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Working ANIMATED Police, Fire, EMS, and Construction lights and premium custom paint jobs for all vanilla Power Armor models. In all 20 light arrangements and 16 paint jobs.

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These lights were made as a part of my giant upcoming WIP quest mod and sequel to 'The Bleachers'. Join the Discord Server for support with Munky's existing mods and info about said sequel:(Join the FSD Discord today for support, screenshots, to talk to cool people, and more info on the upcoming sequel)

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This mod adds 16 new high quality paint jobs and matching animated Klaxon lights for all vanilla models of Power Armor:
Construction (1 and 2 light variants)

Full Fens Sheriff's Department Armor from a the WIP mod. Animated targeter not in this mod.

Use whatever mod manager you have or live dangerously and drop the files into your data directory manually.

How do I get them in-game?:
Lore Friendly: There are 4 perk magazines spread throughout the Commonwealth that will grant you the ability to craft the Torso pieces at the Chem Workbench under 'Bad Boys - Civil Servant's Power Armor' and apply the paint at the Power Armor Workbench. The magazines are placed in locations that make sense except for the Fire Department magazine because Bethesda neglected to put even a single Fire Department in the world map.




Total cheat: console 'coc patest' and you'll be taken to a basement where one copy of them each are spawned. You'll have to coc back out. It's navmeshed, so bring your followers with you and they can pick some up with you to bring back.
Total cheat crafting: console 'setstage bb_cheat_quest 10', and you'll have both unlocked the crafting and admitted to being a total cheater.

Where to Craft:
Torso pieces with lights:
Build at the Chem Workbench under 'Bad Boys - Civil Servant's Power Armor'. This is simply how Art Objects and the game engine work. You can't build a torso with these lights at the Power Armor Workbench. The lights are a fixed feature for each item created, so if you put a construction paint job on a set of police lights, you'll still have red and blue police lights.
Paint: Paint them at the Power Armor workbench. If the paint isn't showing, try to apply the 'MunkySpunk paint primer' first, also found at the PA workbench.

How are they controlled?:
The same mechanism that controls the animated Assaultron helmet from Automatron DLC, hence the requirement. The lights are on in the same situations the helmet is closed: Namely when your weapon is up and out of its holster.

Things aren't syncing up right when I first enter or order a follower into a set of PA:
Holster and draw your weapon, then blame the Assaultron helmet behavior file. This mod uses no scripts.

I can't always see the lights in first person:
Engine issue. You'll see them fine in 3rd person.

I don't see the lights fine like you just said, they're now flood-filling the cell:
Exit and re-enter your PA, then blame the game engine and how it handles gobo textures.

Random noises about Armor Keywords:
The plugin uses entirely new armor records and will not interfere with vanilla Power Armor entries. You don't need Armor Keywords.

My PC was a lawyer two weeks ago, an ice cube last week, and is fabricating a T-60 after reading one comic book. You broke my immershun, ruined my game, and violated my constitutional rights:
Hiding the fabrication ability behind additional perk requirements just narrows the field who can enjoy the mod and discourages casual players. I encourage accessibility and use of my mods. Collections, easy in-game requirements, Bethnet uploads, sharing assets - I want as many people to see and enjoy this as possible.

Why is Automatron required?:
I use the Assaultron helmet behavior file to control the lights. You're not entitled to that behavior file unless you have purchased Automatron. Take it up with Beth's legal.

Team CUMS - Captain Ultima, MunkSpunk. It was either that or team MSCU. One of them rolls off the tongue better.
MunkySpunk - idea, klaxon lights, perk magazines, plugin, art objects
CaptainUltima - 16 amazing custom paint jobs!! Totally blew my mind!!

Other thanks:
Aruspice - Klaxon light mount
4estGimp - Plugin help
XV-Versus - Plugin help, look for his 'Super Structures' mod for Sim Settlements to put settlers in these units!!!
Milosh Andrich - Inspiration