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Adds a fully functional barn set to the vanilla menus that doesn't require any DLC.

Permissions and credits
This mod is part of my NDL series - Non-DLC workshop items. The items are similar in function to those provided by the targeted DLC pack, but only require the base game. This particular mod provides a fully functional barn set.



The mod consists of a full set of barn items that provide all the necessary items to build functional and good looking barns in your settlements

- Full walls
- Angled walls
- Cut walls
- Half walls
- Doorways
- Full roofs
- Half roofs
- Full floors
- Half floors
- Barn fences
- Railings

Additional useful items

- A large support
- Fence post
- Two size staircases
- Paneling for the outside and inside walls and roofs that acts similar to wallpapers


Menu localization

For the non-master file - in the Barn menus, after the main items.
For the MP file - in Master Plan>Vanilla Extensions>Barns


Other details

All items are navmeshed and NPC friendly.
All items have correct collision, including functionality for doorways
All models are custom made, and the majority of textures are custom.
They will snap to other vanilla elements such as wood, metal or barns.
The mod is not needed if you are already using VE, as it is fully integrated with that mod.


Future plans

Add a secondary barn set similar to the DLC one.



Sarinia for the great wood textures.
Brandy_123 for the great pictures of the barns in action.
Everyone that made the tools I used.


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