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Small, lightweight tweak to give the four orphans added by Hearthfires better sleeping arrangements.

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note: an a light ESP replacer made by Grimus4 can be found here, as will (potentially) a patch for AI Overhaul, if Grimus4 is able to make one:
A Place To Rest Their Heads SSE- ESPFE Plugin (Replacer)

About four years ago, I made a small mod for LE called "A Place To Rest Their Heads'. Last night I decided to remake it for SSE, now that I'm finally playing that game again.

This mod makes some simple adjustments to their sleeping arrangements, as well as giving them some light belongings. They are as follows:

  1. Lucia now sleeps near the front gate of Whiterun, in the little alcove on the
  2. right side. She has a bedroll, a lantern, a dolly, a basket for flowers, a crate she's moved to act as a table, and a pretty plant to keep her company. She also has a letter on her, a farewell from her mother.
  3. Sofie now sleeps inside of the New Gnisis Corner Club. She has a 'proper' bed, as well as a satchel of belongings and a dolly.
  4. Blaise now sleeps inside of the windmill. This is a temporary arrangement as I thought it would make for a nicer area and is more protected from the elements, but it does provide some logistical issues, so we'll see what happens.
  5. Alesan still sleeps inside of the inn, but he now has a bedroll to sleep on.
  6. He has some barrels set up for privacy. Before, I had him have a few more possessions; now he simply has a plate of food since it's implied he's given food and a place to sleep as payment for his running errands around town.

    My suggestion: Pair with Simple Children and Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions.

    TO DO:

    Tweak for the homeless adults
    Edits for modded children as permissions permit


    It's an ESP, and requires nothing else to work. I will eventually convert it to a light ESP if I can.


    This mod has some small potential compatibility issues with mods that touch the cities or Windpeak. It's meant to be as unobtrusive as possible but, there could be issues, so keep that in mind.

    There are issues with both Kidmer and Alternate Start: Sofie's spot may be taken by the young boy who sleeps in the New Gnisis Corner Club, and if you choose "I'm a refugee from Morrowind (Windhelm) your bedroll and belongings will clip into her bed and the relocated cauldron. This is someone visible in her screen.


    Everything here is vanilla, so, you may make patches for this mod as you see fit. I wanted to make a patch for Kidmer but the author isn't active so if you have patch permission for that mod, please feel free to make one; alternatively, if you know how to get in touch with the author, let me know.

    You may rehost this mod (except for on sites that are more NSFW geared, like LL or Shacken or wtvr). You can make patches as you need so long as the other author permits patches, and you can incorporate these edits into your city and tavern mods.