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Planters and plants for setttlements.

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The small cake said "EAT ME" and Alice did so.
The small bottle said "DRINK ME" and Alice did so.
The small plant said "ANOTHER SETTLEMENT NEEDS YOUR HELP. HERE, I'LL MARK IT ON YOUR MAP." and Alice went mad.



This mod adds a fully functional set of plants and planters to the workshop menu.



12 custom made planters - they can be found in Resources>Misc.
10 custom made plant pots - can be found in Decorations>Misc
8 custom made decorative plants - can be found in Decorations>Misc
20 custom made premade functional planters with various crops - can be found in Resources>Food
30 custom made/edited plant types - can be found in Resources>Food
2 custom fixed tables - can be found in Furniture>Tables



All plants are functional.
Planters are navmeshed.
Usable by settlers.
Will generate food items.
Decorative plants require the potted plants picket fences.
All plants snap to the planters, including the small ones.
Premade planters snap to the provided tables.
Custom made ingredients for the new plants.
Partly or fully edited meshes to fit within needed space.
Planters will snap to floors and themselves as well.



All plants require manually gathering the resources.
This has already been integrated into Vanilla Extensions, don't use them both.
Incompatible with mods that change WorkshopProduceFood [LVLI:00026832] and LLI_Vendor_Food_Basic [LVLI:00075799]
Mods that change the textures I used will affect this mod.



To Jet4571 for the tato meshes and textures.
Sarinia for all the images.
Every wonderful person that helped create the tools I used
- xEdit
- CK
- Nifskope



This mod will be updated only when I update VE or any other mod that includes crops of any sorts.


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