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Bounty quests expanded for Bandits, Forsworn, Giants and Dragons. Like in the Witcher 3, bring "trophies" from your enemy to the Jarl as proof of the bounty or deliver the captured bandits to a guard for justice. Support for Missives, The Notice Board, AllGUD and more.

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  • Bounties Require Proof: "I killed the bandit, Mr. Jarl, give me the reward" is no longer enough. You will need to get proof that you completed the bounty. When you kill the target of a bounty, the bandit/giant/dragon will receive an item in their inventory. When you loot them, getting this item will fade out the screen for a second and the bounty target will lose their head... literally! 

  • Capturing prisoners: For those playing a more lawful / forgiving character, bandit leaders who have a bounty on them can be captured and brought to justice. To capture a bandit leader, they must kneel (low health) and then you can talk to them and order them to give up. They can then be looted via dialogue. Next step is talking to a guard (Any guard will do) and handing them over the prisoner.

  • Populating prisons: The bandit will be taken by the guard to the nearest prison, where the prisoner will stay permanently. The guard will return to his or her post. Prisoners can be visited, but they won't be happy to see you. There's a limit of 7 or 8 maximum prisoners. Once the limit is reached, the oldest prisoner is executed off-screen to make room for the new ones.

  • Giants have feelings too: You can spare bounty giants from death (or not). Once they kneel down, you can talk to them (if the option doesn't show up, quick save and load). If forgiven, they will slowly walk away in shame until they disappear forever. This counts as completing the bounty.

  • Fully integrated into the quest objectives:  When you kill a bandit leader, you will get a new objective: "Get proof of the bounty" and the objective arrow will point to the corpse. Same for the other new stages of bounties.

  • Visible representation: Bandits/Dragons/Giants will lose their heads when you get proof of the bounty, this is reflected on their model. If you have AllGUD installed, an optional patch allows for your character to display the items on you (or your horse in the case of dragon skulls). This accounts for backpacks too, so there's no collision between the items.

  • Missives support + Added features: If you use missives, the bounties from the mod will also support these features. I've also added some extra options to the mod, like the ability of capturing fugitives via speech option, or intimidating/persuading thieves into giving you what they stole so no one gets hurt.

  • Notice Board, SRC, Lawbringer and other patches available too.



- Headhunter Main File: This covers vanilla bounty quests. Required for everything else to work. Works with Lawbringer without any patches.

- Headhunter ALLGUD Patch: If you are using All Geared Up Derivative SE, this patch enables trophies on your character, and dragon skulls on your horse. This patch also forwardes Umgak's AllGUD fixes, so no need to install that fix anymore (but go check their other patches and endorse!) Choose between campfire or no campfire version. The only difference is campfire version detects backpacks and moves the item accordingly.
Requires: Main File (+ optional: Campfire)

- Headhunter Missives Patch: This enables bounty quests added by Missives to work using my bounty system. I've also taken the liberty of adding more options to some of the other missives features. (Non violent ways of finishing certain missive quests) and the vanilla bounty rewards will use missives rewards (so rewards for bandits/dragons/giants can be configured via the MCM)
Requires: Main File + Missives (There's also options for additional Missives Worldspaces)

- Headhunter + Skyrim Realistic Conquering : This is a mini patch that forwards the radiant exclusion formlists of SRC to the modified Bounty Quests. This just makes sure you don't get sent to kill a bandit to a location that has been marked as "conquered". I'm providing this patch as I use Missives + SRC, but if you are using a different combination of mods, making this patch is quite simple, just a matter of opening the mods in SSEdit and forwarding the condition of the exclusion system (formlist condition) to my mod (or a new mod) and that's it.
Requires: Main File + Missives + Missives Patch + SRC 

I also added suport for The Notice Board in 1.02. This is also compatible with Missives, so you can install everything together if you want to.


  • Surrendered giants cannot be talked to sometimes: For some reason, there's a bug in Skyrim that won't allow you to talk to non-humanoid creatures unless you save/load the game. I had this in Skills of the Wild, and here it is still. So once the giant surrenders, if you can't talk to him, just save and load your game, and he can be talked to again. This should only need to be done once.

  • If you have a mod that modifies the vanilla bounty quests (like increasing or decreasing the value of the reward), this mod is probably not compatible. Let my mod sit lower than the other mod in your load order or consider uninstalling the other mod. My mod already offers configurable bounty rewards via the MCM of missives.

  • I've stickied a beautiful trouble-shooting guide for all possible compatibility issues in the comment section. Read it through before reaching out to me, please.

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