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Restores honor to The Companions by removing the option to be a bully and restoring (optionally) an option for Vilkas to go dragon hunting with you.

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If you actually listen to Kodlak Whitemane when you first ask to join The Companions, he talks about Family and Honor.  Then the first thing Farkas tells you to do is go beat up Ysolda (or some other random person?)  That's supposed to be honorable?  I don't think so.  

So what does this mod do?  Farkas will never tell you to be a bully and go beat someone up.  He will either send you to go kill some bandits or vampires or he'll ask to help you kill a dragon.  Vilkas actually already had honorable quests to either have you go rescue someone or to ask if he can help you kill a dragon.  For some reason USSEP removes Vilkas's option to help you kill a dragon.  I restored that option.  

This also resolves a technical problem that you can run into with the bully quest.  It can assign the quest to a mod added NPC that has no dialog making it impossible to complete.  Now you won't ever run into that issue since you won't ever get the bully quest.

I'm not happy with the options for Aela since the Totems of Hircine quest is the only one she can give that really seems worthy of The Companions to me, but that's really the reward for doing her minor quests and at least her minor quests to kill animals and collect pelts are the type of thing that fits with Hircine.  I wish I could add the Dragon Seekers quest that Vilkas and Farkas have for Aela but she does not have the relevent scripting for it so it wouldn't work.  Farkas's Trouble in Skyrim quest or Vilkas's Rescue Mission might be generic enough to work for her but I will have to test to see so for now I didn't touch Aela's quests.

I'm not sure why USSEP removes the dragon quest for Vilkas but in case it has some bugs, I'm also including a version that only removes Farkas's option to tell you to go beat someone up and doesn't touch Vilkas.  Ironically, I have never done the Dragon Seeker's quest with Farkas but I have done it with Vilkas and it worked fine for me.

This mod is mergeable if you wish so it will not take an ESP slot.  No requirements other than Skyrim.esm.  The main version changes both Farkas and Vilkas.  The optional version only changes Farkas.