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Fixes some issues with the quest to find Derkeethus, such as moving his cell key to a more logical location (i.e. not inside his cell with him), exposing the quest information in your journal, optionally adding a quest marker, and expanding the dialog options for all those involved.

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Some things always bugged me about the quest to find our lone Argonian follower.  For one thing, when you find him, the key to his cell is ... inside his cell.  For another, you're given almost no information to work with other than something about a waterfall, and this information isn't kept in your journal.  Even Better Quest Objectives tries to fix this, but as the quest is filed under Misc in your journal, all of the additional information can never be seen.  Finally, the dialog accompanying it is fairly sparse. Derkeethus doesn't seem particularly enthused about being rescued and segues into being your follower with nary a chat.

  • Moves the cell key.  See spoiler (1)
  • Gets the quest out of the Misc tab so that the information provided by Better Quest Objectives is actually visible.
  • (New in 1.1) Fleshes out all of the dialog involved with the quest, including the ability to reject the quest, ask for a reward, and engage a little with Derkeethus.
  • Optionally adds a quest marker to help you find the already-hard-to-find dungeon.  See spoiler (2)
  • Forwards all changes from the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.
  • Uses the ESP-FE format.

New in version 1.1:  The quest to find Derkeethus has been further fleshed out with new dialog, fixes, details, and options for the player. Please look at the change log listed above or included in the installer for a full list.

New in version 1.0.1:  All versions are now combined with an FOMOD installer which allows you to customize your selection.  All plugins are now also offered in ESP-FE format.  Be advised that the ESP-FE plugins will not work correctly with save games which already had the ESP plugin installed.

This mod requires the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch, without which rescuing Derkeeethus is far more broken. A patch for Even Better Quest Objectives is provided. A patch to remove the hud marker for a bit more vanilla authenticity is also offered. 

 Q: Will this mod work with XYZ?
A: A patch for Better Quest Objectives is provided. A conflict with Darkwater Crossing can be solved by loading Finding Derkeethus first and letting the conflicting records be overwritten.  Conflicts with the USSEP are by design. I don't edit Derkeethus himself, so follower or face mods won't conflict.

Q: Can I install this mid-playthrough?
A: Yes. This mod was designed to be installed mid-playthrough. The changes this mod introduces seem to go into effect without a hitch even if you've already begun the Find Derkeethus quest. The only oddity I've seen if you install this late is the "New Quest" message will appear anew once you've freed Derkeethus, but it doesn't seem to hurt anything.

Q: Can I upgrade from version 1.0 mid-playthrough?
A: Yes. Version 1.1 was designed to be upgrade-safe for users of 1.0.

Q: Can this mod be uninstalled safely?
A: Yes.  All scenes will revert to their vanilla (or USSEP) behavior on uninstall.

Q: Is it safe to switch from ESP v1.0 to ESP-FE v1.1?
A: Yes.  ESP v1.0 didn't contain any edits that would damage your save game, so changing to ESP-FE v1.1 is like installing a totally different mod.

Q: What is the intended load order?
A: It can be placed high in your load order. Load after Quest Markers Restored. Load this mod before both Darkwater Crossing and Realistic Water Two so they may overwrite it with their changes.

Q: Are there any known issues?
A: Derkeethus acts a bit funny if you free him while Falmer are trying to attack you.

Q: Why is this mod an ESP-FE and not an ESP?
A: It's a small mod with a limited scope, making it a good fit for the ESP-FE format. 

Q: Why isn't an ESP version offered?
A: I'm hoping to spread awareness for the format and end the tyranny of the strict load order limit.  Also, due to the way compacting form IDs work with dialog (both the lines and the script files) supporting both an ESP and ESP-FE version would be a nightmare, because all of the script and voice files need different filenames.  I decided it was more important to put my energy into the ESP-FE version.

The title for the quest, Extracting an Argonian, doesn't seem to exist anywhere in the game's text, and instead comes from wiki articles.
FOMOD installer created with the help of the FOMOD Creation Tool and Shiva182.
This mod couldn't have been possible without the Voice File Reference Tool.
This mod owes a great debt to the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch team.

In the room with the arcane enchanter, near the grating looking down into the cell.
Darkwater Pass