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The often requested mod to destroy the Thieves Guild is finally here in SE! Kill the Thieves Guild plaguing Riften and engage in alternative ways to gain the quest exclusive loot.

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Have you ever been disappointed in the Skyrim Thieves Guild? Do you wish your righteous warrior could just take them out? Do you feel left out if you ignore the questline? Or do you just plain want them dead for some reason? Well, now you'll have the chance.
Not to be confused with the Oldrim version, this mod is my own take on this idea, all built from scratch. This mod adds a new quest that allows you to completely wipe out the Thieves Guild. It also adds a minor questline to obtain the loot you would normally miss out on by not joining the guild.

How it works:
In Riften, many NPCs will comment on the state of the city and point players to Deloth, the quest giver. If the player happens to help Brynjolf in the market and did not talk with Deloth, he will talk with them before they go into the Ratway.
Upon accepting the quest, the players will need to kill the entire guild, after which Deloth will reward them.
Deloth also has a minor questline associated with him that allows players opportunity to obtain every unique piece of loot normally obtained in the Thieves Guild questline.

What can not be obtained/explored:
  • The Jeweled/Ornate items are not obtainable, since they're largely worthless without the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod (and they're available in other ways there).
  • Access to Calcelmo's Wizard tower is not allowed currently

Other Changes:
  • The ramp at Mercer's house can be shot down once you complete this ques, but is functionally redundant.
  • Deloth can handle the relevant portions of quests that normally involve the Guild, such as the Crown of Barenziah or portions of the Dark Brotherhood questline.
  • Galathil, the face sculptor, is removed from the Guild faction upon opting to destroy the guild, so she does not attack.
  • Some Larceny targets or collectibles are given or placed on NPCs during my quests
Planned Features: 
  • Add in a final quest from Deloth to take down Maven
  • Add in a custom Jarl for the chance Maven was Jarl or was supposed to become Jarl after she is taken down

Fuz Ro D-oh - Necessary to see unvoiced dialogue and for a certain scene to work.
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch - Necessary due to changes being forwarded from that mod.
Skyrim Script Extender - Necessary for at least one script, but overall a useful tool.

Recommended Mods:
A Better Tomorrow - Replace Maven As Jarl - Allows players to replace Maven as the Jarl of Riften with a new NPC. Does NOT make her killable. May create a compatibility patch in the future so Maven can be killed, or just do my own thing.

  • Mods that edit the same quests I do, such as Even Better Quest Objectives, will break my changes to vanilla quests. Should be fine if mine is loaded lower.
  • Mods such as Cutting Room Floor that add new content related to the Thieves Guild or its members, while not strictly incompatible, may lead to some oddities, or cause some quests to be impossible to start/finish if the relevant member is dead.
  • Mods that edit cells I do can cause oddities or break things. You can try a merged patch or just use with caution.

Known Bugs/Issues:
  • Some minor quests that involve the Thieves Guild may have been overlooked and need to be edited
  • Deloth's quest marker will sometimes point the player to the Ratway instead of Riftweald. This is due to some oddities with my changes, but he will be in the building regardless. If he is not, just wait in-game so he teleports.
  • Gulum-Ei's quest marker will try to point the player to Brinewater Grotto, rather than take them through the warehouse.
  • FaQ:

Can you add x feature?
Maybe, if I like the idea.

Can we kill Maven?
No. Because she becomes Jarl, this would cause major issues. However, I may add an option at a later point as there is a mod that allows her to be replaced as Jarl: A Better Tomorrow - Replace Maven As Jarl

I have to find Esbern, but all the Guild members are dead. What do I do?
You technically do not need to talk to any of the Guild members. Simply going straight to Esbern in the Ratway is enough. Keerava will also hint that he's in the Ratway, but won't directly tell you where he is.

A quest requires me to talk to a dead guild member
This is an unfortunate oversight that I can fix, just tell me which quest

A member of the Guild is still essential
This is due to a mod conflict. I can make a workaround if necessary, just tell me which NPC

A member of the guild is necessary in a mod added quest
See the above. Either do the quests first, use the console, or accept missing out on that content.

Something is broken/not working
Try putting the plugin lower in your load order, or make sure there is not a mod conflict

Do I have to start a new game for this mod?
It should be safe to add on an existing save, though some users have had issues with that. Just make sure if you're already in Riften, you enter or exit a building so that my quest can start.

Can I destroy the Guild after joining?
No. You may back out of joining after doing Brynjolf's scheme in the market, but if you meet them in the Flagon, you're in too deep now

Shill Section:
Also consider checking out my other mods:
Destroy the Dark Brotherhood - Enhanced - Edits the vanilla "Destroy the Dark Brotherhood" quest to allow a more politically neutral role in their destruction. Also allows the player ways to obtain the unique loot they would normally miss out on by not joining the Brotherhood.
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