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Tired of running out of weapon charges and having to constantly recharge? Then this mod is for you.

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Update May 2023
I made a mistake when packaging the bsa for version 1.2, so it did not actually include all scripts. Sorry for the inconvenience, updated version works now. Users of the [loose files] version do not need to update, since their version was already working. Also cleaned up 1 ITM record that caused incompatibilities with Ryn's Standing Stones.

Update April 2023
Created a new version with some improvements inspired by your comments. Thank you for leaving those by the way! New Follower version of the spell, new location to get the spell tomes and a pillar to get the effect to keep spell lists cleaner. Also converted to an esl, so no longer takes up a spot in your load order list. Lastly, added a loose files version under optional files for those who want it. Thank you for your continued feedback!

This simple mod allows you to give your enchanted weapons and staffs (almost) infinite charge. It simple sets the charge level of your equipped weapon to a very high number whenever you equip them. There are currently 3 ways to use and activate this effect:

  • Toggle Automatic Recharge on yourself. This spell gives the effect to yourself and activates whenever you equip a different weapon. Keep in mind that the charge is not kept after unequipping the weapon, as the number of charges is recalculated every time it is equipped.
  • Toggle Automatic Recharge on a follower. This spell allows you to give the effect to any NPC and will activate whenever they equip a new weapon.
  • There is a small pillar next to the guardian stones that gives the magic effect to you or anyone who activates it (as in followers, who you tell to do it). This is for anyone who simply wants the effect and keep their spell list a bit cleaner.

You can find the spell tomes in 2 different places:

  • On a shelf next to the Arcane Enchanter in the Hall of Countenance at the College. See pictures for the exact location.
  • (By popular demand) In a new chest next to the aforementioned pillar by the Guardian Stones. Again, see pictures for details.

Note on the effect:
The number of charges is technically not infinite, simply set to a very high value whenever you equip an item. Therefore, it could technically run out, if you keep the same weapon equipped for a long time. To fix this, simple unequip and then reequip the item in question to restore the charges. The same thing is true for followers, so should they run out of charges (which you will only notice when the effect of their weapon stops working) simple have them reequip the item by taking it from them and giving it back.

Simply install with a mod manager of your choice.
You could also manually extract the files into the Data folder, but I recommend using a manager.
There is also a loose files version for anyone who wants it.
Also technically requires SKSE for one(!) function in a script, but that one is simply for renaming the pillar. Without SKSE it is still called "The Ritual Stone", but it works fine without it.

Should work fine with mods that add new enchantments, as long as they use the vanilla charge system. If you use a mod that changes the Hall of Countenance in the College, the books are still there, they might just be clipped into something or on the floor. If you can't find them you can try the chest near the guardian stones.

Thank you for choosing my mod! Also thanks to Tetrol88 for the suggestion to convert to an esl.

Old description in this spoiler
This is my first mod, so please, if you have any constructive critique, write it in the "Posts" tab. Thank you!

This simple mod adds a lesser power to the game, that makes your current weapon charges (almost) infinite. It does that with a really simple script using basic commands which are already in the game. You could basically do the same thing this mod does with a console command.

Version 1.1 of this mod adds a Spell, that can toggles an "Automated Recharge" On and Off. You'll be able to see the Active Magic Effect, and as long as it is active, whenever you equip a Weapon, the same script as in the first Spell is cast. So, no need to constantly Recharge your weapons after uneqipping them!

Where do I get the Spells?
The Spell Tomes can be found on a shelf next to the Arcane Enchanter in the Hall of Countenance at the College.
Just take a look at the picture for the exact location.
How do I use the Power?
-As a lesser power it is bound to your voice key. Simply equip the weapon of your choice in either of your hands and use the power. The weapon charges should now really take some time to run out, and even then, simply use the power again. 

How do I use the Spell?
-When you cast the Spell, a Magic Effect is added to you. Cast again, and the effect is disabled again. As long as the effect is active, whenever you equip a weapon, it will recharge automatically.

The effect only last as long as you have the weapon equipped. As soon as you unequip them, they will reset to their normal charge use. This is because the game recalculates the whole charge system when equiping an enchanted item, so any changes (from perks, buffs etc.) are properly applied.
Not with the Spell! Wohoo!

To-Do List:
- Apply the effect automatically when eqipping an enchanted weapon or a staff, or...
- Prevent the game from resetting the charge when unequipping.