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Adding a variety of castle building pieces to the workshop menu.

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Build your very own fortress in the middle of the Commonwealth. Claim the wastes as rightful ruler of the land and lay waste to your enemies from the height of your fortified walls!

Drawing inspiration from both real life fortresses of the early middle age Europe and using Warband assets as examples of use, Castles in the Sky contains a wide variety of elements that will enable you to build the desired castle, fortress or city, perfectly integrated with the environment and the surroundings. 

Within the menu you will find a variety of different categories, each containing items specific to one set or another, as well as general use items. The six sets consist of four stone textures, one sand plaster and one wood, with each of them split between large walls, prefabs, interior walls and other miscellaneous blocks.

Furthermore, there are several menus that contain other useful items for completing and decorating your castle - a fully functional house set, furniture, working doors, decorative elements, defensive blocks etc., all provided in an easy to access and use menu system, with clear explanations and labels to each item.

- Navmeshed items
- Over 600 new items
- Functional collisions
- Animated doors of various sizes
- All new models and textures
- All items snap with other items in the mod
- All items will snap to basic vanilla items or vanilla-like items

To get a quick understanding of what the mod contains and can do, you can also watch this poor quality video I made

Or you can watch this much better made video from GhostRider250

Texture credits to SariniaNutulator and KingTobbe. Without them this mod would not be possible.
Future plans include the addition of more sets, different textures and models for each present set, bug fixing, more furniture and decorations, a full set of tapestries.
 Hint - best used with my Cabin mod.
Mostly made with 3D MAX

Please note I am not going to make a non-MP version of this mod. There's too many items to fit in any vanilla menu, but anyone can change that if they're willing to put in the work needed for it.

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