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Currently Working on SpawnEngine (aka Spawns of the Commonwealth), a massive random spawns system!

SpawnEngine(SOTC) Discord Dev Server:


Basically I'm just an everyman gamer and modder, although I have great experience with hardware and mechanics. I've been into modding since I found Oblivion in 2006 and forever tinkering with computers. I now have a PC that's in the top 1-3% according to Fire Strike Extreme. 


In general I consider myself to be a fairly laid back person, although I am not usually afraid to speak my mind (especially towards trolls lol, I don't mind a little flame war every now and again). I often help out other members and noobs where I can even privately out of my own time, so don't be afraid to approach me if you are having difficulties with something that you see me offering advice to others about!

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