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Adds the Red Rocket station to your workshop menu as seen in the promo trailer and in the main menu screen.

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Wasteland is a dangerous place, ridden with traps and enemies.
Get your Red Rocket Reborn™ today and never worry about the vices of the outside world anymore! With certified equipment, top notch engineering works and 24/7 support hotlines, our products are the best in the field of base building.

The main part of this mod regards the menu/promo trailer RR
                                                       - one non-decorated prefab
                                                       - one decorated prefab
                                                       - furniture that snaps inside both prefabs
                                                       - doorways for front, inside and back exit
                                                       - one high tech generator
                                                       - decorations for the exterior and some of the furniture
                                                       - a set of letters using the Nuka Cola font(Brush ltd)

Additionally, this mod provides the ability to build the default Red Rockets
                                                       - one small RR prefab
                                                       - three prefabs that snap together
                                                       - accompanying decorations for them.[/left]

All items are navmeshed and as far as possible, have a correct collision.
Prefabs snap to floors (front snap)

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