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Functionality of "BlockSteal lite" without SKSE Plugin - with Papyrus scripts only. Works both with SKSE and without it. Fully compatible with "Sometimes Pick Up Books".

This mod will prevent you from stealing items. When you try to steal, nothing happens.
To steal an item, you have to go in sneak mode, and then you can steal.

Permissions and credits
The reason of creating this mod is avoiding the dependency on SKSE.

With SKSE, this mod will block all your attempts to steal, while not sneaking:
- objects that can be carried
- flora and trees
- containers (chests, wardrobes etc)
- horses.

Without SKSE (or with a very old version of it), this mod will do all the same, and also will have a limitation known for Sometimes Pick Up Books:
it will block not only attempts to steal, but also some attempts to take things belonging to someone else that is not considered stealing; those cases are rare (the most likely situtation - in homes of your friends).

All bllocked attempts to steal are accompanied by a sound effect, working as in a new game, as in existing saves.

The plugin has the ESL flag. Avoids reaching the limit (255).


The mod is fully compatible with Sometimes Pick Up Books, regardless of load order.
The mod is NOT compatible with BlockSteal lite - Prevents accidentally pick up.
The mod is NOT compatible with Pick up books simple - With weightless books option.

The newest update from 20 August 2020 (still Version 1.2): Added an additional mod version NOBOOKS.