Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

A quest to reanimate an ancient Snow Elf warrior and help her regain her past. It is also definitely (not) just a waifu mod :(

Permissions and credits
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  • Mandarin
  • German

It is not recommended to use AFT or similar follower management systems to force recruit her at any point during her quest line

This is a small quest mod to investigate a deranged necromancer's project to reanimate an ancient Snow Elf. You'll:
  • Collect body parts
  • Perform dark rituals
  • Warp reality
  • Delve into an ancient ruin
In the end, you'll gain:
  • Follower (Vanilla system) whom you can name
  • Special player home you can carry with you

To start the quest, go to Nightgate Inn and head west towards Silverdrift Lair. On the way, you'll be ambushed by a Necromancer named Janav. The approximate location of this encounter is marked here.

A Note About A Skyrim Engine Bug

This is just a simple mod trying to make its away in the Nexus, not an epic opus, please be kind :3

  • 2-part quest line
  • Dialog generated with 11labs
  • 2 medium-sized dungeons
  • Mini secrets and puzzles
  • Custom assets
  • Custom name for your follower
  • Set your follower's home
  • Gain a summon spell
  • Custom armor with UUNP/CBBE bodyslides
  • UNP/CBBE/Vanilla body textures in FOMOD (Vanilla textures being UNP with no nipples)
  • Portable player home
  • Portable chest
  • All crafting stations, condensed


Q: My mod manager says this mod has conflicts with another mod regarding "uilib" files.
A: This mod uses SkyUILib for some UI functionality. Chances are, your other mod uses the same files. If their version of the files are up-to-date, it is fine to have either mod overwrite the other for these files.

Q: What body type does she use?
A: She uses whatever body type you have installed. Included in the mod are UUNP, CBBE, and vanilla compatible textures; the armor come in CBBE, UNP, and vanilla shapes; pick the appropriate body type in FOMOD. The Armor also ships with both CBBE and UUNP bodyslides, so use those if you have custom body shapes.

Q: How do I enter and leave the player home or maze?
A: Click on the Dwemer Storage Box or the Dwemer Puzzle Box in your inventory to enter or leave.

Q: How do get the Snow Elf to remember?

Q: Is it possible to avoid the fight at the end?
A: Yes. 

Q: How do I get into the treasure room?

Q: Where can I find Elves for parts?
A: There are some Dark Elf servants to the Hall of Rumination. If those are not enough, you can find plenty of Dark Elf Reavers on Solstheim.

Q: How do I get through the ice wall?

Q: How do I beat the maze?
A: You can traverse the entirety of a closed maze by always sticking to either the right or left hand walls.

Q: Is there a LE (Old Skyrim) version?
A: Gameothic has kindly made a LE port. I am in no way responsible any issues that may arise from the usage of this backport. Only the SSE version is official supported.

Q: Can I upgrade?
A: All my mods are safe to upgrade whenever unless otherwise stated.

Known Issues
Problem: The sky looks like the inside of the box when I am outside!
Explanation: This is a known issue with the vanilla game where sky statics are not cleaned up consistently. This is the same issue that causes Apocrypha sky to sometimes show up outside Apocrypha. This should go away if you restart Skyrim or if you just play long enough for the game to cycle in some new weathers.

Problem: The Snow Elf says she's gonna fight me but doesn't!
Explanation: If you are using a follower management mod to recruit her, then her aggressive package might have been overwritten by such mod. You can still complete the quest, but you'll just have to beat a peaceful opponent.

Problem: The Snow Elf is stuck on some terrain!
Explanation: NPCs in Skyrim use navmeshes to pathfind and navigate around the world, and they will attempt to walk in places the navmesh says it is ok for them to walk. If a navmesh says an area is passable but there is actually an obstruction, NPCs will get stuck. This mod actually makes very few changes to navmeshes in the open world and mostly in out of the way places in Blackreach and Solstheim. Chances are the areas she's stuck in are not navmeshed very accurately to begin with, which is an unfortunately problem when playing with followers.

Problem: Incompatible with po3's Enhanced Reanimation
Explanation: it's currently incompatible with the horse patch. Turn this option off in the enhanced reanimation ini: "Patch Horses = false."

Testing and suggestions
  • KyleKrane13/Arlen
Draugr assets from Frozen Electrocuted Combustion:
  • powerofthree
Witcher statue assets from Modder's Resource Pack - The Witcher Extension:
  • Oaristys
  • CD Projekt
Character assets from COtR - HQ Characters creation addon for RM
  • m4mk203/Trixter
Bodyslide base from UUNP Vanilla Outfits Bodyslides SE
  • Shiva182
  • Ousnius (BodySlide and Outfit Studio/SSE Nif Optimizer)
  • Caliente (BodySlide and Outfit Studio/Caliente's Vanilla Outfits for CBBE)
  • wavion2 (OCR - Omnisway Clothing Replacer)
  • Exeter (UNP Female Armors)
Used the CBBE conversion sliders from Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-
  • Caliente
  • Ousnius
Weather colors from Obsidian Weathers
  • Dr Mega Arindel/DrMegaloblast
Hair from KS Hairdos SSE
  • Kalilies and Stealthic
  • Ade, Alesso, Anto, Darko, Geisha, Hal's Archive, Jakea, Karzalee, Kijiko, Lapiz, Leah Lilith, Momo, NewSea, S-Club, Sintiklia, Sky, Stealthic, Toksik, Peggy, Raonjena, Wings, XM, and Zauma (hairstyles)
  • Hellosanta (textures)
  • Ousnius (SSE Nif Optimize)
Text input from SkyUILib
  • SkyUI Team
  • schlangster
  • MrJack
  • mrpwn