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Adds reputation gains, animation, and NPC reactions to straightening rugs in johnskyrim's Rumpled Rugs SE mod.

Permissions and credits
When you straighten rugs in JS Rumpled Rugs SE:

  • You now receive a slight reputation gain (for Skyrim Reputation users), and
  • your character puts away any weapons/shields/torches and performs an animation, and
  • nearby NPCs react with thank-yous and occasional pointing.

For users without Skyrim Reputation, an alternate version is available that only provides the animation and thank-yous. No assets or scripts In JS Rumpled Rugs are touched or changed.


Reputation Gain Mechanics
By default, 24 NPCs need to see you straighten rugs before you receive a reputation gain (see Configuration section below to change that). Once the counter reaches 24 and reputation is granted, the counter is reset to 0. The reputation you receive is in the "Fame" category, and it's the smallest gain you can receive, roughly equivalent to visiting a new location. For more info see this article (I call the IncrementFameVariableSmall() function).

Use the console command "set variablename to X" to change the following variables (for example: set glz_rumpledrugs_witnessesneeded to 12):
  • glz_rumpledrugs_witnessesneeded: default is 24, the number of total witnesses needed to gain some reputation. Setting this to 0 will give you reputation every time someone sees you straighten a rug.
  • glz_rumpledrugs_verbose: default is 0, changing this to 1 will provide feedback in the upper left on your reputation progress. Note that you will always get notified of the actual gain when that happens no matter what this variable is set to.
  • glz_rumpledrugs_animation: default is 1, changing this to 0 will disable the character animation.
  • glz_rumpledrugs_enabled: default is 1, changing this to 0 will disable all functionality.


Q: Works in SE/AE and in 1st/3rd person?

That's a lot of requirements!
A: You probably should be using them anyway.

Q: Can I get an MCM for those configuration settings?
A: Rumpled Rugs already has an MCM, so I don''t want to add another. Also I promised johnskyrim I wouldn't touch any of his assets, so I'm not going to alter his MCM either. Sorry.

Q: An NPC is standing nearby, but didn't see me straighten a rug.
A: You have to be in their line of sight, and within a reasonable range.

Q: An NPC is looking right at me, but never gave me thanks!
A: Only NPCs that are vanilla races and who have vanilla voices will do that. But they still see you and will still spread the word about your good deed (i.e. it still counts toward reputation). For example, NPCs from Interesting NPCs will not react, but they will still count toward the reputation gains.

Thanks to johnskyrim for his feedback and allowing me to publish this.