About this mod

A mod to improve the topology of a few badly poorly subdivided meshes in the staple Static Mesh Improvement Mod and eliminate jaggedness in some which it does not cover.

Permissions and credits
Whilst going through the classic Static Mesh Improvement Mod I noticed some meshes appeared to have issues with their topology. They showed telltale signs of subdivision of triangles without first converting to quadrangles. There were other small issues – a bread mesh replacement moved it away from its original spot, the apples were looking a bit jagged. This mod improves topology and covers just a few more meshes to better their appearances.

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Special Thanks
  • To wankingSkeever, for the help, screenshots, patch, and encouragement throughout.
  • To Fuzzles, who was also there.
  • To Kesta and many others on the r/skyrimmods Discord server, who were very helpful in giving dead rabbit-related feedback.