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Fixes bright water effects at night and neon green reflections

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  • Makes water effects not glow at night: they will remain dark unless illuminated by lights or sky. How much light is present depends on your enb, light, and weather.
  • Removes neon green reflection
  • Improved UV maps on some effects
  • Fixes Whiterun rapids animation when loading into whiterun from another save game
  • Includes USSEP and SMIM mesh changes
  • Details:
    • Sets BSEffectShaderProperty lighting influence to 0: removing own glow
    • Sets BSLightingShaderProperty emissive multiple to 0: removing own glow
    • Give some waterfall BSLightingShaderProperty decal and dynamic_decal flag: remove neon green reflection (this preserves specular effect on the water while other fixes don't)
    • Add missing effect_shading flag to BSEffectShaderProperty: make effect react to light
    • Add soft_effect flag to BSEffectShaderProperty: make effect less bright during certain night weathers
    • Adjust Soft Falloff Depth after adding soft_effect
  • Includes replacers for vanilla Dyndolod dynamic waterfall lods. If you were using vanilla waterfalls, you don't need to regenerate Dyndolod. How this works might change in the future.
  • Optional file to fix black waterfalls in Nchardak Aqueducts
    • Nchardak Aqueducts waterfalls are set to have completely black lighting by Bethesda
    • This wasn't a problem because the waterfalls also glow
    • With the glow removed, they appear completely black
    • The optional module is an ESL-flagged ESP file that changes the Nchardak waterfalls to not use completely black lighting and simply use the lighting from the environment
  • Optional file to fix the broken from Skyrim Particle Patch
    • For some reason, Skyrim Particle Patch changed this file so waterfalls became very dark
    • Skyrim Particle Patch changed other gradient textures to be bluer, but only this file is changed to be dark
    • Included fix is just a bluer version of the vanilla gradient
    • Fix demonstration: pic1, pic2
Known Issues
  • Some Dark dungeons with no ambient lighting will have dark water unless lit
  • Waterfalls are subject to the 7 lights per mesh limit, this was the case in vanilla, but since waterfalls glowed, it wasn't obvious. and this will make it more obvious.
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Q: is this compatible with some water mod?
A: this is compatible with Water Mod - ENB Displacement Textures. As for the rest, understand how mod managers work, look at the files, and decide for yourself.