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Last Seed is a Primary Needs, Wellness, and Disease mod designed to add an engaging twist on standard primary needs gameplay.

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  • Russian
  • Mandarin

Also available for Legendary Edition.

Enjoying Last Seed?

If you would like to contribute to Last Seed's ongoing development, please feel to do so via Ko-Fi or a Nexus Mods donation. This is entirely optional, and Last Seed will always remain free for everyone to download. Thank you for your support!

Overview of Features

* Fully Customizable:  Almost every feature is optional, so you can customize the mod to suit your playstyle.

* Primary Needs: Include Hunger, Thirst, and Fatigue.

* Vitality: A separate need that represents your overall health and ties the whole mod together.

* Disease Overhaul: Adds 25 new diseases to the game, and adds a multi-stage disease system in which you can potentially overcome diseases naturally if you get plenty of rest.

* Food Spoilage: Multi-stage spoilage system with unique models for each type of spoiled food.

* Follower Needs: Support for follower hunger and thirst. Adds a new "Provisions" container where you can centrally manage all the supplies for your party.

* Alcohol: Get drunk from drinking too much alcohol. Blackout and wake up in an unfamiliar location (or possibly in a prison cell).

* Skooma: Get high off Skooma and potentially become addicted to it.

* Automation: Automatically eat and drink when your needs fall too low.

* Vampires and Werewolves: Full support for Vampires and Werewolves, including mods.

* Lich Support:
Compatible with all Lich mods. Instead of eating and drinking, use a unique spell to consume the life of your enemies.

* Customizable widgets: Adds status bars for tracking your needs. Also includes support for iWant Widgets.

* Hotkey support: Each of the mod's powers can be assigned to a hotkey, which will remove it from your powers menu.

* Campfire Skill Tree: Unlock new skills and abilities to help you to stay invigorated during your travels.

* Highly Compatible: Designed to be compatible with almost any other mod out there.

* And much more...

* Campfire: Required

* SKSE: Highly recommend, some features won’t work without it. 

* SkyUI: Recommend for the Mod Configuration Menu. If you're not a fan of the new menu designs this mod adds, I recommend also downloading Hide SkyUI.

* powerofthree's Papyrus Extender: Optional, but highly recommended if you use mods that overhaul water or add new bodies of water to the game.

Starting the Mod

If you are using SkyUI, you can start the mod from Last Seed's MCM. Otherwise, you can start the mod by sleeping in any bed for at least one hour.

Primary Needs

Your primary Needs in Last Seed are Hunger, Thirst and Fatigue. It takes about 2 in-game days for your needs to fully deplete (configurable in MCM). Thematically, your needs represent how you feel, rather than how healthy you actually are. Instead, your general health is represented by your Vitality. If you keep your need satisfied, your Vitality will increase and you will become more healthy. If you neglect your needs, your Vitality will drop and you will suffer and possibly die.


Hunger primarily affects your ability to regenerate Health, the damage you deal with melee weapons and the amount you can block with your shield. To restore hunger, simply eat something. There are 6 stages of hunger:

* Full
* Content
(You start the game at this stage)
* Hungry
* Very Hungry
* Ravenous
* Starving

Regenerating Health increases your hunger at a faster rate. You will see the Hunger meter appear if your Health is below 100%.

Types of Food

There are four Levels of hunger restoration for food:

Light Meals:
Raw vegetables, raw small game, raw fish, raw seafood, cooking ingredients and milk.
Medium Meals: Bread, raw meat, cooked small game, cooked fish, cooked seafood, raw fruit, cooked vegetables, treats and cheese.
Filling Meals: Cooked large meat, simple soups & stews, small pastries and cheesebowls.
Hearty Meals: Complex soups and stews, large pastries.

You can also display this information as part of the food’s name (configurable via MCM).

Varied Diet

Eating the same food repeatedly in a short period will result in only receiving half of the food's ordinary Hunger benefit. To get the full amount of benefit for your food, try to eat a variety of different things. After eating a certain kind of food, you will receive its full benefit again in 30 in-game minutes.


Thirst primarily affects your ability to regenerate stamina, the amount of damage you can block with your amour and the length of cooldown between shouts. To restore thirst, simply drink water, soups, alcohol and other beverages.

