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Kill the Champion of Boethiah and loot the Ebony Mail without going through Boethiah's calling quest.

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Yet another mod for the collector or museum curator who does not want to be a complete psychopath. This mod lets you find the Champion of Boethiah in its regular hideout (Knifepoint Ridge) without activating the quest.

There are three versions of this mod: 
1)  the extended mine (which normally opens only during Boethiah's quest, then disappears again) is permanently accessible, the Champion is there with a few random bandits that I added not to leave the place too empty (the bandits will respawn in 30 days, the Champion of course will not);
2) the expanded mine is never accessible and the Champion is in the same area as the Bandit Chief. This wasy you never get access to the extra rooms, but you are left with an unchanged dungeon for future radiant quests;
3) same as 2), but the Champion is fighting with the Bandit Leader; he'll quickly deafeat them and then turn against you. The backstory is that he chose that moment to betray his partner in crime, as befits a follower of the Daedra of Treachery. 

In all cases, the Champion spawns since the very beginning, so you get to fight him the first time you enter Knifepoint Ridge. I tweaked his modifier from Very Hard to Hard because odds are you'll meet him at an early level (it's still quite a boss fight, but nerfing him even more did not seem appropriate). 
NEW: I also added the Blade of Sacrifice and a copy of Boethiah's Proving to his inventory, so the collectors can get those two even if they block out the quest e.g. by Timing is Everything.

N.B.: since this mod edits the Champion's record, any mod that edits the same NPC is likely to cause conflict. Here's a helpful guide on how to make patches, although conceived for different mods it works in this case as well.

Please only use it if you mean not to go through Boethia's Calling - you can postpone it forever with Timing is Everything, Renounce it at step 1 with Epic Restoration, or just refuse to sacrifice a friend and leave it hanging. Just don't get to the point where the Champion would normally spawn because I take no responsability for what could happen (besides it'd make zero sense in game).

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