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Adds church sets and other church inspired items in the styles presented in Fallout 4.

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Purpose of this mod is to provide a fully functional church sets inspired from Fallout 4's game world.



A stone based church set with walls, doorways, windows (2 types), roofs, large doors, small walls, small doorways , cut walls and prefabs.
A wood based church set with walls, doorways, windows (2 types), roofs, large doors, small walls, small doorways, cut walls and prefabs.
Miscellaneous supports that snap to the walls to provide aesthetic realism (!)
Graves and various mausoleum styles, as well as crosses.
A stone fence set with 3 different textures.
A craftable Holy Hand Grenade (food station)
A craftable Holy Water (chem station)
Stone stairs


Menu localization

At the end of the Master Plan menu.


Other details

All items snap;
All items are navmeshed;
All items have correct collision.


Future plans

Add furniture;
Add decorations;
Fix any issues;
Add more sets.


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