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Vanquish a mysterious plague that is slaughtering Skyrim's citizens and raising them as undead. Join forces with the noble lady Livia Salvian in this DLC-long quest mod with over 13 quests, 10 hours playing time, and 5000 lines of written lines.

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Battle for the right to breathe and exist.

A mysterious plague is spreading in Skyrim, seeking to consume all that breathe. If it is not stopped in time, all of Tamriel will die. Livia Salvian, the proud and righteous Imperial noble lady, is determined to vanquish the evil that started the plague, not only to save the people of Skyrim, but also to redeem her nation's honor.

The fate of Skyrim is upon your shoulders. Make haste. The longer you take to stop the plague, the more people will die. The plague is bound to kill every living being of Tamriel, and if you don't stop it in time, you will be left with nothing but a world of the dead... and undead.

Start by visiting Livia Salvian in the palace of Whiterun.

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1. A noble follower, whose beliefs and opinions may be changed and challenged by you.
- Reinforce or change her worldview.
- Romance, marriage, or friendship.
- Compatible with other followers.
- Quest-aware to vanilla main quest.
- Depending on how you've changed her, her reactions to certain quests may even be changed - the ending might be affected by this.

2. Semi-Non-Linear Questline
- Meaningful choices that will decide the ending and many characters' fates.
- Every character in the mod, except one particular girl, may live or die depending on your choices.
- Multiple ways to complete the storyline, in different order.
- Decide which quests you want to do and which you don't.
- Different quests you complete offer you different rewards, and will directly affect the final battle.
- You can even get to the final chapter without doing any quest, if you've already figured out how to stop the plague!

3. Epic battles against undead, men, and otherwise.
- Siege
- Epic or stressful battles throughout the story
- Boss battles
- Some of Skyrim's towns may be destroyed as a result of the battles

4. Over 13 Quests, 10 Hours Play Time, 5000 Written Lines.

5. Deeply developed characters, storyline, lore.

6. Fully voice-acted by professionals, and human-like AI voices.

7. Randomly generated NPCs who have opinions on a wide range of topics.
- Some support the Empire, some support the Stormcloaks, some support the Thalmor, some simply wanted to be left alone.
- Random personalities.

8. Completely original soundtrack composed by talented Setesh Vera

About the plague

The plague begins as soon as you talk to Livia. It doesn't show in the beginning, besides the occasional undead attacks. But as time passes, more people will get infected, unless you know how to stop it and cut the infection chain...

The more NPCs go to crowded places, the more likely they will get the plague and spread it to the others.

Essential NPCs (important quest NPCs and most mod followers) will not get it. Protected NPCs will get it, but not die to it. But NPCs such as Nazeem, Carlotta might not be so fortunate.

You can, however, use the Gameplay Setting spell in Alteration, to prevent any unique NPCs from dying to the plague. They may still spread it and act sick, but they won't be harmed by it. You need to watch out, though, if they die, they'll still be raised...

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Q1: Where is Livia?
A1: In Whiterun's palace.

Q2: How do I find the agent?
A2: Ask the NPCs with the names "Mage", "Alchemist", "Paladin" etc.

Q3: How to use the Arch-Acolyte's soul gem?
A3: By clicking it in the inventory.

Q4: How to make Livia compatible with follower management mods?
A4: Ask Livia to be more brief. (Toggle vanilla follower dialogue) Dismiss Livia.

Q5: How to save... (insert character)?
A5: Do the quests and explore, that's the charm of this mod! Some characters may be saved, some characters may die. Your choices matter.

Q6: Why do NPCs keep dying and be raised as undead?
A6: Read the description. You can semi-turn that off if you want to.

Q7: Is it possible for the player to get the plague? Can the plague be cured by shrines or healers?
A7: The player is immune to the plague by default. But you can turn on the Hardcore mode using Death Consumes All Gameplay Setting under alteration spell. Shrines and healers do not cure the plague.

Q8: How to cure the plague?
A8: Two ways, either complete the storyline and stop the plague, or craft a special potion to delay the plague's effect. If an NPC is strong enough, they may overcome the plague, even.

Q9: Do masks help prevent the plague?
A9: The face masks introduced by the mod may reduce the chance of getting the plague, but it is not absolute that the NPC does not get the plague.

Minor incompatibility with mods that modify Rorikstead but nothing severe, patches can be made
Not recommended to use alongside Livia Revamped
Recommended to use alongside Shezarrine - The Fate of Tamriel

Skyrim, what else did you expect?

I hereby grant permission to translate this mod! But the translation must require this file.

Danielle German
Terry Jung
Rubén Gutiérrez López
Riley Creed

Miroslav (Anbeegod) - Creator, Writer, Director
Robyn Rybnik - Livia Salvian
Emaline Tuck - Malene Dubois
CaptJojo - The Lord of Death, Champion of Ayranaceth, Villagers, Sunsworn

Setesh Vera - Griffe de Corbeau, Villagers, Music Composer
JoJoRawr - The Mistress
Mike(DiceTowerTheatre) - Gillett
Alexa Erdogan - Gabrielle
Krissy.Koellia - Sayma, Villagers
TheBard - Kavius Mathalon
Beans - Audhild, Villagers
OlivoxVA - Orsgarr, Villagers, Sunsworn
BlueHeron - Vittoria Vici
Wyatt Henry - Sleep-Rise-Tree
Severage - Erikur, Siddgeir, Old Man, Dengeir of Stuhn, Reimund the Necromancer
OldRockgod - Niranoth, Villagers, Sunsworn
Audiospawn's Sudzy Bubbles - Ara'dro, Villagers
EZPZ - Julius Mede I
Jackson Kesecker - Young Man, Villagers, Sunsworn
Calculus - Siv, Villagers
RainyDaze - Thug, Guard
talkingNsuch - Matthias Salvian
Ancalagon_Aidoni - Villagers
aTurrabtye - Villagers
Gian - Villagers

Pandorable - Made face for Livia
ff7legend - Tester, Conversion to SE, Help with solving problems for community

Bethesda for Skyrim
Descript - AI Voices

Assets used
Gravelords- Mihail Monsters and Animals (mihail oldrim mod)
Flesh Golems- Mihail Monsters and Animals (mihail oldrim mod)
Barghests and Hell Hounds- Mihail Monsters and Animals (mihail oldrim mod)
Creepy Zombies
Peacekeeper Armour
Ice Golem- Mihail Monsters and Animals (mihail oldrim mod)
Soul Trees- Interesting Soul Cairn (mihail oldrim mod)
Imperial Mage Armor by Natterforme
Sloads of Skyrim
Undead Werewolves - Mihail Monsters and Animals (mihail oldrim mod)
Giant Younglings- Mihail Monsters and Animals (mihail oldrim mod)
Face Masks of Skyrim
Elven Dragonbone Light Armor Set
Finger of Death
Citrus Head Mesh
KS Hairdos