There are 6 stages of thirst:

* Quenched
* Refreshed
(You start the game at this stage)
* Thirsty
* Very Thirsty
* Parched
* Severely Parched

Regenerating Stamina increases your thirst at a faster rate. You will see the Thirst meter appear if your Stamina is below 100%.

Gathering Water

You can gather water from a variety of sources using waterskins. You will be given a waterskin when you start Last Seed, but you can craft additional waterskins at a Tanning Rack.

You can get water from these sources:

* Large bodies of water
* Waterfalls
* Streams
* Clean patches of snow
* While standing in the rain (Frostfall required)
* From innkeepers
* From placeable rain barrels (crafted at a blacksmith's forge).

Patches are Included for Drinking Fountains of Skyrim and Water from Wells. You can also collect saltwater from the sea, which can be crafted into salt piles with a cooking pot.


Fatigue primarily affects your ability to regenerate Magicka, as well as your ability to cast spells, use ranged weapons, and lockpick and pickpocket. You can restore your fatigue by sleeping in any bed. If you are Severely Exhausted, you will be able to completely restore your fatigue with 12 hours of sleep. You can also temporarily relieve fatigue by drinking Canis Root Tea.

There are 6 stages of fatigue:
* Rested
* Sharp
(You start the game at this stage)
* Tired
* Very Tired
* Exhausted
* Severely Exhausted

Regenerating Magicka increases your fatigue at a faster rate. You will see the Fatigue meter appear if your Stamina is below 100%.

Quality of Sleep

The quality of your sleep can be affected by your location and how hungry and thirsty you are. If you go to sleep hungry, thirsty or in a dangerous location you will sleep poorly, waking up sharp at best, but not completely rested. This feature can be disabled in the MCM.


Vitality is a measure of your overall wellness. Represented by a meter in the upper left of the screen. The white line on the meter indicates the current Vitality target that your Vitality will reach if nothing changes. If it is above your current level (shown below), you are getting healthier over time. If it is below your current meter level, you are getting worse. (This works similarly to Frostfall's exposure and target exposure system, and should feel familiar to those users.)

You will go up or down about 1 Vitality stage per 24 hours in-game. You recover Vitality much faster when sleeping. There are 8 stages:

* Peak Condition
* Vigorous
* Very Healthy
* Healthy
(You start the game at this stage)
* Drained
* Weakened
* Ruined
* Dying

The impacts of low Vitality are decreased effectiveness of all skills, as well as reduced movement and attack speed. At high levels of Vitality, all skills become more effective.

Unlike other needs, Vitality increases and decreases over time, not suddenly. If you don’t take care of your needs, you won't be able to get to the maximum Vitality level. If you neglect your needs completely, you could drop to very low levels of Vitality.

The fastest way to restore your Vitality is to make sure you’re not hungry and thirsty and then get some sleep. Your Vitality restores very quickly while sleeping.

The only way to reach the highest stages of Vitality (Vigorous and Peak Condition) is to actually play the game. You cannot reach these stages solely by waiting or sleeping.

If Vitality reaches 0, you will die.

If Frostfall is installed, your Exposure level will also impact your Vitality. If you have Bathing in Skyrim or Keep it Clean installed, your cleanliness level will also have a small impact on your Vitality.


If you consume raw meat & seafood, spoiled food or dirty water, there is a chance you may catch a disease. Diseases will now also become more severe if left untreated. Each disease will progress through 5 stages:

* Mild
* Moderate
* Severe
* Crippling
* Deadly

Unlike Survival Mode, diseases won’t automatically progress to the next stage after a certain period. Instead, the disease may progress or regress depending on your location, level of fatigue, disease resistance and the severity of the disease. For example, if you ignore a newly-caught disease and continue adventuring, you will most likely become very sick. If you instead travel to a nearby inn and get plenty of bed rest, you may overcome the disease naturally.

Severe diseases, while debilitating, will not kill you directly. However, they will significantly impact your Vitality, which means you will have to work that much harder keeping your Primary Needs in check in order to stay alive.

