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An immersive way of repairing the damage left by the Civil War without using the console.
Twenty days after the final battle the cities will be back to normal, but a generous donation will speed-up the reconstruction.
Repair crews will be at work fixing the damage.
Patches for Immersive Citizens and Open Cities Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
The mod may be installed before, during, or after the Civil War, it makes no difference.

The quest starts soon after the final battle in Solitude or Windhelm, the one ending with the death of Tullius or Ulfric.
You'll be notified that city repairs have begun, and that in the Temple of the Divines in Solitude is available a donation box. You may offer some gold to speed-up the reconstruction.
The fundraising lasts two days.
If you don't give a donation the box is removed from the temple.
If you offer some gold, the box stays, but locked (is there a key somewhere?... yes). After 24 hours the gold will be removed from the box.

Donation effects:
No donation -- Repair in about 20/21 days
5,000 gold -- Repair in about 15/16 days
10,000 gold -- Repair in about 10/11 days
15,000 gold -- Repair in about 5/6 days
Shamelessly steal the donations -- Get your gold back plus 3,286 septims. Repair in about 30/31 days.

Notes on mod versions
  • Don't update with an ESL version if you already have an old ESP one installed, unless you're going to start a new game.

  • The patch for Immersive Citizens allows Heimskr to go back to his rebuilt house, and that's the only change it does. It overrides Heimskr's sleep packages with different conditions, so that he doesn't spend the night standing where his bedroll is no longer there (this in case of a Stormcloaks victory, otherwise he'll stay in his cozy cell). If you do have Immersive Citizens, but don't care about Heimskr's well-being, just don't install the patch.
  • The patch for Open Cities Skyrim is only for the repair crews, the repairs themselves always work, even without the patch.
  • A patch for "YOT - Your Own Thoughts SE" is here, not sure if it's being kept up to date though.

It should be compatible with almost everything, apart from mods that have the same scope, and, possibly, mods that change the Civil War final battle (it depends on the changes, I'm not aware of incompatibles ones, but there are quite a lot of mods out there...).