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This mod enhances Peryite's daedric quest, expanding the vanilla quest with new conversations, scenes and paths to complete the quest with or without cavorting with daedra. Fully voiced.

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TLDR: Additional dialogue choices, new lines and more exposition with Kesh, Peryite and Orchendor
  • Orchendor is no longer a "default baddy". He now has fitting combat lines and even explains his motives for betraying Peryite if you let him.
  • Possibility of getting rid of the Afflicted and completing the quest without having to "cavort with Daedra".
  • Option to destroy Peryite's altar, before or after summoning him, with different outcomes. Say no to daedra, children!
  • If "cavorting" with Peryite, you will have more choices, including accepting Spellbreaker or not.

More detailed changes:

  • COMPLETELY VOICED: Every option explained here comes with new voiced lines made off vanilla spliced lines.
  • VANILLA PATH AVAILABLE: The vanilla path for this quest is still there, it's just expanded and improved with more options.
  • ATTACK KESH: After learning that Kesh is worshipping Peryite, you have a new dialogue option to start combat with him.
  • KESH'S JOURNAL: Kesh is now carrying a journal explaining his motives and what's going on at Bthardamz (Can be looted or pickpocketed)
  • NO CAVORTING! Summoning Peryite isn't necessary anymore to complete the quest. After reading the journal, your character learns of a "brewing plague" at Bthardamz and can decide to go stop it without talking to any daedric prince.
  • I'M NOT YOUR PUPPET: If you decide to summon Peryite, you will have new dialogue options:
1. Agree to do his bidding, vanilla style
2. Say you will clear Bthardamz but only because it's the right thing to do 
3. Tell Peryite to fuck off find himself another mortal and fail the quest
  • ORCHENDOR HAS A PERSONALITY: Orchendor, who in vanilla is just a default enemy that automatically goes aggro, now has a conversation section before the combat, where he will explain his motives and question you about yours. I've also added unique combat lines to this boss battle to make it more unique. He's a bit crazy, but what did you expect from a Peryite worshipper anyway!
  • OPTIONS, OPTIONS, OPTIONS... If you did NOT summon Peryite before kiling Orchendor, you can either still summon him (to get your reward or simply to have a chat) OR you can destroy his altar. If you know you don't want to have a chat with our friend Peryite, you can save yourself a trip by destroying the altar when you first encounter it.
  • SHINY SHIELD... If you decide to talk to Peryite after Orchendor is dead, you will have new dialogue options regarding the reward:
1. Happily accept Spellbreaker. Peryite will be pleased.
2. Accept the reward but remind Peryite you're not his puppet. He will mock you and put this in doubt.
3. Refuse Spellbreaker, destroy the ceremonial urn and burn his tree down. Peryite will be furious.
  • HOW DARE YOU: Destroying the altar in the presence of Kesh will not make him happy.
  • CONSEQUENCES: Betraying Peryite and destroying his altar AFTER accepting Spellbreaker will curse the shield with poison damage when used. Don't think yourself smarter than a daedric prince, mortal!
  • PATCHES: A couple of external patches can be found here. I haven't tested them myself but I trust the author.



- How can I destroy Peryite's altar? 
You can destroy the urn by hitting it with any weapon or spell. This is what the game is really looking for and is what is technically needed to count as destroying the altar. However, I also allow you to burn down his "corrupted tree" with fire if you want an extra dramatic "Go suck Molag's balls, Peryite".

- Can I destroy it at any time?
Yes. You can destroy it at any time. Before talking to him, after talking to him or even after finishing the quest. Destroying the altar or not at X stage will change some conversations and have small different outcomes. Example: If Kesh is alive, he will NOT be happy or... Destroying the altar AFTER you have accepted Spellbreaker will make Peryite hate you.

- I want to receive Spellbreaker and follow the vanilla path for this quest. Is this mod worth it?
Similar as my previous Daedric quest expansion (House of Horrors - Quest Expansion) the vanilla path is still very much there and available. I'd say it's worth it for the added options, additional character exposition and new conversations.

- I use a replacer for Spellbreaker. Or I use a mod that changes its magic effects. Do I need a patch?
No, I didn't touch the shield at all.

- Anything to look out in terms of compatibility?
Place my mod after any mod that alters this quest (I don't know any). That should be enough to make everything work.

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