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This is a SE port of a wonderful mod by DaedricSaber1701 to help repair the Warrens in Markarth.
Ported with the permission from the author.

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The following text was taken from the original mod description:

MHW introduces two small quests: one to clean up the Warrens, and one to FINALLY cure poor Cairine! After installing the mod, you will find that some dirt and furniture has been rearranged, but things look just as run-down as before: nothing will improve until you take action.  MHW is almost fully voiced by 'creatively' reusing voice files from the base game.  Warning: I do not know how this mod will interact with making Cairine a vampire.
It is safe to install MHW at anytime, before or after you have started a new playthrough.
MHW does use a lot of scripts, but they don't run continuously, don't require SKSE, and most are tiny.  MHW has been cleaned with TES5Edit.

To get started, look for the flyers scattered around Markarth.
There's one on the bar in the Silver-Blood Inn.

Like any mod that uses scripts, uninstalling MHW mid-playthrough is NOT recommended
...but if you insist on uninstalling it, it should be okay: MHW will leave a bunch of little scripts behind, but nothing dangerous, nothing that should affect your gameplay.  The Warrens will revert to its original appearance, and Cairine will revert to her original behavior. 
Before you uninstall, use the Clothes for Laundry basket to revert NPCs back to their old clothes!
If you chose to alter any npc’s clothing using this mod, they will keep those outfits even after you uninstall!  To revert them back to Beggar’s Rags, use the laundry basket: it's a crate near the Warrens entrance, across from the communal cooking area, on a shelf by a candle.
If you are looking for more information on quests (with spoilers), please visit
the original mod's page