Shrines and Cure Disease potions will no longer cure diseases outright. Instead, they will give you a disease resistance bonus, which can help with overcoming the disease over time. Each disease now has its own cure potion, which will cure that disease outright. The temple priests at each hold's capital can also cure diseases for you, along with several other people throughout Skyrim. You can view the full list of healers below.


All of these changes are optional and can be configured through the MCM.

New Diseases

As well as overhauling the disease system, Last Seed also adds 25 new diseases from The Elder Scrolls III and IV.

* Ash Woe Blight: Destruction Spells are less effective. Caught from Ash Spawn.
* Ash-Chancre: Alteration spells are less effective. Caught from Ash Spawn.
* Astral Vapors: Weakness to magic. Caught from Draugr.
* Blood Lung: Shout recovery reduced. Caught from Skeevers.
* Brown Rot: Fatigue Increases faster. Caught from Draugr.
* Chanthrax Blight: Light Armor Prevents less damage: Caught from Ash Spawn and Boars.
* Chills: Frost Resistance reduced. Caught from Frostbite Spiders and Hellhounds.
* Collywobbles: Heavy Armor Prevents less damage. Caught from SabreCats.
* Dampworm: Shock Resistance reduced. Caught from Falmer.
* Feeble Limb: Blocking is less effective. Caught from Skeevers.
* Greenspore: Prices are worse. Persuasion and intimidation are harder. Caught from Slaughterfish.
* Helljoint: Smithing is harder. Caught from Wolves.
* Red Rage: Restoration spells are less effective. Caught from Skeevers.
* Rotbone: Unarmed Damage is less effective. Caught from Rieklings.
* Rust Chancre: Poison resistance decreased. Caught from Draugr.
* Scalon Sunburn: Fire Resistance decreased. Caught from Dremora.
* Serpiginous Dementia: Enchanting is less effective. Caught from Netch.
* Shakes: Archery is less effective. Caught from Skeevers.
* Stomach Rot: Hunger increases faster. Caught from Trolls.
* Swamp Fever: Thirst Increases faster. Caught from Mudcrabs.
* Ticklebritch: Illusion spells are less effective. Caught from Hagravens.
* Tunnel Cough: Sneaking is less effective. Caught from Falmer.
* Wither: Health is reduced. Caught from SabreCats.
* Witless Pox: Alchemy is less effective. Caught from Skeevers.
* Yellow Tick: Health regenerates slower. caught from Wolves and Bears.


As well as restoring thirst, drinking alcohol will also make you drunk. If you drink a small amount you will become relaxed, which will give you a speech bonus. As you drink more, however, you will become less effective at Speech, pickpocketing, Lockpicking, Combat, and Magic skills, and will also become tired more easily. You will also experience blurred vision and stumbling as you become drunker. If you drink too much, you will eventually pass out and will wake up hungover. Hangovers are a mild disease that lasts for about half an in-game day. Hangovers negatively impact all your skills and will also make you thirsty.

If you pass out while you aren't Focussed, you will wake up in a random location (or possibly in jail). This feature can be toggled in the MCM.

There are 6 stages of drunkenness:

* Sober(You start the game at this stage)
* Relaxed
* Tipsy
* Drunk
* Very Drunk
* Hungover(after passing out)

Alcohol comes in different strengths. Ale and mead are weak alcoholic beverages, wine is moderate, while brandy and other spirits are strong.

With Frostfall installed, alcohol will also temporarily boost your warmth, but you will feel even colder when the effect wears off.


Drinking Skooma will now cause a high. Being high on Skooma increases your stamina regeneration, movement speed and carry capacity, and also causes distorted visuals.

There are 5 stages of Skooma High:

* Clear-headed (You start the game at this stage)
* Buzz
* High
* Very High
* Delirious

Skooma comes in two strengths. Normal Skooma is weaker, while Redwater Skooma, Balmora Blue and Double-Distilled Skooma are stronger.

Skooma Withdrawal

Each time you consume Skooma you have a chance of getting addicted. The greater the high you experience, the more likely you are to be addicted.

