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A simple dialogue mod that adds the ability to compliment or insult most NPCs. This has a chance to affect their disposition towards you and trains your Speech skill by a small amount; these effects can occur once per day per person. This is mainly meant to increase your roleplaying options, providing a new simple way to interact with NPCs.

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***UPDATE 1.1: if you installed the original file and you do not see "You gave a compliment" or "You gave an insult" notification, please download the updated version! ***

What does this mod do?

This mod adds two new dialogue options to most generic NPCs, "Compliment" and "Insult". Once per day, complimenting an NPC has a small chance to increase their disposition towards you - if it succeeds, they will become friendly towards you. Similarly, insulting an NPC has a small chance to decrease their disposition. They are more likely to have an effect (positive or negative) based on your Speech skill. In addition, once per day (per person) complimenting or insulting will give you a small amount of Speech XP. 

You can continue to compliment/insult someone after the first one each day, but there will be no gameplay effects until the next day. This prevents the player from just spamming "Compliment" to get someone to instantly like you, etc. The idea is that if you say nice things to the same people over time, they start to get to know you and like you more; the opposite thing happening for insults. Of course, maybe you drop a SICK BURN on someone and they instantly dislike you, or you give an amazing compliment that was exactly what they wanted to hear and they like you instantly. You're more likely to pull this off if you have a high Speech skill, but it's still not guaranteed.

Why did you make this mod?

Some background - I was inspired by an Oblivion mod I used back in the day, Persuasion Overhaul by Strategy Master. That mod replaced the unimmersive "persuasion wheel" in Oblivion with the option to joke, coerce, admire, and boast separately, which each having different effects based on the person. What I found myself doing was roleplaying my character by trying to flatter people, joking around, and threatening folks whenever it seemed fitting. 

I realized that when it comes to roleplaying a certain character, you're really limited by your character's actions and dialogue options.

Take the infamous Nazeem. Why do so many people love murdering the guy? Because he acts like an asshole and there's no good way to react other than punching him, which tends to result in his death. C'mon, I hate the guy too but a bit of sass doesn't deserve death. He deserves to be sassed right back. Now you can do that.

Similarly, say your character is more of a people person. Maybe they're a kindly old lady or a noble paladin. How do you make friends with your neighbors? With a cheerful greeting, some small talk, or by complimenting their outfit, perhaps? Maybe some townsfolk did a great job helping you take down a dragon and you want to praise them for it? Now you can. 

I kept the options generic, (Compliment) and (Insult) so that the player character can fill in their own responses. If you guys are interested, I may make alternate versions with different themes of written responses later on. Also, feel free to edit the dialogue in the CK for your own use, if you'd like. 

Other Info

Requirements - Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

Compatibility - As far as I know this should be compatible with everything. Let me know if you run into any problems.

Cleaned with xEdit.

Finally, this is my first ever mod and I'm very happy with how it turned out! If any mod authors out there have any feedback, please let me know as I am still learning!