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An English voiced addon for Vicn's UNSLAAD.

Permissions and credits
  • Ukrainian
  • Spanish
  • Russian

UNSLAAD is  was a short quest about a half dragon which also adds some unique items for the player and a way to convert
dragon souls to health, magicka, stamina and perks.

Originally it was only available in Japanese, until Kachua translated it to English. The Skyrim Voice Alliance then
added voice acting (with permission, of course) and the result is a mod before you. All the characters in main part of act 1 are now voiced
and waiting to talk to you.

We hope you will enjoy this addon.

With update 2.0.0 UNSLAAD has been greatly expanded, so only the first act is voiced for now. Translation continued by Aelarr.
And expanded yet again with update 3.0.0 - this can now serve as the overall epilogue for your LDB if you want.

We now have a Discord server dedicated to discussions about Vicn's trilogy!
Come join, the Owls welcome you:

Our addon is available on Skyrim Classic version (2011) as well.

UNSLAAD Voiced - Classic version

All characters in main part of act 1 voiced.
3 talented voice actors.
English translation by Kachua (only act 1 of the voiced version)/Aelarr (entire silent version/voiced version from act 1 onwards).

Trailer by Caitlin Buckley:

Q: Is this a full mod?
A: No. This is just sound files and a translated .esp file. You still need the original Unslaad mod for all the meshes, textures, etc.

Q: Do I need a separate translation file for this?
A: No. The latest English .esp file is included. You only need the original Unslaad mod and its requirements.

Q: Can I use this with any other translation (Chinese, German ...)?
A: Yes, as long as that translation is updated for Unslaad version 3.0.1. Just install this addon first and then overwrite the included .esp with the one from your chosen translation (but make sure that the translation is ported to SSE - do NOT combine files for classic and special edition). You will get characters speaking in English and subtitles in your chosen language that way.

Q: I don't like some of the voices.
A: No one says you have to. And that's not a question. In any case, if you really hate the voiced version so much, there is a text only English translation available in the Optional Files section.

Q: Why are some characters saying vanilla Skyrim greetings/farewells/combat shouts?
A: That's an unfortunate limitation of Vicn using vanilla voice types (like MaleBrute, FemaleYoungEager) instead of creating custom ones. Yes, we know it can be annoying. No, we can't really fix it. On the upside, that makes the voice acting pack compatible with every other translation.

Q: Can I update from the .esp version of UNSLAAD to the .esm version in an existing playthrough/save?
A: ABSOLUTELY NOT. This is non-negotiable. That would break your game beyond repair - the references in the .esm version are completely
different than in the .esp version. You may end up with duplicate NPCs, quests would definitely break, scripts would misfire and your saves
would be bricked badly enough that no script cleaner under the sun could help you. You CANNOT update on an ongoing save under any circumstances.
Same for having both Unslaad.esm and Unslaad.esp in your load order. This is a no-go. A new game or a save that has never seen Unslaad before is absolutely required.
If you do update anyway despite all the warnings and then come complain to me because your game is suddenly not working, you
will get no answer and no sympathy. And you will be sacrificed to Molag Bal. No mercy.

Q: But what if I am already playing through Unslaad on the .esp version?
A: Then finish it on the .esp version. Or start a new game with the .esm one. There are no other valid options. Really.

What you absolutely need, no exceptions whatsoever:

  • latest version of Skyrim Special Edition
  • latest version of UNSLAAD (3.0.2)

How to install:

  • make sure you meet all the requirements
  • download UNSLAAD Voiced - English Addon
  • install with your mod manager of choice or manually unzip the files to your Skyrim Data folder
  • let it overwrite existing Unslaad.esm (you need to do this, otherwise you won't get the translated text)
  • activate the mod and sort your load order
  • play

This Skyrim mod was made with the help of The Skyrim Voice Alliance, a community dedicated to supporting creative Elder Scrolls production such as Skyrim mods. For more information, join us by hitting up this link:


Hades: Audio editing and direction
Aelarr: Implementation


  • Bethesda Game Studios for Skyrim and the Creation Kit
  • Vicn for creating the original mod
  • Kachua for translating the mod to English and allowing us to use her translation
  • Dominic Mazzoni and Roger Dannenberg for Audacity (this little thing is a godsend)

VIGILANT Voiced by The Skyrim Voice Alliance

Are you a voice actor or a modder who is looking for voice actors to lend their voices to your NPCs? Do you just want to chat? You are welcome to join us on The Skyrim Voice Alliance Discord server, available here: CLICK

Sometimes you will hear NPCs speak vanilla Skyrim lines, like greetings, farewells and combat lines. This is an an unfortunate and unavoidable limitation of Vicn using vanilla voice types (like MaleBrute, FemaleYoungEager) instead of creating custom ones. Yes, we know it can be annoying. No, we can't really fix it. It's not really a bug - every NPC with vanilla voice type will automatically also say some of the vanilla lines connected to their voice type, even if they have custom dialogue. No, we can't suppress those lines. We COULD perhaps create completely custom voice types, but that would require specific permission from Vicn, it would destroy the follower and merchant functionalities and it would also probably take an ungodly amount of time. For now, we are leaving things as they are.