If you become addicted, you will experience Skooma withdrawal once the high wears off. During this time, you will experience progressively worse withdrawal symptoms, and then the effects will subside slowly. Being addicted to Skooma will have a severe negative impact on your speech, and will also negatively impact your combat, magic and artisan skills. You will also become fatigued more quickly and will experience mild seizures when you reach higher withdrawal levels.

You can always drink more Skooma to temporarily relieve your withdrawal symptoms, but doing so will undo any progress you made in overcoming the addiction.


Your Provisions container acts as a central pool of resources that you and your party can draw from. Food and drinks that you put in this container can be consumed by your followers (and the player, if you enable auto-eating). This avoids the tedious micromanagement of adding food to each individual party member’s inventory.

You can access this container through the Manage Provisions power. There is also a weight limit for your provisions. You are allocated 25 weight in your provision container for yourself, and 25 more weight for up to 3 followers.

Follower Needs

As well as affecting the player, hunger and thirst can also extend out to your entire travelling party (up to 3 companions). Followers will automatically consume food and drinks from your provisions and follow the same rules for a varied diet as the player, so you will need to keep your provisions well-stocked to keep your followers in fighting shape. This feature is optional and can be disabled in the MCM.


You can use the Provisions: Eat and Provisions: Drink powers to select and consume an item from your provisions. You also have the option to enable automatic drinking, which will consume items from your provisions whenever your needs are low. This simplifies the need to micro-manage your needs, as all you need to do is keep your provisions stocked.

Campfire Skill Tree

Last Seed now includes a Campfire skill tree, where you can unlock new skills and abilities to help you to stay healthy and rested during your travels. You can earn perk points by fully restoring your needs, and keeping your Vitality high will allow you to earn them faster. Each new perk requires you to restore them more times. These are the perks that you can unlock.

* Strong Back: Carry Weight is increased by up to 25 points.
* Preservationist: Unlock preserved food recipes, learn to make them more efficiently, and learn the secret of making Ice Wraith Powder to slow food spoilage.
* Outdoorsman: Gain the ability to rest well while sleeping outdoors.
* Drunken Brawler: Receive a bonus for unarmed damage and damage resistance when drunk or very drunk.
* Skooma Fiend: Up to 30% resistance to Skooma addiction. Unlock Skooma crafting recipes.
* Unbound Intensity: Unlock unbound Intensity, and make it consume less Vitality.


If you are in a dangerous interior area, such as a dungeon, you will become Focused. While focused, your needs will not increase. However, when you leave the area, the changes that would have occurred to your needs will happen all at once. So, you may become very hungry, thirsty and tired when you leave a dungeon.

This mechanic was put in place so that you wouldn't have to worry about being pestered with needs management while on a dungeon crawl. Please let me know how you feel about this.

Your Vitality will not suddenly increase or decrease after losing Focus; Vitality is completely suspended while Focused. If you take the time to eat (and eventually drink and rest) following a dungeon crawl, your Vitality should remain stable.

If you have SKSE installed, you will also become Focused during dialogue and crafting.

Unbound Intensity

If you raise your Vitality to its highest level, you will be able to use Unbound Intensity. By using this power, you will take a large amount of Vitality damage, in exchange for becoming super-humanly powerful for 10 seconds. Deal much more damage, take less damage, slow time, attack faster, and ignore all negative effects of wellness. Basically, go nuts. Trade your longer-term health for short-term power.

Well Being

A power you can use to check your current needs. If you have Bathing in Skyrim or Keep it Clean installed, this power will also check your cleanliness level.

Food Spoilage

All food types will decay into a set of "old", "mouldy" and "stale" versions. Eating these food items restore less hunger, and has a chance to give you diseases. These food items will then decay further into an inedible "Decayed Food" item. If you have Frostfall installed, then food spoilage rates will be slowed in cold environments. You can also slow food spoilage using Ground Ice Wraith Teeth, which can be crafted at a Blacksmith's forge. You will learn the recipe after helping Marise in Riften.

Vampires, Werewolves, Cannibals and Liches

Werewolves and Cannibals can feed to lower hunger and are able to consume raw food.

