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You can stay neutral without having to miss important content. Also clears your quest journal and enables you to become Thane of Eastmarch and more.

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I am not the creator of this mod. That honour belongs to plunket, who has very kindly given me express permission to port it over to SSE "as long as it ports perfectly."

Let's face it, we all know that the civil war in Skyrim is a put-up job, a crock. The Thalmor are working both the Empire and the Stormcloaks behind the curtain, weakening both so that they can eventually walk in and take over without having to mess up their fancy armour. They engineered the whole thing, and everybody knows it, but still people take sides. Well, now you don't have to; and more to the point, you don't have to be badgered about it.

Over to plunket for the inside scoop:

'Be neither a Stormcloak nor a Legionnaire, without missing unique game content. This mod:

1. Removes journal entries for Joining the Legion and/or the Stormcloaks

2. Enables you to become Thane of Eastmarch without being a Stormcloak, which means you get
   a. the Axe of Eastmarch
   b. Calder the Housecarl,
   c. the "Get Out of Jail Free Card", and
   d. Hjerim becomes available for purchase after you complete Blood on the Ice. 

3. Puts potions of Ice Wraith Bane in Ulfric's strategy room in the Palace of the Kings.

4. Unblocks Korvanjund, giving you access to
   a. the Hall of Stories
   b. the Ebony Claw
   c. the Jagged Crown, and
   d. a Word Wall for the Slow Time shout.

That's twelve unique things you'd otherwise miss, and it's done with nothing added.

What Me Do?

1. Install the mod
2. To clear your journal of recruiting entries, go to the map table in Dragonsreach and read A Plea for Neutrality.
3. To become the Thane of Eastmarch, go to the throne in the Palace of the Kings and read Eastmarch Needs A Thane. Read it again when you finish helping the people of Eastmarchthen go to Ulfric and he will make you Thane. He will give you the "Join us"
speech if you haven't already met him; if so, just speak to him again.
You can clear your journal the same way as before.

4. The Thane can buy Hjerim if Blood on the Ice has been completed.
5. Korvanjund is accessible whenever you like, even if you skip the steps above. It
is not occupied by Stormcloaks or Imperials but you will need to fight a
few draugr to get to the Jagged Crown. Hit the boss or he won't attack

Is This A Trick to Steal My Soul?

You could download a handful of mods to get some of these things, but not all of them; and some of those mods do a lot more than you might want. Instead, this is a single mod that does it all, adds nothing, and isn't a major overhaul. In the interest of avoiding conflicts (as always), there are no
unnecessary edits or additions. There are no new meshes or textures. One
short script is fired off by reading a letter, and another is fired off
by reading a book.

Why did it take FIVE YEARS?

My guess is that modders who considered a Civil War neutrality mod would
add things that made it overly complex or would require patches for
compatibility with other mods. The obvious first place to look is at
vanilla quests, which is a dangerous thing to edit. But my approach is
to add no more than what is necessary. If I'd known earlier that I could
do this without editing any vanilla quests or using complicated
scripting, I would have done it years ago.

But, But, THINGS, STUFF...

If you have already chosen a side and worked through that questline for a
bit, I cannot vouch for whether this will work. If you took a side, then
you TOOK a SIDE...that's the opposite of neutral. If you have not been
asked to go kill an ice wraith or clear out Fort Hraagstad, it will work
just fine. The mod was cleaned with TESVEdit 3.1.1. This mod does only
what I said and it doesn't do anything else. That's the whole trick.
It's safe, you're fine.

Thank you, plunket. And there you have it. A neat and unobtrusive way not to have to choose between imperialistic bastards or racist gits. And all I had to do to port it was to update the .esp file in CK, which I have done. Enjoy, and if you do, pop over to plunket's page and give them some kudos. The original mod page is here.

(Oh, and while you're in Windhelm, you might also like to check out ZZhukov's excellent Blood On The Ice Redux SE, which makes one of the buggiest quests in Skyrim into a smooth-running dream and gives you the chance to save Susanna the Wicked from a gory death. It works very well in conjunction with this mod, and won't stain your teeth.)