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I am a 46 yr old female. I have been happily married for 24 yrs to a non-gamer believe it or not. We have two boys 20 and 16 yrs old. I started gaming with Pong and moved on to Commodore 64, at which time I actually wrote my first mod...lol It was a simple thing that consisted of turning the rain in the game from blue to purple and green. Ah, the DOS days... I then moved up to Commodore 128. Also when I was a child, my older brother ran an arcade that my family owned and I spent countless hours on arcade games and pool sharking. Sadly, I can't play pool nearly as well as I used to! :wink: When I was a teenager, I got my first console....Nintendo 64,  of course. I played that thing until my fingers bled. I had a few dry years in the gaming area when I first got married. We had no computer and no console. After a few years, I was able to get one and played Diablo, War Craft, Age of Empires and the like. And then my eldest asked for a gaming computer a few years ago so he and my brother in law built him one. It was then that I started playing Skyrim. Oh my gosh, I loved that game so much! Then I started playing the Fallout series...well, Fallout 4 has been a steady addiction for me for well over a year now. I got to build my computer last year and I love it! In the spring of 2017 a friend encouraged me to give Creation Kit a try, so I did. I love modding my games, making mods and sharing these mods with you all.

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