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Adds diner sets to workshop.

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Give him the bits!
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The bits!


This mod adds two differently modeled diner sets to the workshop menu, each with a variety of colours.

classic furniture
walls and prefabs in two different colours
windows, doors and decorations
exterior walls in 9 different variations
interior walls in 9 different variations
floors in 2 different models and 3 different colours
ceilings in 2 different models and 3 different colours
matching posters from various periods of time.

1. Via NMM - Download file via NMM, activate from the mod tab of NMM.
2. Manually - Download file manually, extract content; copy the esp, Meshes, Materials and Textures folders to your data folder, allowing overwrite.

Mostly anything, since it's all custom.

Q: <insert mod here> already has <feature>.
A: Feel free to use that mod instead.

Q: Found a bug!
A: Report it in the bug section or in comments.

Try it out with Starlight Drive-In!

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