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Nebarra is a rude, blunt, and general prick of an Altmer mercenary that can accompany you in your travels. He is a fully voiced follower with 1,500+ lines of dialogue from thewolfescott.

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Definition: Unwelcome (also used as a pejorative reference to outsiders)


Nebarra comes with 1,500+ lines of fully voiced dialogue with several interactions with vanilla npcs. He is an Altmer veteran of the Great War's Hammerfall campaign, and has foolishly sought out mercenary work in Cyrodiil and Skyrim.  Most recently he accepted a job to protect a caravan, but that job ended in an instant near  the Twilight Sepulcher.  He isn't the most friendly of people, and in other circumstances he might be your enemy, but right now he is your rude, blunt, and sometimes funny traveling companion.

  • Commentary on most quests and side quests. Doesn't care enough about the Dark Brotherhood or Thieves guild to open his trap.
  • Own follower system that doesn't change the follower count

  • Spell to transport him behind you.
  • Can tell him to bug off to any of the vanilla inns in Skyrim.
  • Can set a home location.
  •  Interactions with several npcs, low chance of these happening, so it doesn't get repetitive.
  •  Custom armor, that can't be removed.
  • Four different damage settings Vanilla, 75%, 50%, 25% The options are listed in a more natural way. "Hit them as hard as you can" = 100% for example.
  • Sword and Ward fighting style, but mostly sword.
  • An objective marker for him that can be turned on and off
  • Can carry an infinite amount of stuff
  • Has his own backpack you can turn on/off
  • Has a chaos einhander that will create random explosions of frost, fire, electricity, or nothing. Be careful, these might end up hurting you.
  • Doesn't care about stealing or killing innocents. Great choice for less virtuous characters.
  • Has his own horse. Can either ride or walk with the player.
  • Can tell him to wear warm, cold, temperate, or casual outfits in the setting topic
  • He isn't a nice person.
  • Small personal quest off the coast of Solstheim. Read the note in his inventory for clues or go to qna.

Q & A
Q: Where do i find him?
A: burned carriage near the Twilight Sepulcher and knife Point Ridge in Falkreath. (BRING HEALTH POTIONS)
Q: Romance options?
A: no way
Q: Can i use him with x follower system
A: no
Q: Why can't I change his armor, inventory, weapon?
A: Reasons relating to his name and purpose
Q:  What npcs can he talk to?
A: Mjoll, Noster, Gelebor, Sernana, Niranye, Angrenor, Cicero, Eydis, Erik the Slayer, Carlotta, Evette, Adonato, and Rolf
(There is a very low chance of these happening)
Q: He isn't talking with those npcs
A: He has a very low chance of it happening so it doesn't get repetitive. Also he needs to be close to the npcs for the dialogue to fire off.
Q: Where can i start his personal quest?
A: Swim due west from Bristleback cave on Solsteheim towards the ship. Speak to him on the platform and he'll have a new dialogue option.

Please share a link or upload a video of yourself using Nebarra in the comments or to the video tab. Thank you.

  • Because you can't access his personal inventory, telling him to pick something up means you can't get it back.
  • Because you can't access his personal inventory, telling him to pick something up means you can't get it back.
  • Since this mod was made under the assumption you wouldn't be able to remove the helmet, he doesn't have lip files. He doesn't have a nice looking face and his lips won't move when talking.
  • When you first find him, sometimes he will be standing and acting fine. He should be sitting on the ground clutching a wound.