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Gives the Diamond City Guards a random equipment selection and better stats, as they should be, to protect the green jewel of the Commonwealth.

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Gives the Diamond City Guards a random equipment selection and better stats, as they should be, to protect the green jewel of the Commonwealth. No more bland security fighting paranoia!

- DC Guards are buffed with higher Endurance and double Health. They also have higher luck levels as it is my way to kind of pretend they have a moral boost of protecting Diamond City and their walls!
- "Varied Diamond City Guards" by Cthulhuandme is integrated. The author kindly gave permissions to use this work that give a great high quality face variation considering that the vanilla game use only one...

"Broke Up With My Girl Last Night. She Kept The Cap Off The Toothpaste. You Know Who Does That? A Synth!" - Diamond City Guard

- DC Guards spawn with a variety of weapons from ranged to melee:
  • You find Hunting Rifles, Combat Rifles, Combat Shotguns, Laser weapons, 10mm, .44, Plasma weapons, Assault Rifles, Radium Rifles, Lever Action Rifles and Handmade Rifles.
  • Chance to use as well Baseball Bat (also with Swatter), Super Sledge, Ripper, Powerfist and Pipe Wrench!
- They will not use Pipe weapons. They protect the bigger city in the Commonwealth. Their traders sell high level equipment so doesn't make sense for their guards to have hand made pipes and duct taped guns.
- They will use Baseball grenades because... its obvious!
- If you use any mod that add weapons to these lists or into DC Security Weapons itself they will also get those!

"Now a Swatter, that's a real weapon. Talk to Moe Cronin - he'll fix you up." - Diamond City Guard

- Possibility to use Athletic Outfit or Baseball Uniform (smaller chance for the last).
- Guards spawn with random variations of arms/shoulder DC Guard armor pieces (always use the Torso Pad anyway to keep their unique uniform feeling).
- They can use both open and close DC Helm, Blue Batting Helmet, Mining Helmet or Baseball Cap as well.
- Multiple glasses and eye accessories because they are the cool kids from the block!
- Sullivan have also these edits applied but he doesn't use helmets or eye gear just like in the vanilla (immeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrsssiiion!).

"Yeah, it's true. I got shot in the a** last year. Long story." - Diamond City Guard

- Tactical Flashlights by AKcelsior - Only Ocular, Neural, Gearhead and Sonic flashlight gear pieces.
- Crimsomrider's Accessories by Crimsomrider * - A few selection of belts, arms and legs accessories (bullets, bandages and knifes).

* I suggest to use No AWKCR and AE for Crimsomrider's Accessories if you don't want the requirements necessary.


- To safely remove pipe guns from their equipment I overwrite their vanilla leveled list. Script injection will not be applied. Not many mods in Nexus that may be incompatible with DC LLs but take in consideration to have a look at your load order just in case.
- Mods that edit the DC Guards outfit may not be compatible of course.

Mod's structure was build in a easy way to add equipment into its leveled list. Good base to start your own edits!

- Cthulhuandme for "Varied Diamond City Guards". Merged with a few edits into this mod. Give a big kudos to the author as without it you would just see a cloned mustacho man!
- darthbdaman for inspiration with his "Randomized Diamond City Guards Outfits".


Have a look and find support for multiple questions on the Collective Modding discord. I have my section at Mod Author HUB -Mortercotic-mods.

All work in Diamond City Guards REDUX is licensed under Creative Commons with the conditions presented here: