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Fixes some issues with the quest to find Derkeethus, such as moving his cell key to a more logical location (i.e. not inside his cell with him), exposing the quest information in your journal, optionally adding a quest marker, and giving him something to stand on.

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Some things always bugged me about the quest to find our lone Argonian follower.  For one thing, when you find him, the key to his cell is ... inside his cell.  For another, you're given almost no information to work with other than something about a waterfall, and this information isn't kept in your journal.  Even Better Quest Objectives tries to fix this, but as the quest is filed under Misc in your journal, all of the additional information can never be seen.  Finally, the cell itself is disturbingly lacking a floor.

This patch:
  • Moves the cell key.  See spoiler (1)
  • Gets the quest out of the Misc tab so that the information provided by Better Quest Objectives is actually visible.
  • Adds a floor to the cell so it's not just a staircase plunging into deep water.  (See screenshot.)
  • Optionally adds a quest marker to help you find the already-hard-to-find dungeon.  See spoiler (2)
  • Forwards all changes from the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.

This patch requires the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch, without which rescuing Derkeeethus is far more broken, and Even Better Quest Objectives whose text I use for the journal.  The title for the quest, Extracting an Argonian, doesn't seem to exist anywhere in the game's text, and instead comes from the Wiki.

Note: If you already have the frustratingly ambiguous "Find Derkeethus" quest in your misc section, you're in luck:

The changes this patch introduces seem to go into effect without a hitch even if you've already begun the Find Derkeethus quest. The only oddity I've seen if you install this late is the "New Quest" message will appear anew once you've freed Derkeethus, but it doesn't seem to hurt anything.

May conflict with other mods that edit this dungeon location (spoiler 2).  Load this mod before Realistic Water Two.