:
The Bleachers - A Diamond City Story is the first story line. Most of you have already completed it. You get to know some of the civilian members of this insular organization. As noted here, elsewhere, and still gone unread: The Bleachers is contained in this mod. Do not have both installed at the same time.
FSD Main Story - The FSD is hardly a spotless good-guy organization. Their hands are dirty and covered in blood from doing what it takes to defend an entire city in this world.  They have made deep and personal enemies in their bloody past. They are as hated by their strong enemies as they are feared by their weak ones. It's time for these enemies to collect on a long overdue bill.
The Companion Story - Your companion has their own detailed background and a 3 dimensional personality. They have their own loyalties and objectives. There are 8 companion specific quests that address long simmering grudges, revenge, and your companions own deadly bigotry against certain members of The Commonwealth. Oh yes, the companion isn't perfect. Perish the thought.
The 'Diamond City Wins' Story - Work with the FSD as they think radically outside the box to neutralize factions in the Commonwealth who are a threat to Diamond City's security, self-determination, and future. This story might be turned off to maintain compatibility if you are using this mod as part of a collection or you're a Stan for fictional organizations. See your collection curator for details.

Additional content:
- 10 new richly interior cells of the Fens Sheriff's Department and Bleachers interior complex, where the members live, work, and relax.
- Many new minor interior cells supporting the quests.
- The Manhattan Project, a bar on the east side of town by the Harbormaster Hotel. Owned by Diamond City native siblings.
- A safehouse player home in the Theater District.
- An interior workshop (like home plate)
- 4 new weapons: The FSD Tomahawk, FSD Blade, the FSD Synth Head Mace (lots of options), and the Flamer Pistol
- Over two dozen new books, most prop comics, but some are required for quests or crafting recipes. 
- New PBR T-60 paint job with animated police lights, glowing lenses, and unique individual unit identification decals.
- Members of the Fens Sheriff's Department have their own armors divided by class: Sniper, Scout, Scavver, and Regular. So expect to see a diverse range of armors in this mod.
- E has supplied a soft dependency option for the loadout of NPCs in this mod. Expect to see members of the FSD and other NPCs in this mod equipped with weapons for mods you've installed!! This option can be turned off with the holotape.
- New workshop items like a worksite fusion generator, furniture to let your settlers eat Salisbury Steak, Mac and Cheese, or drink the FSD's favorite beverage, the Slocaccino. Other workshop items include aquariums jewelry boxes, lamps, clutter, and many of the other items you see in the mod. Additional workshop mod for the FSD is being created by Damanding/CrayonKit.



For those who have never had Bleachers installed on current game:

Install away like you would any other mod. See the "Quest Start" section for just that. Skip "A Diamond City Story" with the holotape in your inventory if you would like to get right to FSD

For those who have Bleachers installed but never finished it on current game:

I know a lot more now about quest writing and programming than I did when I started "The Bleachers: A Diamond City Story". I have changed some of the earlier data in those quests to improve stability. Quests do not like having certain types of data changed mid-run. So before you update you either need to finish the Bleachers organically (running through the quests), or finish The Bleachers by using the holotape shortcut. Then you can safely uninstall Bleachers and install The Fens Sheriff's Department.

If you made a mistake, updated too early anyway and baked it into your savegame:
Use the FSD/Bleachers holotape to skip 'The Bleachers' and start the 'Fens Sheriff's Department'

Purple Textures?
Did you leave in the texture file from "The Bleachers: A Diamond City Story"? Remove it!!
Try re-installing the texture file. If you have already, Vortex probably ate it.
Try downloading the texture file manually and installing from a local drive - this has helped many users.

To start from the very beginning: Travel to Diamond City, walk up the ramp at the rear of the inside of the stadium, and enter the Left Field Diner. Someone named Lily will stop you on your way in.

Updating from a completed Bleachers run?: You will get a letter in your new mailbox. If that doesn't start for any reason, use the holotape to force start the beginning of The Fens Sheriff's Department.

Side quests:
Ask Lt Commander Delano for work after completing 'Troubled Waters (at home)'
Ask Lt Commander Delano about Sgt Oakes after 'Troubled Waters (at home)'
Ask Sister Luna and Lt. Spears for work after 'Green Zone'.

To see the most content from this mod: Play this mod from start to finish, and don't destroy any vanilla factions with any other vanilla factions along the way.

To see the most content from the companion: Play only this mod until you unlock your companion (you will get an explicit message that you have). Go back to Concord to rescue Preston, and have fun messing around with the vanilla story, side quests, and places. DLC content is also supported.