Vampires have three options to choose from:

* Mortal:
Needs affect you normally, even as a vampire.
* Supernatural (default): You can feed to restore hunger and thirst. You can also partially restore your hunger and thirst by consuming raw meat. You are resistant to the effects of alcohol and Skooma.
* Immortal: You cannot die from low Vitality, and can only restore hunger and thirst by feeding. You are immune to the effects of alcohol and Skooma.

If you have a Lich mod installed, you can enable support for Liches under the "Other" page of the MCM. When this setting is enabled, you will no longer die from lack of Vitality, and cannot restore hunger and thirst through normal means. Instead, you will receive a new spell that you can use to suck the life from your enemies to restore your needs.

Less Food Patch

Last Seed also includes a patch to remove food items from containers, replacing them with spoiled food or junk. If you are using a similar mod like Poverty or You Hunger, you can remove this patch. If you do decide to use this patch, it should be placed at the end of your load order, after any Bashed Patches or Smashed Patches that you have created.

Recommend Mods
* Craftable Cure Potions: This mod adds recipes for crafting the Cure Disease Potions added by Last Seed, which can be purchased from potion vendors. Special thanks to corsairmechanic for making this mod.

* Lesser Power Cooldown: Reduces the cooldown for lesser powers from 3.0s to 0.1s. Last Seed makes use of lesser powers for things like checking your needs and managing provisions, so removing the cooldown is a huge quality-of-life improvement.

* Frostfall and the Unofficial SSE Update: Recommended but not essential. Frostfall and Last Seed are designed to work together, and there are a few features in Last Seed that won’t work without it. 

* The Frozen North: A great hypothermia mod if you would prefer not to use Frostfall. Last Seed also offers integration for this mod. Make sure to grab the Cold Standalone version.

Frostfall and Skyrim VR

There are a couple of extra steps for setting up Frostfall if you’re using SKSE in VR. All this information is from the Frostfall Unofficial Patch page, but I’ve also included it here for the sake of convenience.


Different Versions of Skyrim

Last Seed is designed to be version-agnostic and will work with every Skyrim release, from Legendary Edn to Anniversary Edn.

Food Mods

All vanilla, DLC and CACO food items are natively supported by Last Seed. Food from other mods can be added to Last Seed using the Examine Food power (which will automatically be cast when you eat an unknown food item or
place it in the provisions container). You can also change the properties of recognized food using the Examine Food power.

Disease Mods

Last Seed only makes changes to vanilla diseases, so other disease mods should be compatible. If you use the Unique Cure Disease Potions feature, then you won't be able to cure mod-added diseases using potions. However, you can still cure all using shrines or by talking to priests (depending on your mod settings).

Mods that re-add the Black Heart Blight disease, like Cutting Room Floor, are fully supported by Last Seed.

Water Overhauls and New Locations with Water

If you use Powerofthree's Papyrus Extender, then Last Seed will natively support any water visual overhaul mod, and any mod that adds new bodies of water. If you aren’t using PO3, then you will need a compatibility patch.

ZEdit Water Damage Patcher is my preferred method for making water patches, as it will work with all water overhauls and new lands mods. If you don't already have ZEdit installed, here is a guide to setting it up.

That said, any water patch for Realistic Needs and Diseases and Keep it Clean will also work with this mod.

Vampire and Werewolf Overhaul Mods

Last Seed should work with Vampire and Werewolf Overhaul mods without any problems. The only incompatible mods that I’ve found are Growl - Werebeasts of Skyrim and Moonlight Tales Special Edition, both of which have compatibility patches.

If you do encounter any issues when using such mods, please let me know in a bug report and I will look into making a compatibility patch.

Other Primary Needs Mods

Almost every feature in Last Seed can be turned on and off, so you can use Last Seed alongside other mods that add similar features. The result probably won’t be as seamless as using Last Seed on its own (particularly with regards to the Vitality System), but there won’t be any game-breaking bugs either.

