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Uses Robco Patcher to make flora from various mods work with Wasteland Resources' hydroponic misters

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I really like bionicyardiff's Wasteland Resources. It has a lot of fun utilities to add to settlements that can be useful to the player. One set of objects I loved about it, particularly for player home/interior type settlements, were the hydroponic planters and misters. These let you actually get harvestable crops without having to have settlers assigned to them. Neat! The problem was that a lot of other mod-added crops didn't work with it as it operated based on a formlist. Enter the magic of Robco Patcher. Using Robco Patcher, I was able to patch it so that unique flora from several other mods work with it. I made this for myself, but then I figured some other people who like these mods might get some use out of it too. So here it is. Mods currently supported are:

Mutant Menagerie - Life Finds a Way
The Fens Sheriff's Department - Bleachers 2

NEW NOTE: Bionicyardiff let me know that CREAtive Clutter should be supported by Wasteland Resources dynamically, so the Robco file I created should not be necessary to support the flora added by that mod. I've left the Robco Patcher file included just in case as I think it is a good example of how to create Robco Patcher .ini files for this sort of thing, but it is not necessary to have Wasteland Resources support the flora from Fens Sheriff's Department.

NOTE: This does not add any new constructible objects like special planters or anything like that. It only adds already workshop constructible flora to Wasteland Resources' formlist of support flora so that the hydroponic misters work with it. If you are familiar with how Wasteland Resources works, this means you need to build the planters, plant the flora, and build the mister for it to work. It is not instantaneous but will regrow at about the same pace it would otherwise, just with no settler required. So now you can grow and harvest these weird crops anywhere, and you don't even need settlers.


1. Why do I need Robco Patcher?

Because I said so. It allows patching of all sorts of records at runtime without requiring a plugin. Your load order will thank you. 

2. I don't like Mutant Menagerie and/or Fens Sheriff's Department. Do I have to have both of them?

Everyone's entitled to their opinion. Good news is because of the way Robco Patcher works you don't have to have all of them. If you have any of them, it will do its thing. If you don't like all three of them, well, you should probably go look at other mods. 

3. Will you add support for other flora mods?

Maybe? In my opinion these are the only good ones. I made this for personal use and am sharing it with the world in case others want them. 

4. This is un-immersive. I like my FO4 experience to be brutal and hardcore. 

Huh? All it does is allow you to combine various buildable objects from mods together and achieve a certain result. If you don't like that, either don't download this or don't build the things in your settlements/player homes?