If you've already finished the game with another faction: This mod has quests for removing occupiers of the winning faction from Diamond City, but you will miss the 'Diamond City Wins' ending, because someone else has already won.

Aurelianis has been kind enough to patch Faces of the Commonwealth - Diamond City to work with FSD
Run this and The Sheriff's Department guard patrols will be comprised of both men and women.

Mods that add an omnipresent alternate activation to dead NPCs, like Gravedigger or that one where you can burn the bodies will interfere with the radiant bounties, one story-critical mission, and one optional quest in this mod.

The mod 'No Door Animations' will cause issues at certain point in this mod. I use door opening events in some places to set stages. The 'No Door Animations' mod will cause those events not to occur.

Testers have reported FSD works with all of the major quest mods out there including Sim Settlements 2, Galac-Tac, and Subversion. Just be careful what order you do things in or you may not have an enemy faction HQ to destroy when it comes time or all your friends might be in there.

Patches for Diamond City Expansion are supplied in the files section.

There are things that happen under the hood so-to-speak that need to occur. I will not support problems arising from using AFT.

This is not a sexy time companion. There is no romance option and they are in Power Armor. Skip this mod if that's what you want.
This companion has their flaws. Anyone looking for perfect behavior should also skip this mod.
This companion has their own opinions and loyalties. Anyone looking for someone to fall in line behind you should skip this mod.
If you are unable to emotionally handle the companion getting credit for completing quests, you should skip this mod.
If you can't handle the companion not telling you how awesome you are, you should skip this mod.
If you are unable to handle the story and universe not rotating around your player character, you should skip this mod.

Skip it and spare me the toxic feedback.


Your companion uses the vanilla companion system and is required for the majority of quests in this mod. Use Unlimited Companions Framework to bypass follower limits. I do not support Amazing Follower Tweaks.

Your companion has over 4,700 lines of voiced dialogue and will respond to vanilla and DLC game events, conversations, places, and story choices.

Your companion has an extensive control holotape. There are failsafes and options on it. Use it first if you run into problems.

You will only gain access to your companion after the quest "Her Private Little War" starts, but will comment on events as early as Concord, so for those of you who want maximum dialogue, go right for unlocking your companion first. Again, your companion has an extensive control holotape for combat, dialogue, maintenance and fail safe options. There is a lot of info on the holotape, so READ IT.

There are a total of 8 companion specific missions, although as a member of the FSD, your companion is required for many other missions in the mod. Your companion has their own loyalties, personality, history, morality, and their own path to chart through the mod.

Your companion is not romanceable and will remain in their Power Armor when actively your companion.

The residents of The Bleachers District and members of the FSD have extensive dialogue in place to answer the player's questions on things like factions, places, people, and in a few cases, rumors. They each have their own personalities - some are quite friendly, others don't like you, viewing you as little more than a hired gun with no principles.
Their AI packages (daily routines) are reflective of their roles in the department, preferred company, and how they choose to relax - verying from day to day, even at the same hour.

As a Commonwealth native and a merchant, Heather Casdin has had ample opportunity to get to know the members of the Fens Sheriff's Department. They are friends and allies. Expect Heather receive a warm welcome in the FSD.

Heather Casdin is a soft dependency for this mod!
What does that mean? That means that if you have Heather installed and she is your companion, she will have additional content during this mod's quests. LlamaRCA herself edited and recorded almost 150 lines of dialogue specifically for this mod!!

IF YOU GO INTO THE GAME THE FIRST TIME WITH THE FSD AND HEATHER TOGETHER AND HEATHER'S QUEST DOESN'T START you can still go out to her location and pick her up. Things will work like they should. However, if you'd like to get the quest first thing then the best solution would be to reenter the game with Heather unticked. Let FSD and other mods load what they need and then tick Heather active for the next time you enter the game. Her quest should trigger and show up in the quest log with no issues the first time you are in an exterior location.

Is 'The Bleachers' part of this mod? YES!
Do I need to have both installed? NO!
So I can just upgrade whenever I want? NO! SEE "INSTALL" ABOVE!!

I didn't pay attention to install instructions and just uninstalled Bleachers half-way through Now what do I do?
Finish 'The Bleachers' with your holotape and buckle up for Part 2.

What can we expect next from you Munky?
Nothing. It's been a combination of things, including toxic comments regarding voice actors, but the last straw was someone hated this mod enough that they wanted to upload an armor modification to the mod to specifically mock it. I'm done. No more work for hateful people.

