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Shirley Curry, the beloved Skyrim Grandma, finally comes to the game as a follower you can recruit! She'll join you on your adventures, but don't expect her to simply carry your burdens! She's got more personality than all the vanilla followers combined, and we're sure she'll be a great companion, and a friend. And a grandma!

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Shirley Curry, the beloved Skyrim Grandma, finally comes to the game as a follower you can recruit! She'll join you on your adventures, but don't expect her to simply carry your burdens! She's got more personality than all the vanilla followers combined, and we're sure she'll be a great companion, and a friend. And a grandma!


Shirley Curry is a Skyrim YouTuber, often referred to as "Skyrim Grandma" or "Grandma Shirley". She is beloved by fans all around the world, and this mod is our love letter to her. As a community, we banded together to secure a place for Shirley in the next Elder Scrolls game, but we thought to ourselves, why stop there? Why wait for Elder Scrolls 6, which is still many years away, when we can have her here with us right now in Skyrim? Well now we can!

Shirley was delighted when we presented this idea to her, and not only gave us her blessing, but also offered up her voice, to give the genuine authenticity this mod deserves! That's right, you'll hear Shirley's real voice in-game as she travels with you! No spliced YouTube audio, no fancy computer generation. This is the real Shirley, in all her glory!

You can find the mod on for PC here and for Xbox here!

The classic Skyrim version can be found here.

If you wish to keep up with progress and updates, join the official Shirley's Grandkids Discord server!


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A fully fleshed out follower
Shirley is a fully voice acted follower, voiced by the real Shirley herself. She can be recruited after completing a short quest.

A fearsome warrior
Shirley is a two-handed barbarian, who favors getting up close and personal, but with her unique bow, she's also a devastating archer.

An immersive character
Shirley is a unique and immersive character with a fully fleshed-out, lore-friendly backstory. You can ask her about her past, and she'll regale you with tales of both glory and woe.

An engaging storyteller
Shirley has a few stories to tell you about certain characters, inspired by some of the many series Shirley has released on YouTube.

An awareness of the world around her
She has a few opinions, comments and observations about certain locations around Skyrim. The amount of comments is somewhat limited at the moment, but we plan to expand on them in the future.

A peaceful home in the mountains
She lives in a cozy little cottage called Brightwood, in the mountains east of Drelas' Cottage, north-west of Whiterun (see the pictures above for directions - it'll be marked on your map). She will be there when she's not adventuring with you. This cottage also doubles as a player home, as it has almost every crafting station and ample safe storage. There are a few Easter eggs scattered throughout the house that long-time Shirley fans may recognize. Keep an eye out!

A collection of Unique Items
Shirley, being the well-traveled and seasoned adventurer that she is, has several unique items she has collected over the years that you'll find spread about her house. In addition to 3 completely new custom-made weapons, we've also included a playable version of Shirley's dress (it'll appear as a tunic for males). You'll also be able to craft replicas of Shirley's unique greatsword and bow after you complete her short introduction quest!

A horn to call Shirley to your side
On the top floor of Shirley's home, in the player's bedroom, there will be a horn named "Call Shirley" on top of the chest of drawers. When you select it in your inventory, this will call Shirley to your side, in a semi-immersive way. Check the pictures if you're unclear about where to look.

More to come
We have even more features planned for future releases! Stay tuned!


We recommend using a mod manager like Mod Organizer 2 or Vortex to install this mod. If you wish to install manually however, simply place
the downloaded files into the Skyrim Special Edition Data folder.


Shirley should be compatible with most mods. However there are a couple things to consider:

Follower Framework
Shirley does not use the vanilla follower framework. She is using a custom framework that we built from the ground up. This means that follower framework overhauls (such as Nether's Follower Framework or Amazing Follower Tweaks) theoretically shouldn't touch her. If your follower framework does try to control her, do not give it permission to do so. If you do decide to import Shirley into another follower overhaul mod, it should technically still work, but you may run into some unintentional behavior.

