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Mod Content Usage Policy:

For usage of content from my mods, please ask me first for permission, even though I will usually allow it. There might still be some special cases.


Mods flagged as "modder's resource" are an exception, here I permit usage right away. A headsup is nice, though.


Another exception are inofficial updates, if I have become inactive, or have announced my retirement from modding.


In all 3 cases, please do credit me.



What I do not permit is commercial usage of my mods. No hosting on sites which require payment for downloads, no inclusion in paywalled modpacks/mod lists, nothing like that is permitted.


Translation/Mirror Policy:


I will not upload any mods to bethnet. For mods where it makes sense (no F4SE and such), I give permission for other people to do so. If you actually do so, please at least notify me, so that I can add a link. I will not be providing any support to any bethnet users, though. That's on you.


For any other mod sites, ask me for permission first.


For translations, I give a blanket permission. Maintenance for the translation is on you, though, especially in the case of replacer-type translations.


Modpack Policy:

As it seems I can't stop modpacks (or "mod collections"), I am instead delegating any and all responsibility to any modpack creator. I am only supporting the most-recent standalone version of my mods. If you got it from a modpack and have an issue, go complain to the modpack creator.


And, whenever this part has any footing or not, but I do not permit the inclusion of my settlement mods in anything. Settlement mods are wonky and finnicky as is, making settlement mod collections is asking for trouble, up to and including savegame corruption. Don't do this.

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