What is this 'soft dependency load out' crap mean?
XV-Versus worked hard to compile a list of refids from many different plugins. If you have any of these mods installed and turn on the option in your FSD holotape, NPCs from the mod will start spawning armed with weapons from them:

Well, I got the companion and did some of their missions. I'm kind of stuck, no storyline missions are advancing, what do I do?:
Finish the 'Shishkebab Runner' series of quests. The story will resume after that.

I knnow you like releasing small workshop mods that are part of this bigger mod. Which of your mods is rendered obsolete by having this installed? First, ALWAYS scrap any objects you have crafted from any mod before uininstalling the workshop mod. Not scrapping them manually sets you up for a CTD the next time you try to scrap anything in that settlement. The mods you don't need anymore: Working Beehives, Hot Coffee, Working Aquariums, Animated and Glowing Jewelry, Nuka Mix Lantern Workshop, and the Wall-O-Matic Jukebox Radio

Hey, what the hell, the synth components are animated!! What else didn't you mention?:
Yeah, I had just got done watching Carbon Black, sue me. Animated pocket watches, metallic lighters, metallic wedding bands, Nuka-Quantum keychain that emits light.

Yadda yadda precombines and previs:
I went to great lengths to not alter any precombines at all in this mod. All the changes you see inside and outside Diamond City are additions only. There are no deleted or moved vanilla items. There are -many- new occlusion planes in the buildings around the east side of The Fens and inside the stadium walls surrounding the exterior of the FSD to save GPU power - if you do not have a line-of-sight view of the exterior additions, chances are they're not being rendered.

OK, I finished a quest, now nothing. What do I do?:
Go back to the FSD Headquarters. Commander Delano will find you. Several of the quests are started in this way.

So when you say 'removes/neutralizes the factions hostile to Diamond City's Interests', what do you mean? If you have the option in the control holotape that the FSD storyline can interfere with the vanilla quests, then when the time comes, the FSD will seek to neutralize the HQs of those factions if they still exist. You will lose or kill any vanilla companions associated with those factions and be kicked out, registering as hostile like you would if destroying them in the vanilla game.

What if I've destroyed the enemy factions and/or already won the game when I run through your mod? The story will dynamically adjust, skipping over quests that are no longer relevant depending on your savegame status. The FSD also doesn't take kindly to occupiers of DIamond City, so expect a short quest to deal with them as well. You'll miss a LOT of content, however, so maybe give FSD a chance?

Why are some members of the FSD so mean to me?
Initially, you're an outsider. The FSD is a paranoid and insular organization trying to keep synths out, while your companion is pushing them to accept you, this breeds some resentment which subsides over time. Afterwards, some are quite nice, have you tried talking to them off duty? Some are assholes, sorry. Every named member of the FSD has their own views and opinions they will explain, some of them will have to be caught off duty for those dialogue menus to open up. Some are simply 'busting your balls' - you're the new guy, they're taking the piss from you while you're still new. Buckle up and pray for the next new guy to get here fast.

What is with all the Gen 3 synths in my game all of a sudden? The world of the FSD is one of insular paranoia and a fight against an invisible enemy hell bent on your extinction. Gen 3 synths are a real problem in their world. A. real. problem. Raider gangs, Gunners, ordinary citizens and more are heavily infiltrated. Around 5% of eligible dead NPCs will have synth components, revealing them to be Gen 3 synths. Turn this off with the control holotape 'Extra Gen 3 Synths' option.

Why for the glowing one head doesn't come off when I collect bounty? Beth didn't put head dismemberment data in to glowing ones. I don't know why.

Why do the T-60 police torso and helmet with animated targeter have to be crafted at the chem bench? The way the game engine and art objects work, you need to craft the ARMO, not the OMOD.

When do the workshop goodies become available and armors become craftable? After the 'Domus Nostra 2', the end of the mod.

Why are all the merchant's heads missing when they're at the booth? You uninstalled, saved, and re-installed. Bad mod-user. Lose support.

The pip boy map gets weird in the FSD Main HQ: The map zooms out while in the FSD HQ and stays like that until fast travel or game restarts. I have played with locations, map markers, and encounter zones... I cannot figure this one out. I would appreciate any help or suggestions.

I can't take the head of my bounty targets! Mods that offer an 'alternate activation' option, like Gravedigger, or being in the middle of the Silver Shroud quest, or in the card dropping part of this mod's quest 'The Scourge', will interfere with this. FO4 only allows one alternate activation, and trying to do two at a time prevents either from working.

Saving in the Center Field cell sometimes results in a CTD on reloading:
I'm not sure what causes this and why it's dependent on story progress. Crash logs don't point to anything even remotely quest related.

You sometimes see Harkins and McGilly wandering around outside Diamond City:
They are on patrol. No really, the game sometimes has them path to work around the outside of Diamond City. I don't know why.

Scenes sometimes don't play: There are some very complex scenes in this mod. Certainly more complex than anything Beth has tried with FO4. Sometimes they hang... and sometimes they play fine - on the same machine and savegame even. Try quitting and restarting the game or leaving and returning to the cell. I have put 'backup greetings' in some of the more egregious scene stops, so try talking to the actor in question or consulting the control holotape if all else fails.

Loading the interior of Diamond City results in a CTD: This is a transitory problem experienced by a small percentage of users. I do not know what causes it, if it's even my mod, and how to go about fixing it. More often than not, the problem resolves itself by switching companions, waiting until a different time of day, or approaching from Center Field (coc aadcctf).

Scenes sometimes don't play Pt2:
Try leaving one or more of your gaggle of companions outside the cell.

Your mod companion is now all stretched out because they got hit with the weird PA skeleton frame bug this engine has: Restart from your last save. One fix might include turning off the auto-equip option for their power armor helmet.

Viscerella - Lily
Gael Force Wind - The Sheriff
Bramblie - Lt Linda Harkins, Squeaks, Ozzie, Daisy, Mags Black, Fishbone, Minuteman Envoy, Bunker Hill Wife, Goodneighbor Rubbernecker 01, Trashcan Carla
TheMadxPrince - Lt. Crenshaw
BenJango - Lt. Mark Spears, CJ, The Colonel, Railroad Envoy, Raider Bodyguard 02
Paul Warren - Whitworth, Lt. O'Brian, Zits, Scavver Bob, Brett Dunmore
ItsKocot - Lt. Dan, Senior Scribe Williams
Atom Katz - Sister Luna, Monique Dumore
Charlie Everly - Lt. Cmdr. Angie Delano, Kali Dunmore, Bunker Hill Orphan, Evan
Jsaking - Scuzz, Petey, Salem Raider Client, Raider Bodyguard 01
Space Fiddle - Corporal Craven, Marty, Goodneighbor Guard 01, Vault 816 Child of Atom, Dennis
Vivian Reed (Link2) - Knight Garcia, Sgt. Squints, Scavver Sylvia
Kizzer Causewell - Arch Deacon Anderson
d0m3n1c - Sgt. McGilly
Old Bob Fett - Bad Trip, Lenny, Bunker Hill Client
Kiki B - Staples, Railroad Envoy, Kinnaird, Monique Dunmore
Tycho Redcliff - Sgt. Oakes
MyselfAndi - Rizzo
JoshCroweVO - Lucky, Minuteman Envoy, Zeke
Adam Soer - D11-5, M2-17, J5-28, D8-23
Blake - Sora
LlamaRCA - Heather Casdin
Lacivoice - Tary
xVAsynth2 by Dan Ruta - Roy G. Biv
MunkySpunk - Mr. Dr. Pepper, Scavver Patrick, Cooter, Trinket, Padlock, Goodneighbor Guard 02

This was a long project and I lost my credit list twice during it. I'm sure I have left people out, some egregiously so. Consider the credits section an ongoing work. If you feel you have been left out, I assure you it was an oversight, please contact me to add you to the list instead of trying to get the mod taken down.

Testers - BurntHostage, JoeMitchell320, Hapless Accreditation, XV-Versus, WetRats, REAP, LllamaRCA, 4estGimp, Tu3sday, The Ranger, Kashenkon Tactical Wolf
Plugin Assistance - 4estGimp, XV-Versus, JoeMitchell, LlamaRCA, Hapless Accreditation, Thirdstorm
Wiki page - KidAces
Discord technical crap - XV-Versus

Asset and tool credits:

My wife - Putting up with this ridiculous hobby of mine for so long. It's almost over.
Bramblie - For a herculean voice acting effort and processing thousands of lines with me at the 11th hour. This mod would have been months later without her help
Viscerella - Standing by the project for this long. It would be half as popular without her talents as Lily
CrayonKit - Saying how long this mod was taking any time someone mentioned it in the Sim Settlements Discord, also porting a lot of my stuff to Bethnet. I just want people playing it. Watch for the workshop mod on Bethnet soon.