Worldspace/Cell Edits
We have made a minimal impact on the Skyrim worldspace. The biggest changes are located at POISnowy06 (-4, 6), the location of Shirley's cottage. However we've also made some minor edits to some of the surrounding cells as well. The affected cells in the Tamriel worldspace are as follows: -4, 7 | -3, 6 | -4, 6 | -5, 6 | -6, 6 | -4, 5. This mod also places two unique items into the cell "SilentMoonsCamp01". This should not cause any problems.

Please let us know if you run into any compatibility issues.


Will this be available for Xbox/PS4?
An Xbox port is available! You can find it here. However, due to Sony's restrictions for PS4 mods, we cannot port this mod to PS4. We may consider creating an extremely stripped down version exclusively for PS4 users, however this would come with a few caveats, such as no custom voice (Shirley would have to use one of the vanilla elderly lady voices) and a slightly less decorated cottage (as it uses a number of custom assets).

Is there a version of this mod for classic Skyrim?
Yep! You can find that version here!

Is Shirley marriageable?
No, and she never will be. This mod is based on a real person. Making her marriageable would be weird.

I love her weapons! Can I use them?
You won't be able to use the bow and greatsword you fetch for her, but once you complete her introductory quest, you'll be able to craft replicas of her weapons. The bow is called "Elderbranch" and the greatsword is called "Morr Khas".

Can I use assets from this mod in another mod?
It depends. This mod comes with a mixture of assets our team has created, and assets found in modder's resource packs, most of which are here on the Nexus. A full list of permissions and credits can be found in the Permissions & Credits dropdown menu at the top of the description. A basic rundown of those permissions would be to download the respective resource packs if you want to use their resources, rather than pulling them from this mod, and if you wish to use assets made exclusively for Shirley - this includes, but is not limited to meshes, textures, voice files and scripts - ask us for permission first.

Can I translate this mod?
Absolutely! You can make changes to the dialogue or text for other languages, no questions asked! However do keep in mind that there are a lot of things to translate, so make sure you're prepared for that workload.

Can I make compatibility patches with other mods? Can I make changes to this mod and upload it as a separate mod?
Generally, yes, but only if this mod is set as a master file to your mod. Do not upload the entirety of this mod separately with your modifications. Also do not upload this mod to other modding websites.

Important Disclaimer: This mod will only be officially supported on the Nexus and We will not under any circumstances accept or tolerate modifications or patches of a sexual or otherwise insensitive nature. This mod is based on a real person. Be respectful.

Is that really Shirley Curry's voice?
Yep! She was gracious enough to lend us her voice acting talents for this project. She's lovely to work with!

Why is there a YouTuber in my game? That's not lore-friendly! My immersion is ruined!
Shirley was given an extensive, lore-friendly backstory to address this. She will never reference modern or current day topics and will never deviate from the world that Bethesda created. That said, she remains unequivocally and unapologetically, Shirley. We hope that this satisfies her fans while still feeling like a character that always belonged in Skyrim.

Is this mod compatible with [...]?
We cannot test how every mod works with Shirley, but we have made efforts to reduce potential compatibility issues. See the Compatibility section of this mod page for details.

Can you add this? Can you change that? Can you make Shirley do this?
We are always open to feedback and suggestions. While we cannot and will not guarantee that any requests will be fulfilled, we will read and consider them all.

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Special Thanks

Without the support of the following people, this mod would never have been possible:

For making Skyrim and the Creation Kit.

Omesean and Silver Sheo
Thanks to both for the custom weapon meshes and textures, and thanks to Sheo for help with testing.

For the hair model.

CD Projekt Red
For the Witcher assets.

Joseph Russel
For technical support and encouragement, and generally being amazing.

Rebelzize and the Skyblivion Team
Because they are awesome, and provided us with Silver Sheo.

The Shirley's Grandkids Discord server

And many, many more
The full list can be found in the Permissions and Credits dropdown menu at the top of the description.