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Hoth is an old bounty hunting adventurer and a brutal companion to travel with - one of the most visually customized followers made for Skyrim. Hoth has many one-of-a-kind features, such as being a quest giver for infinite bounty hunt contracts.

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Hello everyone! I am thrilled to announce that I've launched my very own game, an action-RPG called Far Horizon.
Please - spare a moment of your time to wishlist my game.
It will help surface Far Horizon to the many fine folks on Steam!
Your help with this may make my indie developer dream a reality and would mean the world to me.

⇒ Steam
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Thank you so much!
- Hoth


Hoth is an old bounty hunting adventurer, and a brutal companion to travel with. You see... Hoth has a unique hobby - he wears his most prized kills. He has collected on some of the highest bounties for monsters and men alike in his days wandering the frigid northlands of Skyrim - and he means to show off his work. Learn about all of his trophies in-game!

I have my own YouTube channel where I post about my mods. Feel free to stop by!


Who is Hoth?
- Hoth is a male, Nordic follower who can be recruited in the Morthal Inn to join your travels. He fights in two handed style as well as with a bow.

What makes Hoth special?
- Hoth is the only companion who generates quests for the player dynamically based on your location in the world. As a bounty hunter, Hoth is always picking up new contracts. Talk to Hoth and he will share his contracts for you to do together! Once you finish a quest given by Hoth, he will always have another to offer(infinite quests). There is always something to do with Hoth around!
- Hoth is radiant quest enabled. This means he will offer quests inside locations from other mods dynamically! Explore new mods together.
- Hoth is 100% fully custom voiced with high quality voice and sound work.
- Hoth has his own fully developed story and character within the game. What would you expect an old grizzled bounty hunter to say? Hoth will not disappoint.
- Hoth is perhaps the single most visually customized follower ever made for Skyrim.
- Hoth has unique custom armor.
- Hoth has unique custom gloves.
- Hoth has a unique custom hood.
- Hoth has a unique custom weapon.
- Hoth has unique custom body war-paint and insignia.
- Hoth has unique custom skin textures with decals such as cuts, scratches, scars, and stitches.
- Hoth has unique custom eye textures.

Any questions or feedback should be left in the comments section of the mod page. I will attempt to respond to everyone in need of my attention.


I would like to take this small space to thank the users of my mods, and the Nexus community at large. I am honored to be a part of this community, and to contribute to it. Thank you for your patronage of my work, whether it comes through comments, endorsements, or even a kind donation. You are the reason that I spend long hours of work bettering Skyrim. The Nexus community is the reason I continue to create mods. Thank you.


Q: Are there any requirements to use this mod?
A: Nope. Plug and play.

Q: Hoth's gear does not appear in his inventory - help?
A: His things are not usable by the player. This is not a bug.

Q: I tried to force Hoth give over his hard earned gear with UFO, Amazing Follower Tweaks, or another follower mod. It didn't work, and now Hoth is naked!
A: Attempting to steal Hoth's things will always result in tears.

Change Log
- Corrected all subtitles so that they match what Jase says in the recording
- Increased the no-repeat cooldowns to the maximum of 24 in-game hours on all idle and taunt dialogue for less repetition
- Modified conditions on some lines to make them correct for what is happening around Hoth
- Removed lines that are more appropriate as a greeting (for example: "what are you looking at?" and "Less talking, more blood-spilling") from the idle stack, so they'll only play when engaging Hoth in conversation
- Removed the UFO patch from the main file - it is not downloadable as an optional file
- Archived the resources into a bsa for tidiness and ease of mod-management

- SSE version released

- Compatibility changes with other companions and follower frameworks

- Custom voice work
- Contract/Quest-giver mechanics

- Release


If you are a player:
Use this freely in your game and enjoy!

If you are a modder:
Unlike most of my mods, I do not grant permission for reuse or repurpose of assets in this mod, nor alterations to the .esp file. I will pursue takedowns if I see this done.

This mod is not to be reposted anywhere. If you have any questions regarding this, send me a message.


Hoth and any assets pertaining not specially mentioned below were created by Hothtrooper44.
Version 3.2 update by JosephRussell.
Bethesda created the base assets for most everything I altered and used in this mod.
The incredible voice acting was done by jase180.
Much of the CK work of this mod was done by AlexanderJVelicky.
Vamyan created the v3 patch for UFO compatibility.
The base of the skin texture I altered was created by Chris57.
The bear claw cloak was created by Nivea.
Part of the hood's textures were created by Northborn.
Three of the screenshots used were taken by Chilliblitz.

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