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Adds 124 brand new enchantments to the game, accessible through thousands of new enchanted items that are integrated seamlessly into loot lists and vendor inventories.

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This is an SE port of EnaiSiaion's Wintermyst, the predecessor to Summermyst, for those who may want it. The SkyProc patcher has not been ported however, since I don't know how, but I don't think anything that absolutely needs it has been ported anyway.

Wintermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim

Bored with the vanilla pool of just 34 enchantments? Wintermyst adds 124 brand new enchantments to the game, accessible through thousands of new enchanted items that are integrated seamlessly into loot lists and inventories. It also fixes many bugs related to vanilla enchantments.


  • 124 unique new enchantments: 77 armor enchantments and 47 weapon enchantments.
  • Thousands of new enchanted items added to the game's loot lists, NPCs and vendor inventories.
  • All of the new enchantments can be disenchanted.
  • Fair and balanced.
  • Many bugfixes to vanilla enchantments.
  • Configuration options available in the Wintermyst MCM if SkyUI is installed (SkyUI not required to use Wintermyst).

Full list of enchantments

Enchantment descriptions can be found in the Readme.


  • Disease Damage
  • Drain Armor
  • Fire Blast
  • Fire Damage Lingering
  • Fratricide
  • Frost Blast
  • Frost Damage Piercing
  • Jagged
  • Leprosy
  • Overbearing
  • Phantom Strike
  • Piercing
  • Poison Blast
  • Poison Damage
  • Pushback
  • Shock Blast
  • Shock Damage Percentage
  • Stunted Vitals

  • Absorb Speed
  • Beaconbound
  • Bountiful Hunt
  • Clumsy
  • Command Daedra
  • Counterspell
  • Dispel
  • Drain Skills
  • Enfeeble
  • Illusory Burden
  • Killstreak
  • Resonance
  • Riposte
  • Slay Living
  • Sound
  • Sunlight
  • Throw
  • Wailing
  • Warrior Rend
  • Wizard Rend

  • Absorb Armor
  • Drain Magic Resist
  • Exemplar
  • Heal
  • Hidden Serpent
  • Power Surge
  • Quicken Shouts
  • Storm Surge
  • Steal Weapons


  • Bulwark
  • Cheat Death
  • Cure Disease
  • Deep Breath
  • Empower Destruction
  • Empower Illusion
  • Empower Restoration
  • Extend Alteration
  • Extend Conjuration
  • Fortify Swim Speed
  • Gladiator's Glory
  • Hardening Armor
  • Increased Experience
  • Link Health and Magicka
  • Link Health and Stamina
  • Link Magicka and Stamina
  • Lucky Health
  • Lucky Magicka
  • Lucky Stamina
  • Nova
  • Optimize Attributes
  • Philosopher's Stone
  • Soul Charge
  • Tremor

  • Battle Momentum
  • Blink Step
  • Block Disarm
  • Cull the Herd
  • First Blood
  • Fortify Attributes
  • Fortify Combat Speed
  • Fortify Long Range
  • Fortify Mounted Combat
  • Fortify Power Attacks
  • Fortify Sneak Attacks
  • Healing Cloak
  • King of the Lost
  • Mage Ward
  • Marathon
  • Phantoms of the Wild
  • Power Addict
  • Rebuke
  • Resist Basic Weapons
  • Sequester Magicka
  • Shalidor's Shield
  • Smoke and Mirrors
  • Sorcerous Health
  • Sorcerous Stamina
  • Spell Eater: Health
  • Spell Eater: Magicka
  • Spell Eater: Stamina
  • Spurs

  • Aedric Blessing
  • Alchemy Mastery
  • Berserker
  • Brawn over Brains
  • Circle of Protection
  • Defy Magic
  • Double Runes
  • Enchanter's Touch
  • Enchantment Mastery
  • Enhanced Healing
  • Enhanced Turning
  • Evermyst
  • Explorer
  • Fence
  • Fool's Gold
  • Intuitive Magic
  • Light
  • Negate Magic
  • Perception
  • Powerbond
  • Protection from Basic Spells
  • Rising Magicka
  • Scroll Mastery
  • Silvermyst
  • Steadfast Magic


Known compatibility list

  • ASIS: Compatible. ASIS Increased Spawns will incorrectly affect ally summoning enchantments unless you follow these instructions.
  • Animated Weapon Enchants: Redundant. This feature is already in Wintermyst.
  • Enchanting Awakened: Not compatible. Due to the completely different way enchantments work in Enchanting Awakened, it is not compatible with Wintermyst. Both mods can be active at the same time, but the enchantment limits in Enchanting Awakened do not apply to Wintermyst enchantments.
  • Immersive Armors: Compatible. You do not need a bashed patch because Immersive Armor does not modify levelled lists but adds its items at runtime using a script.
  • Immersive Weapons: Modifies levelled lists; make a bashed patch to merge both mods.
  • Loot and Degradation: Third party compatibility patch available on the Loot and Degradation page (classic).
  • Lootification: Compatible. Run Lootification first to generate item variants with vanilla enchantments, then use the Wintermyst Skyproc Patcher to generate item variants with Wintermyst enchantments. (If you need to make a bashed patch due to other mods that conflict with each other in your load order, do so first of all.)
  • No Enchantment Restrictions: Compatible.
  • Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim: Compatible.
  • Perkus Maximus (PerMa): PerMa includes a modified version of Wintermyst and updates for this version can be found on the PerMa page (classic).
  • Requiem: Third party compatibility patch available here.
  • Skyrim Redone (SkyRe): Compatibility patch available on the downloads page. The patch does not include SkyRe-specific items with Wintermyst enchantments; make a bashed patch to merge their respective loot lists (levelled items), then use the Wintermyst Skyproc Patcher to generate item variants with Wintermyst Enchantments, then run the SkyRe Reproccer on Wintermyst to bring the stats of its added items in line with SkyRe.
  • Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim: Incompatible. Both mods modify the same content. Pick one or the other.
  • The Unofficial Skyrim Patch (USKP): Compatible.
  • Worlds Dawn: Compatible. Requires version 1.04 or later of Worlds Dawn.

Compatibility with other mods

  • Wintermyst is compatible with mods that rebalance or change enchantments if loaded after Wintermyst.
  • Wintermyst is compatible with mods that add items to specific vendors.
  • Wintermyst is compatible with mods that change enchantment shaders if loaded after Wintermyst.
  • Changes many levelled lists.
  • Repurposes many unused SkillAdvance actor values and will conflict with other mods that do the same.