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makes more stuff growable with hearthfire homes. dont like that? here chew on this jarrin root i grew....

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this is a converted version of More Plants for Hearthfire by numberland ( i like growing my own nirnroot. the rest is just a bonus. :)

I AM NOT THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR OF THIS MOD. i just resaved with the SSE CK and cleaned it with the SSEedit. the permissions for the original mod state that reupload and modification is allow as long as credit is given. since the original author has not been active since August of 2016 i decided to not to wait for permission. i did send them a private message letting them know what i am doing tho so if/when they get back on they are free to take ownership or have this taken down if the need arises.

so did i mention this was originaly made by a modder called numberland? :)


activate via mod manager of choice


drop contents of the data folder into your skyrimSE data folder

COMPATIBILITY: this mod is compatible with mods like Hearthfire Extended {} or Lakeview Extended {} but needs to be loaded after it. Both mods also modify the growables list to add the same list of stuff from the vanilla DLC's (like scathecraw and yellow mountain flowers for example). since More Growables also adds these and more it needs to be loaded after to keep things like the blueberries and stone flowers.

The mods add the following plants and ingredients to the hearthfire planters - both indoor planters and the gardens.

Since many of these plants do not have harvestable version out in the world "seeds" have been added to the hearthfire building chest that shows up next to your house building workbench. the chest contains 3 of everything growable added by this mod.

Simple version added. it doesn't add anything new just make stuff grow that was not growable before, like nirnroot. 

This mod has been cleaned with xEdit for SkyrimSE

Base game plants:

Crimson Nirnroot
Frost Mirriam
Elves Ear

New Meshes:
Jarrin Root --- totally over powered. you have been warned.
Red Apple
Green Apple
Moon Sugar

Dragonborn plants:
Trama Root
Spiky Grass Ash
Ash Yam
Ash Creep Cluster

Dawnguard plants:
Yellow Mountain Flower
Soul Husk
Gleam Blossom
Poison Bloom

Chaurus Eggs
Pine Thrush's Egg
Hawk's Egg
Chicken's Egg
Rock Warbler's Egg

New Content from numberland
Blueberries - resist shock, fortify pickpocket, slow, paralysis
Saltrice - restore stamina, damage stamina, fortify magicka, restore health
Sugar - restore health, fortify speech, cure disease, weakness to poison
Stone flower - restore stamina, fortify magicka, slow, fortify speech
recipes for Blueberry Crostata, Long Taffy Treat, Boiled Creme Treat, Honey Nut Treat, Moon Sugar, Butter and Spiced Wine.

CACO Patch available here: Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul (CACO) and More Growable Plants SE compatibility patch at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community (

SSE Version 1.0 initial conversion
SSE Version 1.1 learned how to properly update nifs and textures. applied fixes.
SSE Version 1.2 fixed tomato visibility and poison bloom positioning, made the chaurus eggs actually give chaurus eggs instead of chicken eggs, gave all recipes a pass for corrections
SSE Version 1.3 added "seeds" back into the chest. forgot to do this when i started over with the original mod. also reverted the name change on the esp so as not to break the bruma patch
SSE Version 1.4 fixed ash yams giving apples instead of yams.
SSE version 1.5 added ingredient effects for new plants to description page. fixed all three birds nests (thanks khulse and drfnord!). increased the scale of both apple bushes into actual apple trees. don't grow them indoors or super close to your house anymore. 1.5 is purely a model update, no new esp, so no new patches should be needed for bruma or caco users. o7