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You’re a Nightingale, and it’s time to clean house! Brynjolf must have time for you now, and surely you can help Rune with his hopeless search for his origins. This is a huge quest mod, fully voiced by both original characters and beloved NPC’s, with thousands of lines of dialogue, four dungeons and a romantic character arc for a certain ging

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  • Mandarin
On Hiatus:
Hi everyone,
Although I've previously returned to the mod to attempt the bug fixes, for unknown reasons, my changes seem to make things worse.  Porting to SE has not been completely successful.  Perhaps someone with greater skill can understand the reasons for CTD's, but recent life events preclude me from focusing on the work. It has been a labour of love, but for the near future at least, I won't be updating. Please contact if you would like to attempt to continue where I left off.

The Thieves Guild quest line ended in a cliff-hanger: Brynjolf won’t talk to you and Rune remains an orphan to his past. This mod extends the
story line in a completely immersive way, with an adventure that will lead you through Forsworn crypts and Dwemer ruins, to the very roots of Yddrasil to aid your
brothers in crime. Fully voiced, by both original characters and beloved NPC’s, this enormous quest mod adds thousands of lines of dialogue, four dungeons and an actual romantic character arc for a certain infuriating Red-head. (Brynjolf himself had 2000+ original lines, and yes if you're crazy enough, you can marry him, but only on his terms of course!)

Important! This is a stand-alone mod.  Please do not use it with "Brynjolf has time for you"!
This new mod contains all the parts of the earlier version.

To begin:
  • You must complete Darkness Returns (return the Skeleton key and choose your Nightingale skill)
  • Read and pocket your red leather journal left on a shelf by the Cistern Ladder entrance
  • Then speak to Brynjolf, and he will no longer "have important things to do". He'll answer two questions which starts the lines of his quests.
  • After that, he will follow you, if asked. 

To begin the Romance quest with Bryn
  • Put on an Amulet of Mara and speak to Brynjolf, and let the whole drama unfurl between you. Help the Guild take on an enigmatic client, that will deliver untold riches.

To begin your guild business:
  • Speak with Delvin, and he will unlock the Vault when you need to get inside. 

To begin "Birthright", the quest to help Rune discover his origins
  • Speak with Vekel and ask "Any messages today?" He will give you a letter to give to Rune, and a visit to his sweet old father will hand you a mystery that will take you from the Reach to the Sea of Ghosts and the infamous Wrecker's Notch.

This is the BETA version, released after nearly a year of ALPHA testing. I hope you will have a few laughs and decent battles, and a good helping of patience as it is polished by your kind feedback.

It has been four years in the making, thousands of hours of building and the voices of many fine friends. There were setbacks as with all big projects and at several points, I stumbled, only to feel compelled by the story to pick it up again.

Please read my credits
I dedicate it to my spouse, James Hall, for all his patience,
to Jo-Cash, my primary ALPHA tester
and Honey Glen, the voice of Mimosa the Forsworn Shaman, (may she rest in peace)