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What's that, Bethesda? I have to forfeit my integrity and lose my soul in order to play your stupid game? NOT ANYMORE.

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  • German
Tired of having to steal, kill, and generally break your moral compass just to make your way through this game? These mods might help. Not all of them will float your boat, but hopefully you'll find a few you like.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to check the Prerequisites list on the Description page in each mod to get necessary patches and add-ons. And read the stickies and posts! Many of these conflict with each other since they try to make the same changes in different ways. And a few of them WILL be problematic if you don't install/configure them correctly!

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  • If you think a good guy should fight against the Thalmor, then check out The Second Great War and the four "Fight Against the Thalmor" mods (search for "Fight Against the Thalmor" to find them). Note that the Thalmor series is in German, but they all have English patches.
  • If you choose to join the Stormcloaks, you might want to check out Stormcloaks For Good Guys-LESS RACIST. If you want to stay neutral in the fight, check out Civil War Neutrality.
  • If you play as a paladin (traditionally a good warrior priest with healing powers), search for "paladin" here on the Nexus and you'll find a lot of mods for that.
  • Concerning the soul trapping system in Skyrim: If you feel uncomfortable trapping souls in your gameplay, there are a lot of mods that modify soul trap and soul gems in various ways. For example:

If you found this list helpful, consider downloading so you can endorse. Thanks!