Survival Mode

Survival Mode is compatible with Last Seed, but it is not very configurable. Disabling certain features will require the use of xEdit and console commands. Therefore, unless you want to use Survival Mode in its entirety, it will probably be easier to use other mods that offer similar features. Here are a few mods that implement some of the features from Survival Mode that aren't in Last Seed:

* Survival Control Panel (Although designed for customizing Survival Mode, it also works as a standalone mod that can enable sleeping to level up, as well as arrow and lockpick weight. This mod does not work with Skyrim VR),
* Sleep to Level Up (If not using Survival Control Panel, make sure your grab version 1.3),
* Weighted Arrows SE (If not using Survival Control Panel),
* Weighted Lockpicks (If not using Survival Control Panel),
* Disable Fast Travel SKSE (If not using Frostfall),
* Simple Encumbrance Effect,
* No More Passive Health Regeneration,
* Carry Weight Adjustments.

Gameplay Overhaul Mods

It's hard to make a general statement about whether these mods would be compatible, as conflicts would have to be investigated on a case-by-case basis.

Alternate Death Mods

Last Seed is fully compatible with alternative death mods like Shadow of Skyrim and Ashes. You can enable compatibility for these mods from the Other page of the MCM.

Mods with Native Compatibility

The following mods have native compatibility with Last Seed, and should work without any problems:

* Apothecary
* Attack Speed Framework
* Bathing in Skyrim
Be a Milk Drinker (Thanks to BraveLittleSpork for making the patch. You can download it here)
* Better Vampires
* Beyond Skyrim - Bruma
* Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul
Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul
* Creation Club - Fishing
* Cutting Room Floor
* Dirt and Blood
* Drinking Fountains of Skyrim
* Drunk Animations
* Eating Animations and Sounds (make sure you also grab the Unofficial Keyword Patch)
Easy WheelMenu (Special thanks to CommonDominator for making this patch)
* Falskaar
* Hunterborn
* Hunting in Skyrim
* Immersive Encounters
* Interesting NPCs
* iWant Widgets (Requires iWant Widgets, iWant Status Bars, and FISSES)
Keep it Clean 
* Mealtime
* Moonlight Tales
* Nordic Cooking
* Nordic UI
* Project AHO
* Requiem
* Reliquary of Myth - Artifact Overhaul
* Skills of the Wild
* Skills of the Wild - No iHud Requirement (Special thanks to garaleos for making this patch. You can download it here).
Skyrim Fishing
* Skyrim Alchemy and Food Overhaul
* Skyrim Food Expanded
Spell Wheel VR
Time Flies SE
* Warm Drinks
Water from Wells
* Wyrmstooth
* Your Own Thoughts

Known Issues
* Inaccurate Provision Weight: If you play without SKSE installed, then the weight of your provisions may lose some accuracy after an extended period of playtime. This is because the mod can’t calculate the provision weight directly without using SKSE, so it instead calculates it indirectly based on changes to your inventory weight. This method isn’t perfect, however, so over time you may gain or lose a small amount of weight in your provisions. To resolve this issue, simply empty your provisions container to reset the weight back to zero.

* Phantom Food Detection: Last Seed automatically detects when the player eats an item that it doesn't recognize and will attempt to classify it. Unfortunately, some mods use food items as a way to apply status effects to the player by "eating" them automatically, which Last Seed will also detect. If you experience this, just select "this is not food" when prompted, and Last Seed will stop trying to classify it.

* Bathing in Skyrim Initially Shows Incorrect Message: If you use the Wellbeing power shortly after starting Bathing in Skyrim, it will incorrectly say your cleanliness level is Clean when it is Not Dirty. This will only occur until Bathing in Skyrim refreshes itself for the first time (about 1 hour of in-game time, or 4 minutes of real-world time). After that, the correct message will be displayed.

* Food doesn't spoil when you first start the mod: Food items will begin to spoil when they are added to your inventory, so items that are already in your inventory when you start the mod will not spoil. To resolve this issue, simply move those food items to your provisions container (and back again, if you would prefer to keep them in your inventory).

* Some dungeon locations won't activate focus: There are a couple of locations in the game that appear to be part of a dungeon, but are technically part of the overworld. This causes problems for the Focus System, which is designed to stay active when you are in an un-cleared dungeon. Entering these areas technically counts as leaving the dungeon they are attached to, which will cause the focus system to deactivate. Unfortunately, this isn't an easy problem to fix, but it only affects a handful of locations, so it doesn't have a huge impact on the mod overall.

