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The often requested mod to destroy the Thieves Guild is finally here in SE! Kill the Thieves Guild plaguing Riften and engage in alternative ways to gain the quest exclusive loot.

Permissions and credits
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Have you ever been disappointed in the Skyrim Thieves Guild? Do you wish your righteous warrior could just take them out? Do you feel left out if you ignore the questline? Or do you just plain want them dead for some reason? Well, now you'll have the chance.
Not to be confused with the Oldrim version, this mod is my own take on this idea, all built from scratch. This mod adds a new quest that allows you to completely wipe out the Thieves Guild. It also adds many minor quests to obtain the loot you would normally miss out on by not joining the guild.

How it works:
Upon entering the vicinity of Riften, my quest starts in the background. Most citizens will mention Bersi, who will give you the quest. Accept the quest, kill the members (be sure to take a cabinet key off of Brynjolf or the others) and report back to Bersi for a reward.
You may also participate in Brynjolf's scheme in the market and meet him in the Flagon, but from there if you accept to collect the debts, you're locked in the Guild. EIther betray him right there in the Flagon with a dialogue option, or bail and talk to Bersi to proceed as if you talked to him first. If you ever don't know what to do after killing everyone, try telling a guard.
Finally, if you really just want the guild dead right away, you can tell Brynjolf you're killing him during his initial dialogue. The quest plays out the same as above.

After the full completion of the quest, a new NPC will appear in the Flagon named Deloth. He acts as a fence, has a few of his own quests to do, and he serves as your alternative to completing Stones of Barenziah and various Dark Brotherhood quests should you choose to do so.

That's not the true end though. I added various ways to obtain the quest exclusive items. Read on:

What can not be obtained/explored:
  • The Jeweled/Ornate items are not obtainable, since they're largely worthless without the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod (and they're available in other ways there).
  • Access to Calcelmo's Wizard tower and the full extent of Honningbrew Meadery is not available due to coding nightmares for those areas.

Potentially missable items
While I made many items obtainable in alternate ways, there are a few you can miss out on if you clean up the bodies BEFORE looting them.
  • Thieves Guild Master Armor - Worn by Delvin and Vex, hood located on Mercer
  • The Amulet of Articulation - located on Mercer
Note that Mercer has the key to his house on his body, but Deloth also gives you a copy after cleaning up the bodies.

Other Changes:
  • Brynolf will no longer hunt you down in Riften to recruit you to the guild, you must approach him yourself.
  • The ramp at Mercer's house can be shot down once you complete this quest, letting you loot what's there.
  • After killing everyone, the Flagon and Cistern are converted to player-owned cells, and every bed is usable. Everything except the barrels are safe storage as well, essentially making this a basic player home/base.
  • Deloth can handle relevant details with Barenziahs crown or the steps in the Dark Brotherhood that require Delvin.
  • Galathil, the face sculptor, is removed from the Guild faction upon opting to destroy the guild, so she does not attack.
  • The runner in the fence's quest will be holding the rat poison. Gulum-Ei will have a bottle of firebrand wine and Balmora Blue on him for collection. This was largely done for simplicity/lack of ideas in obtaining those items.
Planned Features: 
  • None currently besides some touchups here and there.

Fuz Ro D-oh - Not a hard requirement, but necessary to see silent dialogue
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch - This mod now forwards changes from that mod and uses it as a requirement. If this bothers you, you can technically remove it as a master in SSEEdit, but you should really be using the Unofficial patch anyway.
Skyrim Script Extender - I used this in my game, and I'm pretty sure one of my new scripts is technically a SKSE function, so better to be safe and get this very useful tool.

  • Mods that edit the same quests I do, such as Even Better Quest Objectives, will break my changes to vanilla quests.
  • The "DialogueRiften" and "DialogueGuardsGeneral" were edited so certain dialogue wouldn't appear after destroying the guild. Mods that edit those quests will lead to minor dialogue inconsistencies.
  • Mods such as Cutting Room Floor that add new content related to the Thieves Guild or its members, while not strictly incompatible, may lead to some oddities, or cause some quests to be impossible to start/finish if the relevant member is dead.
  • Some mods make guild members invincible via quest aliases, countering my scripts and making them unkillable.
  •  So far the mods I know that make NPCs unkillable include: Amorous Adventures, Immersive Wenches

Known Bugs/Issues:
  • You can technically steal the cabinet key off of the relevant members to access the Cistern sooner, though the members there will not be happy.
  • There are three instances where the player is just teleported out of places. This was largely done for simplicity, but it was also the easiest thing to do and helps keep players from breaking things by going back where they shouldn't b
  • There is a quest related to Vex where you search for a man's wife. You technically do not need to talk to Vex according to the wiki. You can go straight to the wife. Will likely add some dialogue to Deloth in the future.
Can you add x feature?
Maybe, if I like the idea and I'm not too lazy I might get around to it. Put it in the suggestions discussion and I'll see it eventually.

Can we kill Maven?
No. Because she becomes Jarl in certain instances, making her killable opens up new problems. While it is technically possible to make a new Jarl, that is ultimately more trouble than it's worth.

I have to find Esbern, but all the Guild members are dead. What do I do?
You technically do not need to talk to any of the Guild members. Simply going straight to Esbern in the Ratway is enough. Keerava will hint that he's in the Ratway, but won't directly tell you where he is.

A quest from Dagur requires me to talk to Vex, but now she's dead
Technically you do not need to talk to Vex, she just tells you where to go. The quest is technically completable, but I have not added another way to gain this information yet.

A member of the Guild is still essential
This is a mod conflict. Some quests make some members, particularly Dirge, Sapphire, and Maul, essential via quest aliases, which overrides my scripts.
Either do those quests first, disable the problem mod and reenable it later, or simply use the console to get around the essential NPCs.
If you have the knowhow, you may also try editing the problem mod yourself.
Romance and more "adult" mods seems to be common culprits of this issue.

A member of the guild is necessary in a mod added quest
See the above. Either do the quests first, use the console, or accept missing out on that content.

Something is broken/not working
Try putting the plugin lower in your load order. This is confirmed to have fixed an issue for at least one user, so this may work for you as well.
Otherwise, make sure this isn't just a mod conflict, or report it as a bug if you're sure it's caused by my mod. Be as detailed as possible to help me pinpoint the cause.

Do I have to start a new game for this mod?
It should be safe to add on an existing save. Just make sure if you're already in Riften, you enter or exit a building so that my quest can start.

Can I destroy the Guild after joining?
No. You may begin my quest anytime BEFORE the debt collection quest. You can do the scheme in the market and go to the Flagon, but once you're there, either tell Brynjolf you're gonna kill them all, or go talk with Bersi first.

Where is the runner mentioned by the fence?
Having trouble? Make sure you search the area well! 
Hint 1:

Hint 2:

Hint 3:


Shill Section:
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