Skyrim Special Edition

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A newcomer requests your help in aiding her to clear out some mysterious new inhabitants of a cave. In this quest discover new enemies, armors, hair, weapons, and more!

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Spanish

Upon entering Solitude, you are greeted by a newcomer requesting for your help in clearing out a cave with some new inhabitants. Where did these beasts come from, and what does this woman who approached to you have to do with it?

Curse of the Hound Amulet is a project I've been extremely hard on since September. This quest mod plus this diorama I created for my Senior Capstone project! This mod is also my first ever quest mod and environment that I've created for Skyrim. I'm super proud to have it done finally and being able to deliver on everything I intended to do, back when I first pitched it.

Check out my Artstation page for more pics of the diorama!

  • One ~15 minute quest
  • Multiple unique enemies exclusive to a new cave location I put together
  • A unique armor set in two color variants, color is ending dependent. Armor is female only but will work with any body base.
  • Cara's hairstyle available to non-beast female characters
  • Two new weapons
  • The Hound Mask, unisex
  • and more...

Download with your preferred Mod Manager, or download manually, unzip and place the contents in your Skyrim/Data folder. A tutorial.

Alternatively, select "Mods" from the main menu. Find "Curse Of The Hound Amulet" and download it as this mod is also available directly in the Mods section of the game via It's also available for Xbox One

The Legendary Edition backport is here thanks to Stillsnow1234!

  • Start the quest by going to Solitude
  • Recommended level at least 25
  • The cave is near Volskygge, in the mountains west of Solitude.
  • You can bring other followers along, but they're likely to get in the way or accidentally hit Cara
  • If you hit Cara while she is following you and she attacks, put your weapon away and she'll stop
  • If Cara won't speak to after you clear the cave, quicksave and reload
  • If you have the Open Cities mod or a mod editing Solitude, console add Cara by typing "help caraleth 4" to find her ID and then using "player.placeatme xxxxxx 1" EDIT: bewareofthesnowman has created an Open Cities patch: Patch Link


Full Playthrough

  • Caraleth's awesome voice actor, Celestielle - Casting Call Club, Twitter
  • All the 8 year old Skyrim tutorials out there and Parapets for answering my nonsensical Creation Kit questions
  • My first thesis advisor, Shaun, for telling me to not do my original mod idea
  • Madeleine for actually convincing me to not do that idea, and to do something like this instead
  • My second thesis advisor Phil, for insisting I stick to a schedule so I'd actually finish
  • My awesome fellow 3DDD friends Madi, Lana, Megan, Hannah, Paul, Natalie, Abby, Emily (and others) for us all supporting each other during these terrible months trying to finish our Capstone projects, lol.

For making the Diorama
★ ZBrush ★ Maya ★ Marvelous Designer ★ Substance Painter ★ Marmoset ★

Ported to Skyrim With
★ Creation Kit ★ Nifskope ★ 3DS Max ★ Photoshop ★ SSE Edit ★ SSE Nif Optimizer ★ BAE ★ NifMerge ★ Outfit Studio ★

For Fallout 4:
Appealing Moles
Commonwealth Cuts
Colored Highlights - Commonwealth Cuts
Diverse Children
Kat's New Hairstyles
Papa's Blessed Beanies
Settlers Enhanced - Commonwealth Cuts
Yennefer Hair with Physics
Zella's Dyed Wigs
Zella's Hair Dye Collection
Zella's Pastel Ombre Wigs

For Oblivion: 
ANiceOakTree's Hairstyles for Oblivion
A Bosmer's Day Off Outfit
Bosmer Forest Hunter Outfit

Firstly, a break. Then, I'll finally port my hairstyles to Skyrim (with HDT physics?) and possibly my two Oblivion outfits to Skyrim as well. Also hopefully I get a job doing 3D or something.