These are the known locations where this happens:
  • Alftand Cathedral
  • Frostmere Depths
  • Tower of Mzark Exterior
  • Labyrinthian Chasm
  • Labyrinthian Tribune


* "Can I install Last Seed at any time?" Yes. You don't need to create a new game.

* "I haven't updated Last Seed in a while. Is it safe to update from an old version to the latest version?" Yes, Last Seed is designed in a way that updating to the latest version will always be safe, regardless of which version you are updating from.

* "Will food items spoil if I put them in a container?" No, if you store food in an external container then it will not spoil. Food items will only spoil when they are in your inventory, a followers inventory or the provisions container.

* "Does this mod change Sanguinare Vampiris?" I didn't make any changes to that disease, to maintain compatibility with Vampire Overhaul mods. This means that if you don't cure the disease within 3 days, you will turn into a Vampire. I did add a potion specifically for curing  Sanguinare Vampiris, and you can also cure it by talking to priests and other healer NPCs.

* "How script-heavy is Last Seed?" Because of the number of features that Last Seed has, it can have a slightly higher script load when compared with other needs mods.  However, this mod is also highly customizable, and if you disable the features that aren't present in other mods, the script load would be largely comparable. If you have concerns about script load, I would recommend checking out the Performance Guide for tips on how to minimize it.

* ReSaver has detected unresolved stacks and frames related to Last Seed. Should I be worried? No, in the vast majority of cases, this isn't a problem. Those stacks are just the food spoilage scripts running in the background, and they will resolve themselves over time. If you are getting over 1000 unresolved stacks, then that could indicate your scripting engine is getting overloaded. I would recommend reading this article for tips on how to resolve that.

* "With so many needs mods to choose from, why should I use Last Seed?" There are a lot of reasons why I think this mod is pretty great (and not just because I had a hand in making it). But rather than boring you with an overly-detailed ramble, here is the CliffsNotes version:

* Comprehensive: This mod includes the most complete set of features of any needs mod to date.
* Improved: It draws on some of the best features from other needs mods, which have been improved and streamlined.
* Interconnected: It has some unique interactions between your primary needs, which makes for a more in-depth and engaging gameplay experience.
* Modular: Almost every feature in the mod is optional, so you can customize it to suit your playstyle - be it casual explorer or hardcore survivalist.

* "Wait, you're not Chesko! Are you allowed to distribute his mod?" That’s correct, I am not Chesko. I am just a fan of his work who really wanted to play a finished version of Last Seed, and decided to take a crack at finishing it myself. No need to worry though, I’ve already reached out to Chesko, and they have given me permission to distribute this mod.

Special Thanks

The process of completing this mod has been a huge collaborative undertaking, and many people deserve thanks for their contributions.

* The majority of the credit for this mod obviously goes to Chesko, whose modding skills and creative vision made this whole thing possible. Chesko is an absolute wizard when it comes to modding, and I would never have been able to finish this mod if not for the amazing work they had already done.

* A special thank you to Isoku for granting permission to Chesko to use assets from his mod iNeed, and graciously extending those permissions to me.

* A special thank you to CommonDominator for all his hard work in creating and maintaining Last Seed - Water, and for giving me permission to integrate his changes into Last Seed.

* Shoutout to MrVash for creating the Hunterborn patch.

* Shoutout to dzee349 for creating the Hunting in Skyrim patch.

* Shoutouts to Kryptopyr, FadingSignal, and Schlangster for assisting Chesko in the development of this mod, and without whom it would have never gotten to where it is today.

* Credit to FadingSignal for some spoiled and rotten food meshes and textures.

* Credit to volvaga0 for the waterskin model.

* Credit to perseid9 for the saltwater coordinates.

* Credit to the SkyUI Team for use of their meter widgets, used and modified with permission.

* Hunger, thirst and fatigue sound effects from FWE. More specifically Primary Needs by K.Schenk and FritZ_FretZ.

* Shoutout to Mator and G_K, whose modding tools proved invaluable in finishing this mod.

* And a special thank you to the entire Skyrim Modding Community, without whom none of this would have been possible.

Enjoy and have fun! Your feedback is greatly appreciated.