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Tired of skooma being so boring? This mod turns skooma into a proper recreational substance with 69 possible scenarios, and a thousand different variations. Funny, yet still immersively immersive.

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Skyrim on Skooma
-Tripping Into The Substance-

Let's get it out of the way. No, this is not a joke mod. Yes, this mod can be funny at times.

Greetings, brother. You look weary. Can I interest you in the finest skooma mod?

- Each time you consume Skooma, you might experience a wild trip. These trips last 60 seconds. 
- Skooma trips are mostly happening in your mind, but can have real life consequences. Consume carefully.
- During the trip, you will experience a wide variation of wild effects under the influence of the drug. You'll be tripping balls, basically.
- There is a total of 69 different trips, and they're chosen at random after you consume skooma.
- Thousands of trip variations: This means that although the experience might be similar, you will very rarely experience the exact same trip. This is because each trip comes with a dozen+ very distinct visual effects and trance-like sounds that get randomized each time you take skooma.
-  Some of the trips are very unique and might make you see the world from a complete different perspective and even open your mind to new thoughts or random occurrences.
- Simple to understand addiction and withdrawal mechanics.

How Addiction works:
- Each time you consume Skooma, you have a 25% chance of becoming addicted to the substance. 
- Skooma addiction can be permanently cured by waiting for the addiction effects to run out (30 minutes).
- Alternatively, you can continue consuming skooma regularly, which nullifies the addiction negative effects.
- Consuming skooma gives you 10 minutes where the addiction does not affect you. The addiction kicks in back again afterwards.
- Addiction takes 30 points of your h/s/m. This is negated by consuming skooma or waiting for the addiction effects to run out.
- Skooma effects, durations, etc. are all explained natively via the effects UI screen.

Why take Skooma?
You might be wondering: if addiction is severe and lasts half an hour unless I consume more, why would I ever want to take skooma? Well my friend, Skooma is a recreational drug! The point is that you have fun while under its influence. I've made it so you never know what you're going to get after you take skooma, but it's always guaranteed fun. With 69 new possible scenarios, there's enough variation to make it enticing to "try again". I want to make you crave Skooma both mechanically (by making the addiction side effects go away after consuming more) and intrinsically (what other crazy scenarios can I get? I need to see!).

Greetings, brother! You look weary!

Recommended mods
- DAR/OAR: Not technically required, but if you have it, you will enable extra scenarios
- ConsoleUtilSSE / ConsoleUtilSSE NG: Not technically required, but if you have it, you will enable extra scenarios.

- Compatible with everything. Including mods that modify skooma. No patches needed. 
- If you have a mod that adds its own visual effects to Skooma, I recommend disabling them as they'll double. (Sunhelm allows you to disable visual effects in its MCM for example). 

Cheat codes and Customizability:
The mod doesn't have a MCM, but you can customize FOV, disable visuals or force specific trips with the commands under the spoiler.

- FOV CHANGES: Some of the trips can modify your FOV and will later return to the default FOV value. If you want it to return to a custom FOV value, type this in the console: "set SOS_FOV to XX" (XX being your preferred FOV) and save the game. Your FOV will always return to this value now. You can alternatively do this via editing this value in xEdit too, so it's set even after starting a new character.
- DISABLE VISUAL EFFECTS: You can disable visual effects by inputting in the console the following: "Set SOS_DisableVisuals to 1"
- DISABLE VIDEO: For some reason, one of the trips (it's a video, you'll know it when you see it) might play the video in a glitchy way depending on your PC video drivers or BIK version or whatever(?). If it's giving you trouble, you can disable this one specifically by typing "Set SOS_DisableVideo to 1"
- FORCING SPECIFIC TRIPS: You can force a specific trip out of the 69 by typing "Set SOS_ForceTrip To X". (1 to 69) and then drinking skooma. However, please note that you should NOT change the number while experiencing a trip already. Always wait for the trip to finish before using the cheat code. Also: Forcing a specific trip is very much a cheat and it's not the intended way to experience the mod.

Reused Assets, Voice Acting and Music
Huge thank you to everyone who helped make this mod possible! Skyrim on Skooma would've never been possible without everyone who so kindly agreed to let me use their assets and music for this. More details on permissions below.

Credits might contain spoilers for some of the wild trips. 


