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Realistic looking Icicle and Frost Atronach.

The BethesdaNet winter-themed Feathered Mod.

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Thank you for taking time to download and endorsing this mod. Also, thanks for your endorsing that made this to the top files.
This is the same "MAIN" option from the mod

This mod adds the light refraction to the following:
  • Outdoor icicles such as the Windhelm roof icicle.
  • Cave and Labyrinthian icicles.
  • Frost Atronach and Ice Wraith.
  • Dawnguard outdoor icicles are supported.
  • Dawnguard Inner Sactum frozen charus and falmer figures.
  • Dawnguard Ancient Frost Atronach.
  • Soul Gems with halo on full gems.

Glacier textures

Special thanks to Crypton and Yuril for their awesome textures. By combining IOS detail/parallax textures with RI normal texture showed the glacier with the snow covered from afar and the ice skinned look when near.
Ice of Skyrim by Crypton
Real Ice ALL-IN-ONE by Yuril

Torch patches

Skyrim SE no longer had the torch disappearing to the refracting object issue.  The torch patch no longer needed.

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