Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

This is the All-In-One pack for the Skyrim Realistic Conquering series!

Turn your adventures into a game filled with consequences. For the good natured adventurer, this mod allows you to see the changes you made actually take effect. The world will be repopulated as you free Skyrim of it's fouls inhabitants.
- Work In Progress -

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Portuguese
Oldrim Port by SkyLover264!
All revenue will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society!

Turn Skyrim into a dynamic world that repopulates lost locations. You as the adventurer clear locations of it's foul inhabitants on a daily basis, but with this mod, you will actually be able to see Skyrim become a better place. Turn locations that are inhabited by monsters* back into realistic and liveable settlements. Depending on their surroundings, previous structures, inhabitants and resources, locations are changed in a lore friendly AF way.

*Monsters: Creatures and NPCs which inhabit locations after being abandoned by the owner. 
    For example: wolfs, spiders, witches, bandits and such.

Using Fort Takeovers Framework these locations dynamically change towards a better future. Make Skyrim the world your efforts deserve it to be!

This is a WIP mod and for the time being will always be updated later than the individual mods I release. Also this All-In-One Pack only contains mods which in my opinion are good enough. Mods which bring too many issues and/or break immersion until fixed will not be included until these are fixed. Which means this pack is your safest bet!

Original map by GameBanShee

Specific information and links

To-Do List

This mod is safe to install mid-playthrough if you keep standard procedures in mind.  
When update from v0.3 or lower read the sticky comment.

Find multiple version of the SRC_ERS.esp on this separate mod page:  Exclude from Radiant System

Patched compatibility
-Interesting NPCs - Patch in the installer
-Tactical Valtheim - Patch in the installer
-Embershard Mine Revisited - Patch in Cooleoj's installer

Partial Compatibility
-Lawbringer - Use it's modular installer to remove unwanted locations, also install the correct ERS version.
-OBIS - Bandits may respawn at certain locations.

No Compatibility

Apocrypher00 for his Fort Takeovers Framework.
Evan G (Mr. E) for his The Elder Scrolls lore advice.
Kuczaja for his advice and testing.

Thanks to everyone who donated, the support is much appreciated! <3

Black Briar Banners - Adds Black-Briar family banners to the world of Skyrim!
Realistic Humanoid Movements Speed SSE - Changes movement speeds values to be more realistic!