Reused Assets From Fellow Nexus Mod Authors
(Either open perm mods or reached out via message - THANK YOU!)

Reused Songs From Music Artists (Either CCBY, Royalty Free or reached out to them - THANK YOU!) 
 Extra Thank Yous
  • Kudos to Urgie for expertly voicing two of the characters in this mod on the spot (Thing was done in like 20 minutes!) What a pro and it came out great. Check out his streams for a fun time!
  • Big thank you to Young Scrolls for allowing me to use three of their songs (and a little extra!) for this mod. If you've been living under a rock and never heard of Young Scrolls, it is not too late, lay down your weapons and check their channel out.
  • Thank you to everyone who volunteered testing this mod or contributed with ideas and suggestions for trips. You know who you are.


〜Andrew, Ares, Barry, Connor, Eric, Jamie,
K0mp1ex, Macpherb, Nightfallstorm, Panda, Sir Trooper, Weijie〜

& everyone who is supporting me on Patreon, Twitch or any other means

T H A N K  Y O U

Is this flagged ESL? Can I install this mid-game?

What's the inspiration behind this mod?
A friend of mine visited the distant land of the Khajiit last November and some (non-addictive) hallucinatory mushrooms might have accidentally fell into their mouth. They experienced sound, sight, touch, taste and smell like never before, feeling an overwhelming sense of wholesomeness and new found conscience in a pretty much unforgettable night. Their tale of the experience was so touching that I decided to immortalize everything they went through in a mod.

Does that mean you've been working on this since last November?
Yes, the mod might seem like a joke, but it has quite a lot of content. I've spent a big part of the last 6 months working on this.

Is Skooma supposed to make you hallucinate?
It is one of the effects according to the lore. Unlike hallucinatory mushrooms however, Skooma seems to be extremely addictive and I'd never recommend consuming it IRL. This video goes deep into the known lore of the drug, if you want to know more.

How can this be compatible with mods that modify skooma? What effects take precedence?
My effects are applied on top of whatever effects skooma has in your game. This makes it so patches are not necessary.

Mr Jay, the mod page states effects last 60 seconds, but some skooma visual effects last for 300+ seconds!!
That's not coming from my mod. It's most likely Apothecary, Requiem or other mods that add their own visual effects to skooma. In the case of those two mods, you need to manually remove those effects from the mod's skooma records using xEdit if you want my mod effects exclusively. Otherwise, the effects will work alongside each other (so still compatible, but it might be a bit annoying). Sunhelm allows you to disable the visual effects in the MCM, so there's that too.

I found a bug!!!!!!
No, no, it's just a skooma side effect.

What's the deal with these locations that I visit sometimes when taking skooma? Why were they already in the game?
Yes, you'll be visiting some of the testing cells Bethesda used to QA the game. However, I've given some voice lines to the NPCs who live in these cells. Have fun trying to figure out what Bethesda were testing there. As far as your character is concerned, it's all just part of the trip. Skooma is one hell of a drug.

Can I die from Skooma consumption?
Not directly. However, if you get into trouble while on Skooma, you might end up dead. Example: some effects might make you temporarily fast or big, which can result in you miscalculating the distance of a jump and dying to fall damage. Consume skooma carefully.

Can I take more skooma while already high?
Not recommended. Please, wait for the 60 seconds of the current effects to run out. Consuming more skooma while already high will make you temporarily pass out. It's sort of hilarious, but you waste good skooma. One at a time, please.

I'm epileptic, very sensitive to light stimuli or can't stand funky visual effects, can I still use this mod?
Yes, this is something I took into consideration when making the mod.  You can disable the skooma visual effects by opening the console and inputting a console command: "Set SOS_DisableVisuals to 1"  (without the " " ) This only has to be done once per playthrough. Most scenarios will still run (without visual effects) but in some cases the visual effects were the entire "skooma trip", so you'll skip these scenarios automatically and get a more generic trip instead. 

Are there any easter eggs?
Well, the entire mod is kinda like an easter egg. But yes, there's a lot of secrets and things to discover. In the most FromSoftware fashion, there are some very obscure things you will probably never get to see. And that's okay. Talk to Jeremy if you want some hints, but I suggest just enjoying the mod as it is. The skooma-fueled treasure hunt is only for the most dedicated crazy players out there.


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